Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Women Are Too Lazy To Drive. So the Men Drive.

Overheard this at Mix.fm this morning.

Apparently, the reason why women allow the men to take the wheel is bceause women are too lazy to drive.... or something like that.

I don't think that's true though. I know for a fact that there ARE guys who REFUSES to let the girl drive (even if she WANTS to, eventhough it's HER car) whenever he is in the car.

.... and it's not even like I'm a bad driver also (Shuddup KY).

I asked around for some people's opinion and they are like "Dunno lah. We rather drive. It's a guy thing."

Have a sneaking suspicion that is because THEY think they can drive better.... which is ridiculous because most accidents are caused by men anyway.

What are your 2 cents?

Lego Turns 50 Today!

lego bd!

Happy Birthday Lego! I heart you long time!

50 only! Can you believe that it's so young?

I used to spent hours upon hours building ALL sort of houses and rooms.

And then The Sims came along.

Really miss those days when Lego sets came in mostly just their basic blocks and lego peoples without all those fancy-schmancy electronic gadgety thingamajigs which costs about half an atom bomb.

Look ma! Google also celebrates Lego's birthday today:


So cute!!!

Then feast your eyes on the legendary ass-kicking LEGO STOREs NOt available in Malaysia. [edited: Heard that there is on in Berjaya Time Square?]

WHY??? WHYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!


So what did you use to build with your Lego? And what is your favourite Lego piece?

I loved the tiny flowers, and my white horse, and the little kitchen utensils. Omg so typical girl.

P/s: Yes, I'm purposely ignoring the fact that I may or may not have vaguely promised some pictures. Ladida

Friday, January 25, 2008


Based on Eyeris's infamous Not A Review review.

Wahlau. The poster seriously a bit too photoshopped right? -_-

Eyeris was right, I was going to PAY to watch this movie - thank god he came along and I was SAVED from my folly!!!!11one Not that the movie was bad mind you. If you expect to watch Rambo kick ass, you DO get the entire "I expect to watch Rambo kick ass" experience!!! It's Rambo MOTHERFUCKERS! The same bloodthirsty war mongering always half naked Rambo who said the unforgettable "I want, what they want, and every other guy who came over here and spilt his guts and gave everything he had... wants!" ... except a bit older. Less fit. and er.. less muscles. THAT low guttural voice! That vacant killer stare! Blood! Gore! Dead bodies! Mindless killing! SO MUCH BLOOD! Rambo killing everybody and saving the day! With his shirt on! Stupid 80s cheesy lines! Some random chick! Eh why the bugger pose there so long acting cool. Look like damn long self-wanking scene only. Not much REAL hardcore action from John, though.. dissapointed a bit. The theme song! ZOMG IT'S THE RAMBO THEME SONG!!!! He's coming to save the DAY! RAMBO!!!! OMGOMG!!111 Hey. It's OVER? FINISH? WHAT? JUST LIKE THAT WHAT THE FUCK! It's only been 1 hour and 15 minutes! Mana cukup lah deii! Short change! I want my money back! Oh wait, I didn't pay for this. Heh.

HAHAH SUCKERS! You KNOW you'll just have to catch this! Even if you have to freaking PAY for it! Thanks Eyeris! You rock my socks!

Eyeris liked it too lah, he was just whining like a little bitch he is because the movie didn't show enough cleavage.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Post & Etc.

Wow. Didn't expect the previous post to be so hot. Guess it's fair to say that people in general are 50-50 on the subject matter.

All I can say is that I'm glad there are tonnes out there who feels the same way - girls AND boys.

Those who don't feel the same way as I do - congrats! I sorta envy you, because try as I might, I doubt I can ever be like that. You must be one or more of the following:

1. Trust your partner whole-heartedly
2. Have excellent relationships with your exes still
3. Not give 2 fucks about your relationship
4. Possess the self-esteem the size of a universe

As for me, I guess my problem is 1) I think too much 2) I don't trust people too much 3) I don't keep in touch with my exes (and because of that, I'd expect the same from the partner). In fact, even looking at old photos creeps me out -it's like, did it really happen?

I just found out that Wednesday is a public holiday for KL. It's looking like a good Monday to me! :)

So, what potential good movies to look forward to this year besides Batman?

Coming Thursday fireangelism.com will be 2. Maybe it's time I put up another drunken fugly mugshot of me to celebrate, what do you think?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Trusting Your Partner With An Ex?

Overheard on Hitz.fm this morning.

Would you trust your partner with an ex?

The honest truth?


(Edited: Okay so I got a little bit emotional and wrote a freaking thesis on this. Then I decided to cut it up. And now I'm putting up the truncated version up again. What a fickle-minded bitch!)


