Sunday, July 30, 2006

To: The Fuckface Who Stole My Handphone

1. May you contract leprosy.

2. May your wife cheat on you on your brother who is a gay and has a small dick who will fuck her up the ass. And may she bear HIS children, somehow.

3. May you shoot blanks. And be barren. For the spawns that are borne to you are better off dead than to carry your despicable seed.

4. May you constipate and have bloody piles of the most painful sort.

5. May your urethra burn and sting whenever you take a piss.

6. May your dick be infested with untreatable flesh eating viruses and may it painfully and slowly turn gangrene with puss and open sores for the rest of your cowardly insignificant life.

I fucking tulan now.

Am staying away from KLCC for abit. Stupid fucked up place.

Pride of the country konon. Pfft.

Brand new phone some more. Just when I was getting the hang of it.

It's not JUST RM1250 down the drain.

It's the hassle of losing numbers.
The hassle of having to replace the goddamn SIM card.
The hassle of having to GO to the Maxis centre to GET the goddamn SIM card.
The hassle of having to buy ANOTHER PHONE.
The SPENDING OF MONEY to buy another goddamn phone.
The hassle of not being able to be in contact with people who are trying to CONTACT ME. Who knows, right at this very moment, some reaaallly rich good looking 28 year old hunk who happened to have got my number from a really nice mutual friend, might be trying to hook up with me, and what will he get on the other line? Dead tone.

Now with my phone gone, I'm also missing my organiser, watch, alarm clock, and a mp3 player.


Tulan or not you tell me?


And this has to happen almost JUST before my birthday.

Damn no mood.

Wanna crawl underneath my covers and stay in there. Wake me up when 2006 ends, thanks.

P/s: Friends, please contact me on my house/office number if you have it. If you don't, email me for my number and I'll reply. Email me your numbers too. I won't get my SIM card till..... I have the time and transport to go to a MAXIS centre. which only opens during working hours. machauhai.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bad Credit


Yeah, that'll teach me to read the fine prints next time.

... or at least, ASK about them.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

I Have A Life!

.... and if I say that enough times I might actually start believing in it.

*looks sadly at balls and chains fastened around ankles connected to office desk*

Sigh. Maybe I should start clicking my heels too, or something.

Oh well. Here ARE pictures to proof (TO ME DAMNIT! ME! WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOU!) that I have SOME sort of a life.

Photos are taken with my N0kia 3250 which I currrently have a lot of flak with, but that's a story for another day. There are, however, a couple of random words which just about sums up what I DO think about it - SUCKS. BUY. DONT. INSANE. EAT BABIES. ARGH.

How is the camera working for me (you eagerly inquire with bated breaths and hungry, hungry eyes)? Well, IMHO,
1. It is absolutely worthless for macro shots,
2. Completely retarded for night shots, AND
3. It lags like you wouldn't BELIEVE.

Other than the above-mentioned teeeeny tiny setbacks though, it's absolutely PERFECT.

*cue laughter*

I wished I waited for that blasted SE W850i ARGH don't you fuckers even TALK about it I don't even WANT to hear it!


So. Moving on to pictures.

I eat!

yum yum yum!

I drink!

yum yum yum!

I camwhore with friends!

vOices, Paultandotorg, ST, sumposer

I camwhore some MORE!

Kerol, KY, Horny and sumposer

I find Waldo!

TOO EASY!!!!11one

..... and then I go do it all over again.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Spy Shot.

Got me a new toy over the weekend.

Fingers are now numb from fingering it too much.

Just what the hell were you thinking anyway?

Now, isn't that a huge mofo? I think it's great for covering bits which are not worth being uncovered. HAHAhahHaha. hahahah. hah.

Anyway, that baby set me back about 300 bucks.

Just posing with that damn thing increases my coolness factor by ten times!!!!!

..... or at least, that's how it FEELS like.

Imagine how much cooler it'll be if I actually learnt how to PLAY on that thing.

But knowing how ridiculously short my attention span is, I'm afraid it might end up collecting dust in a corner of some forgotten room somewhere.


Okay okay. Understand.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Gummy Bears (tm) Beware.

Serial Gummy Eater (tm) on the prowl.

Oh herro!

Yum yum yum

Oh no... I'm so sowieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

*rinse and repeat*


Monday, July 10, 2006

So Ends The World Cup.

I don't care for football.

