Thursday, May 1, 2008

Iron Man


Let's face it. The only thing you want to know after finding this shitty result on google is weather you should watchIron Man.

With absolutely no authority at all - I declare that you must or your will never be complete.

Ask yourself the following question:

1. Have you liked most of Stan Lee's work on the big screen (with the exception of Fantastic 4 which is a huge disappointment in my humble opinion)
2. Big fan of Robert Downey Jr.?

If you answered yes to both of the above, chances are you WILL enjoy Iron Man.

Flawless CGI effects.
Robert nailing the role.
The movie being true to the comic.
Gweneth Paltrow being likeable and moderately hot.
Pretty clever lines.
Background music which makes you WANT TO KICK SOME ASS.

Do you really need more reasons why you should go watch the movie?

Honestly, I rate Spiderman 1 and Batman Begins higher than this. Spiderman 1 because it was more like a first mover advantage shock-awe feeling. Batman Begins because it was just damn awesome

Well, it might just be a tad slow for some. A tad. Especially after a long, hard day's work, when the screening is at night on a weekday, with you knowing full well that you need to wake up damn fucking early to continue working hardly the next day. With that feeling - it would kind of spoil your movie experience. Just a tad bit.

Otherwise, fucking awesome balls.

So stop wasting your time reading this mindless shit and go watch it already for fucks sakes.

... or somebody's gonna get a hurt real bad

Thanks Eyeris. :)

By the way, single malt whiskey events are really mind-blowingly awesome. _hic_


  1. and why don't you ever invite me to these single malt whiskey events? :( :( :(

    FA: it wasn't a free event mar... i not so power like u kay!

  2. whats up holmes? done your time yet?

  3. As if you read the comic before..

    BOoo! It is not true to the comic lah.

  4. And the link to Eyeris's blog in this post, links back to this post.

    Confused yet ?

    Well I am.

  5. FA,

    No one calls him Robert...makes him sound like an Uncle...

    Am trying to go opening night tomorrow!

    How's it going otherwise?

  6. Woot! Watching it this Saturday. So, eyeris 2nd time is watching it with you lol.

  7. Indeed... single malt events are most memorable. I mean, Stark isn't alcoholic for nothing!

  8. I have seen it and well, ifs quite nice. I love Iron Man.

  9. Hi fireangel. How do you get invited to all those great events like single malt tasting, Ironman etc. I mean other than the fact that you are young, talented and gorgeous la. I mean how does an old guy like me get invited? Or do they bother?

    FA: I didn't get invited loh. have to pay one!

  10. hi

    not watch yet but it seem intresting . :)

  11. went to a yoga class last week at jaya33 n saw a hot babe in my class. is that u? looks soooooooooo alike! almost shouted ur name out but i doubt i got a wrong person.

    FA: wrong person, but i'm still very flattered hehe :)

  12. Well, incidentally I did watch Iron Man and as a superhero fan I am quite impressed with the effects. Never mind the movie has a story line of a 3 year old (albeit it is a pretty straightforward story line, good vs bad, the good triumphs over evil etc etc..), Robert Downey pretty much covered the whole movie.

  13. wtf? buffet over there but watch your language
    im waiting WonderWoman movie hehe


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