Monday, July 3, 2006

Put On Some Pants.

"Jom. Let's go yum cha"

"Okay. Let me put on some pants."

Spending 45 minutes dressing up and slapping on full make up for an average afternoon outing is a waste of time.

I rather spend those 40 minutes doing other more productive things, like sleeping. Or watching a couple of anime episodes. Or sleeping.

Dressing up is putting on a piece of leather string around my neck.

I hardly put on full make-up.

By full make up I mean foundation. Powder. Mascara blusher lipstick lipgloss eyebrow eyeliner eyeshadow. Aiyoh so much shit, Too much shit.

I DO half heartedly put concealer to cover spots, damn my awful complexion. A dab of gloss. A little eye mousse. But altogether it's so damn light, I might as well just not put anything on.

I must make a really horrible date. Patutlah nobody asks me out.

I've always heard people telling me that you should look your best when you're out. You'll never know when you'll bump into THE ONE.

Fuck that lah. It's too much work to impress.

I mean, Takeshi Kaneshiro will NEVER bump into me.

Sure makeup is fun. Dressing up is fun too. I do it sometimes when I feel like it, or when I have to. Clubbing. Dinners. Functions. Camwhoring sessions. Good mood. But doing it EVERY SINGLE bloody TIME you step out of the house is just fucken ridiculous to me.

All that 5 inch thick make up, bottles of hair products, pretty mixed and matched clothes, push up bras - they're all gonna be coming off at the end of the day anyway.

People will eventually see the real you in the rawest form.

That fellow is a keeper if he doesn't run away screaming bloody murder from looking at your natural looking self.

Fine, we can't stop looking at girls who do put all that effort looking hot. Fine they are attractive. There are even some who go a little overboard and end up looking like walking mannequins, or look like they just got off the cat walk. But hey, we still look and appreciate it anyway and thank people upstairs for gracing us with such fine mobile pieces of art.

Sometimes I wonder how they REALLY look like underneath (shuddup you pervs) all that. Don't you think it's a little scary for a girl to look "perfect" 24-7?

For me, making up and dressing up is meant to be a FUN thing to do. Not a chore. Nor something I feel like I HAVE TO DO. There's just something really fake about trying to look like your best buried underneath all that enhancements ALL THE FREAKING TIME. But hey, whatever rocks your boat, ya know?

Okay lah. Truth is, sometimes I look at all those hot made up chicks who try and I feel a little envious, okay? Jealous even. I do wished I bothered trying. Maybe if I did, people would actually take notice. Do a double take. Guys would want my number. Who doesn't like attention, kan?

But in the end laziness takes over and I go "what's the point anyway? It's all shallow stuff."

Besides, I'm damn hopeless when it comes to make up.

I think there's something not quite right about my face. God was probably watching some funny Seinfeld episode on heaven cable and forgot to concentrate while he was moulding me.

Sigh. Damn fail lah.

Anyway, if you ever have the unfortunate luck to bump into me, chances are I'm in some plain top, baggy ill-fitting jeans, and sneakers.... looking pretty much like crap.

Don't be too dissapointed lah. That's all I'm saying.

OMfg feeling so damn emo today I can't even stand myself.

*cranks up Simple Plan* <---- Proof Of Emoness.

go fuck yourselves or something kthx.


  1. jeez... dun be so emo leh..
    think guys don't call you out cos they are pussy... or just not in your country.. hurhur..

    in any case, u won't want them either ;)

    FA: emoemoemoemoemoemo.

  2. If you spend 45 minutes to get ready for yumcha I will run you over with my car!

    FA: It's 1pm at work and I feel like I need a drink.

  3. For some reason, a purple coloured top and one stripy one comes to mind. Plus that black baggy jeans thing. Same old shit everytime, all the time.

    But really, what's the point of dipping your face into ICI paint everytime you step out of the house?

    FA: It's 1.02pm at work and I feel like I need a drink.

  4. go pantry made some tea... :)

    FA: It’s 1.35pm at work and I feel like I need a drink.

  5. pity those guys that only know how to appreciate a girls with make up(fake beauty)....

    FA: It’s 1.37pm at work and I feel like I need a drink.

  6. HOI! It is LUNCH TIME already!! Go stop looking at your screen and GO OUT for some Hokkien Mee (If u r in Penang Street)..(Opps! if in KL go try la the Seafood Curry Mee in Secret Recipe..wat to do all good cheap food is here in Penang) But your drinks is still cheaper there!

    FA: It’s 1.38pm at work and I feel like I need a drink.

  7. wanna go for a drink? ;)

    FA: It's 4.38pm and I just came back from the doctors. Apperently it might not be a good idea to drink.

  8. where did you get the info that ppl like to look at other with plenty of cosmetics on their face?

    to me that is simply artificial....i'd always go for the plain and you said, the make-up will come down eventually.

    FA: lies. all lies.

  9. let's go for a drink after work!

    FA: might not be a good idea after all. lol

  10. well, paul takes 1 hr 45 mins just to get from cheras to PJ. your 45 mins for make up is nothing, nothing at all.

    btw make out is a lot more fun than make up.