It's because I can't handle it. I'm a typical female. I overanalyse everything. I let my mind wander so deep into things that it upsets me. Without a doubt, I'll lose all control and obsess about their history. How she was. Was it good. Who does he love more. What did they do together? Is he doing that with me now? Who does he treat better. Did he wished for things turn out differently. Is he over her. Is he telling the truth. Does he think she was hotter? Does he still think of her fondly. Why me. Why her. Why now. Why this. Why How What When Where. Questions questions and more questions. It'll NEVER end.

Will I ever let them meet?

I'll never be 100% OKAY with my partner meeting the ex. Especially alone. Especially for "drinks".

Seriously, if they are so fond of each other, are still so close, have so much to talk about and whatevercock reason they may to meet - why the hell break up in the first place? What? 6 billion people on this piece of rock and he can't find anymore friends to make and keep? Fuck that.

How can it not be weird? Him and the ex had all sorts of history together. The emotions. The feelings. The intimacy, especially the physical intimacy. How can it be bloody normal for ex couples to have a normal platonic friendship after every sick thing they've gone through? HOW CAN IT NOT BE WEIRD? HELLO? They've done (and wanted to do) and seen all sorts of private dirty shit with each other and now they're just gonna PRETEND like it never happened and act like the ex is a dear sibling? Riiigggghhhhtttt.

They were together and they fucked it up. So move on with their fucking lives already lah. Why the hell are they still trying to "keep in touch" and play the "oh we're good friends" card? Having even their desire to want to keep in touch with their ex makes me feel inferior. I hate feeling inferior. What? I'm not good enough for you to let go of your past now is it? Want to have your cake and eat it too? Bollocks!

But to answer the question - Yes, they may meet. If he has nothing to hide then just bring me along. I'll try to tolerate their existence and pretend to be nice to everybody. But he sure as hell better not blame me if I'm going to be cold towards him afterwards, and then if I mean something to him, he better damn make sure he pampers me like fuck for the next few days so I'll never forget who's first in his goddamn life. Hey, I dealt with his bloody haha-ing with his ex. He deals with the aftermath. Case closed. Simple right?

Ultimately, I guess I can take the odd hi, how's it going, bye. Just definitely not the "hey we're bffs now so we meet everyday for lunch and exchange SEX tips!!11oneone". In the end, it all depends on how secure I am with the partner in that relationship, and how comfortable I am with that ex.

I don't think it's just me. I'm sure there are plenty of girls AND guys who feel the same way too, to a certain extent. Everybody has their flaws, and this is but one of my many. So no. I don't tell me to deal with it.

Would YOU trust your partner with an ex? Why?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Yakitate!! Japan

This is what I mostly did during my end of the year break.

1. Starcraft campaign games because I can't wait for SC II !!!111oneone
2. Watch Yakitate!! Japan because I absolutely refused to touch Naruto until there are at least 50 episodes for me to catch up on at one go.

I don't have to go into #1 because everybody knows that SC is one of the greatest strategy games ever known to mankind and how SC II is going to completely blow our minds away. So let's talk about #2.


Yakitate!! Japan is about a village boy named Azuma Kazuma who aspires to bake THE national Japanese Bread - THE bread that ALL Japanese can substitute rice with - "Japan" (a play on words as "pan" in Japanese means bread). Expect plenty of bread baking competitions which includes crazy-assed far fetched breakthrough bread making techniques and wacky ingredients. 69 episodes in total. Released in 2004.

I like it!
Like Naruto, the story is formed around the same concept - the simpleton underdog with a one track goal - to be the best in what he does. During his journey to be the best; he develops friendships with people around him who after thinking that the protagonist is a loser, will get their ass kicked and then come to love and respect the protagonist as somebody with a heart of gold and the will of titanium. True, I'm a sucker for this sort of lame shit as it warms my cold, unfeeling heart.

Obviously like all freaking Japanese animes there are endless, tiresome, annoying fart jokes and idiotic childish exaggerated expressions (especially during the judging of the breads during the competitions) - which I never like but am forced to tolerate with because I'm a sucker for pain.

In the end.
I liked it, generally. Watched the whole damn series on Crunchyroll with my sister and after every 5-10 episodes my stomach growls up a storm, my mouth waters and I get the most ridiculous munchies because the judges' illustrative descriptions of the prize winning bread is just too vividly delicious. Doesn't help that the breads in the anime look so damn good I could literally SMELL IT and TASTE IT in my head while giving me this uncontrollable urge to lick the monitor screen.

On Wikipedia.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Important Survey - For the Benefit of Mankind.

Hi boys and girls (all 50 of you) who frequent fireangelism.com with hopes of 1) naked pictures and 2) really awesome blog content and are constantly disappointed with the lack of both but still come back here time and time again because let's face it, in the real world with no happy endings, everybody's a sucker for pain and misery.

Even though you know that I'll never reciprocate in any way, let me implore you to dig deep within that generous heart of yours to spare me less than a minute to answer the following:

Unless you weren't naturally born a girl - you have to have gone through SOME sort of PMS. Tell me 1) what sort of specific crazy extreme emotional shit do you go through during this point of time AND 2) what does YOUR guy (Husband. No husband? Boyfriend. No boyfriend? Guy friends and colleagues) do to make things better (and if not better, how does he manage to make it worse).