But I still managed to catch my first and final match this morning.

Being a complete noob at this game, I'm hoping someone can help clarify something for me.

Why do I see more dives in this football match than any other pool-diving events I've evAr seen?

I thought the main aim of football was kicking the ball around and into the net to score points or something.

Am I missing something here?

Thursday, July 6, 2006


A certain someone told me that this blog has been banned at that certain someone's work place.

The blog was "Deemed Inappropriate"

Actually, a few people have already told me that this blog has been banned at their places of employment and education institutions.

It's actually quite flattering in a twisted way.


I wonder how many workplaces or education institutions retricts access to this blog?

Come to think of it, WHY would they restrict access to this blog ANYWAY?

I'm like, so damn kiut and harmless.

Not like I put up naked pictures.

Not like I swear more than an average blogger.


*muches on a random innocent furry white rabbit's bobtail while contemplating*

Maybe it's due to the how I cruelly butcher the English language.

That has to be it I suppose.

Oh well.

Contents in this blog are not suitable for people. Period.

Stay away, kids.

That is all. Bai!

Monday, July 3, 2006

Put On Some Pants.

"Jom. Let's go yum cha"

"Okay. Let me put on some pants."

Spending 45 minutes dressing up and slapping on full make up for an average afternoon outing is a waste of time.

I rather spend those 40 minutes doing other more productive things, like sleeping. Or watching a couple of anime episodes. Or sleeping.

Dressing up is putting on a piece of leather string around my neck.

I hardly put on full make-up.

By full make up I mean foundation. Powder. Mascara blusher lipstick lipgloss eyebrow eyeliner eyeshadow. Aiyoh so much shit, Too much shit.

I DO half heartedly put concealer to cover spots, damn my awful complexion. A dab of gloss. A little eye mousse. But altogether it's so damn light, I might as well just not put anything on.

I must make a really horrible date. Patutlah nobody asks me out.

I've always heard people telling me that you should look your best when you're out. You'll never know when you'll bump into THE ONE.

Fuck that lah. It's too much work to impress.

I mean, Takeshi Kaneshiro will NEVER bump into me.

Sure makeup is fun. Dressing up is fun too. I do it sometimes when I feel like it, or when I have to. Clubbing. Dinners. Functions. Camwhoring sessions. Good mood. But doing it EVERY SINGLE bloody TIME you step out of the house is just fucken ridiculous to me.

All that 5 inch thick make up, bottles of hair products, pretty mixed and matched clothes, push up bras - they're all gonna be coming off at the end of the day anyway.

People will eventually see the real you in the rawest form.

That fellow is a keeper if he doesn't run away screaming bloody murder from looking at your natural looking self.

Fine, we can't stop looking at girls who do put all that effort looking hot. Fine they are attractive. There are even some who go a little overboard and end up looking like walking mannequins, or look like they just got off the cat walk. But hey, we still look and appreciate it anyway and thank people upstairs for gracing us with such fine mobile pieces of art.

Sometimes I wonder how they REALLY look like underneath (shuddup you pervs) all that. Don't you think it's a little scary for a girl to look "perfect" 24-7?

For me, making up and dressing up is meant to be a FUN thing to do. Not a chore. Nor something I feel like I HAVE TO DO. There's just something really fake about trying to look like your best buried underneath all that enhancements ALL THE FREAKING TIME. But hey, whatever rocks your boat, ya know?

Okay lah. Truth is, sometimes I look at all those hot made up chicks who try and I feel a little envious, okay? Jealous even. I do wished I bothered trying. Maybe if I did, people would actually take notice. Do a double take. Guys would want my number. Who doesn't like attention, kan?

But in the end laziness takes over and I go "what's the point anyway? It's all shallow stuff."

Besides, I'm damn hopeless when it comes to make up.

I think there's something not quite right about my face. God was probably watching some funny Seinfeld episode on heaven cable and forgot to concentrate while he was moulding me.

Sigh. Damn fail lah.

Anyway, if you ever have the unfortunate luck to bump into me, chances are I'm in some plain top, baggy ill-fitting jeans, and sneakers.... looking pretty much like crap.

Don't be too dissapointed lah. That's all I'm saying.

OMfg feeling so damn emo today I can't even stand myself.

*cranks up Simple Plan* <---- Proof Of Emoness.

go fuck yourselves or something kthx.