  11. P.S. Don't tell my Wife this, OK?

    FA: LOL! SHhhhhh.

  12. 45 minutes?

    For me, I prefer girls who do not put much make-up. I prefer them natural. To me, I see them being insecure and uses the make-up as a mask to hide their insecurities from behind.

    We met during Wesak and girl, you're beautiful. If anyone sees otherwise, they don't know what they're missing.

    FA: Oooh.. Hehehe. tenkiu tenkiu. *blush*

  13. 'Put On Some Pants.'

    Hmmm, most girls say the opposite to me!

  14. 45 minutes can even get a painting done !!! 45 minutes of jogging or physical education sounds betterer !!!

  15. KY: you seem to be taking longer than 29 years to grow up! -_-"

  16. When I read your last line of "Go fcuk yourself...", it suddenly occured to me..wouldn't that be like masturbation?

    Anyway, agree with the sien-ness of trying to look pretty. And you are good looking ok. Especially au naturel.

    It's Monday. And probably closing. Understand the emo-ness.


  17. 45mins is nothing...
    mural painting at our house took 45weeks still not yet finish.
    BTW, we been seeing u the most natural way u are and we still love u wat.

  18. Put on the pants, leave home the panties. Woot !

  19. myhorng: i have seen her in her most natural state ever. drunk at a mamak! XD

  20. Some people look better without makeup and that rarity is you. Originality Hail!!!

  21. Paul Tan : God that must have been priceless....

  22. u already look stay that way.

  23. it was all fine till i saw "simple plan"

    ..............that's proof of something, but not emoness :P

    FA: But but but. I was kidding about simple plan.... but you already knew that... right right RIGHT?

  24. YOU look quite fine without makeup what... :)

  25. Everyone's a little bit emo. And that's fine. I cry too when I have to put on full makeup.

  26. Haiyo, you should come to Bangkok. Girls here apply layers upon layers of foundation. Knock them a abit all come crumbling down, like a bad paint job. The funny thing is they look good as is oledi.

    And you look fine just the way you are.

  27. sometimes i see those ladies laden with cosmetic and wondered how they look like in their natural state......would it be like a blank piece of paper..

  28. I agree with you, I don't see the point of dressing up and looking all pretty every single time I'm out. There are days I just pull over my baggy T-shirts over my 1 month old jeans and go out. Just get sick of bothering to look nice to whoever,whatever and whenever. What am I saying, newayz I think you look nice just the way you don't be so emotional over it.


  29. What can I say?
    I belong to the school of thought that as long I am: 1. Dressed and not in my birthday suit 2. Wearing garments that do not look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards I am set to go. Out.
    Oh, and makeup is for special occassions only. Special as in argh-I-don't-know-how-to-put-this-shit-on-my-face kinda special. That probably explains why I only own one loose powder compact, one eyeliner, one mascara and no lipstick (it makes me look like a clown OK?)
    I'm always a bit sceptical when guys assure me they like the au naturel look in females.
    Oh really?
    Then why are your eyes plastered to that chick in the uber short-shorts and platform heels so high they make the foundations of the Twin Towers look inadequate in comparison? Not to mention she's wearing enough makeup to paint three houses over.
    Sigh. Whatever. Rant's over. Feel better and not so emo soon OK?

  30. Oi count me in for drinks!!

  31. Takeshi KaneshiroJuly 5, 2006 at 8:47 AM

    I want to bump into you, front or rear also OK. Fireangel is hot!

  32. nah not bothered. the purest form is the most intriguing most of the time.

  33. btw, one more thing i tabik cos u camwhore in ur purest form whereas most narks gotta go thru eons of makeover time before getting in front of the cam.

    masyallah, god forbid.

  34. I wear full makeup every day, it makes me more pwetty.

  35. make up is for people that face down. More face down more make up, less face down, less make up.

    More make, more down, down make down make

    hic ! JOM DOTA !

  36. to be fair, it is impossible to judge how low a woman can go when she is emoing :D


  37. two cents about the issue - i prefer no makeup as well, and much to my surprise, a lot of guys do as well. you look good with or without makeup, but i'll take the without. :)

    FA: Always say take but never follow through. :)

  38. natural is the way to go.. nice hair do too...
    how was the weekend? anything good?

    FA: THe weekend was too long ago. I don't remember. :(

  39. "Patutlah nobody asks me out."

    Sure or not. If you call, there will be enough people to queue up from KLCC to Klang river ;) If you book a 600 number for your phone, I bet you will become millionaire in 1 month after giving it out.

    FA: Hahaha. you grossly overestimate the traffic of this thing.

  40. well if you can have fans coming up to shake your hand even in that ah-lian sungei wang dragon motive jeans....

    FA: OI. Do not disrespect the dragon jeans! It's comfy! And it's not the clothes that maketh the person! It's the person that maketh the clothes! RESPECT!

  41. What's with all the emo comments??!! I think you've got it right on the dot. That's the way I talk as well , although I must say, you're much wittier. ;p All hail, FireAngel!!

    FA: aw.. thanks. *blushes*

  42. ok, just be ur self. u look great


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