What do you do or have done, for your girl when she has emotionally turned into psychotic blood thirsty Mr. Hyde? Your girl means your wife. No wife? Girlfriend. No girlfriend? Colleague or a pal. Etc. I'll need you to be specific. To "layan her" (transl: give into her irrationalities) is not being specific.

Okay I answer first.
Q1: Everything that didn't seem to bug me before seems to bug me A LOT when I'm on PMS. I take everything personally. Then I'll snap at everybody. Pick a fight. Refuse to understand. Hate the world and how it works with all its unfairness (I normally already hate the world but the feeling is now intensified by a gajillion times). Cry. Feel depressed. Feel alone. Enter into self-pity mode. Already tiny self-esteem gets crushed into nothing.
Q2: Layan a bit. Then try and fix my issues by dispensing advises and lectures - which never fail to piss me even further. Then, when all else fails, head for the hills until the coast is clear. Then I'll go ply myself in alcohol and hate all men even more.

Let us all compare notes. It'll be very interesting to see what everybody's (especially girls) experiences are like, and how similar it is.

Doesn't it frustrate you when
a) you're a girl and guys just don't understand what the fuck is going on with you and how to deal with it?
b) you're a guy and you just don't understand what the fuck is going on with her and how to deal with it?

Yeah me too.

The universe should come up with a general guidebook on how to deal with this shit - just to make life a little bit easier to live in. Maybe there'll be less wars. And famine. Or something.

Happy Monday. Thursday is worth looking forward to because it's a HOLIDAY! GO CRAZYY!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Movie Review - Enchanted


I know this movie is so last year (haha), but I must share my feelings!!!

I cringed and cringed and couldn't stop cringing until it ended. Bloody hell this was a full-force in your face revenge of the musical Disney cartoons complete with sing-a-longs and synchronised group dancing TO YOUR DEATH! Everybody knows the words to the songs! Everybody knows the dance steps! Cockroaches clean your house! The one you love sings to you! What's up with the real life lead actress? Her cartoon character was like 100000000000 times hotter than her real life counterpart! It really bugged me throughout the movie, like a splinter in my head. Even the other girl character too. What's up with her FACE man? Felt really irritated looking at their freaky faces. SLAP!!! What's up with all the guys (as in MALES) who have watched this and said this movie was OKAY? Euw. I can't believe I willingly paid RM10 bucks to watch this fucking corny bullshit. I even tried really hard to give in to my feminine flower plucking animal cuddling self to WANT to enjoy this peacefully - but the total bitch in me refused. to. stop. cringing. SLAP!!! Then again, ANYTHING is better than Norbit. Or Barnyard. Or Epic Movie. Name me any bad English movie of the year 2007 and I would've probably caught it - not by choice mind you. _koff_

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Lamest Shit I've Ever Heard.

"My biggest mistake was that I stayed in the hotel and in the same room for convenience. Next time, when you stay in a hotel, good luck to you."

Because it was haunted and made his "personal friend" trip over him but through some amazing stroke of luck her mouth happened to land on his dick. Then later on, because he's just this old and aging man who is unsteady on his feet, HE tripped as well and HIS dick had fortunately landed IN her. In continuous succession. Yup. He had absolutely NO idea what was going on in the room. Sex? No it wasn't sex. How can it be sex? It was all a huge accident! Can't a simple horny married man with children these days just screw their "personal friends" in dodgy hotel rooms in peace anymore? Oops, I mean, accidentally fuck their room mates?

Go FUCK yourself Health Minister. Shameless Asshole. Just shut the fuck up and go the fuck away.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy Brand Spanking New Year!

Sorry ah... AWOL for so long. Body was on a holiday so the brain was incubated.

Didn't go anywhere this time. Spend a lot of time doing absolutely nothing. And it was GREAT.

But cilaka have to get sick towards the end of my break. Now coughing like mad. :(((((

Coming back to work after almost 2 weeks of leave is not a great feeling. Dreaded waking up. Dreaded the morning cold. Dreaded the morning traffic. Dreaded the driving to work. Dreaded the impending workpile. Dreaded the Inbox. :(


I didn't even consume a drop of alcohol.

... this situation will be corrected by the end of the week.

Celebrated Xmas at KY's. If you weren't there, you were square! (haha)

Argh. The office is still so empty.

Thank goodness it's already a Wednesday.

Man, I didn't even attempt to come up with resolutions. Don't know if it's just me, but it doesn't feel like a new year yet. Everthing feels old. There's no renewed vigour towards... well anything.

I don't even feel like blogging anymore.


It's probably just the holiday hangover talking.

Welcome back all you corporate drones who just got back to work today.

How was your Xmas and New Year celebrations? Share!