Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Spy Shot.

Got me a new toy over the weekend.

Fingers are now numb from fingering it too much.

Just what the hell were you thinking anyway?

Now, isn't that a huge mofo? I think it's great for covering bits which are not worth being uncovered. HAHAhahHaha. hahahah. hah.

Anyway, that baby set me back about 300 bucks.

Just posing with that damn thing increases my coolness factor by ten times!!!!!

..... or at least, that's how it FEELS like.

Imagine how much cooler it'll be if I actually learnt how to PLAY on that thing.

But knowing how ridiculously short my attention span is, I'm afraid it might end up collecting dust in a corner of some forgotten room somewhere.


Okay okay. Understand.


  1. what you mean you need to LEARN HOW TO PLAY!??!?.

    FA: Knowing how to strum 8 chords very very VERY slowly does not constitute as KNOW HOW TO PLAY wei.

  2. awesome, when we gonna see you play at KLCC Putra station?

    FA: aku makan babi punya.

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  4. *reads first 2 sentences*


    bitch, u just made my gaydar go haywire!

  5. Girls who get calluses on their hands tend to be believed when they say they've been learning guitar. Boys, on the other hand, have a tough time trying to explain it the same way.

  6. heheh ... I bought mine for about FIVE hundred. It's still rotting all by its lonesome in my hometown.

    FA: My friend bought hers for 900 hundred, sharing similar fate as yours. I'm afraid...

  7. In case you didn't know, they do make smaller dildos that goes brrrrrrrrrrr as well.

  8. want me teach u guitar or not ;) FOC .. haha

  9. amoi rempit!!!!!

    FA: Oi! Balik lah!

  10. I THINK I'M IN LOVE!!!! :-D

    'Just posing with that damn thing increases my coolness factor by ten times!!!!!'

    Geees, how friggin' kewl must I be, I own an electric bass, a classical guitar, a steal string accoustic, an Ibanez Roadster strat copy [AUD$1000], a Fender Strat [AUD$1500], a Cello [AUD$1200], a Chinese Pipa, a recorder and a flute. AND I CAN PLAY THE GUITARS, BASS, CELLO and PIPA[sort of]!!!!
    Oh, and a Korg M1 ... that's a synth, but I need to reload all the sounds ... I can play that too ... oh, and drum sticks [no drums though].

    Anyone know where I can buy Pipa strings?

  11. "Fingers are now numb from fingering it too much."

    So wrong...

    FA: Just what the hell were you thinking?!?!?1/1/1

  12. She already has a cool guitar teacher. *marks territorial spots*

  13. i didn't say anything about teaching her to play the guitar.

    FA: You and Paul will be the death of me

  14. You can teach her fingering.

    FA: You and Lainie will be the death of me

  15. *innocent look*

    finger what?

  16. Does it come with gummy bears?

    FA: Unfortunately.. not.

  17. 2 ways for the pain/numbness to go away. Keep playing and slowly let calluses build on your left-hand fingertips. Or start applying rubbing alcohol to it daily to speed up the process... ^_^

  18. Two guitars over at our house. Three actually. Maybe you can persuade Suan to start playing again? Eheh. And I have a few guitar books I can loan if you want.

    Or go to http://www.guitarnoise.com

  19. why all the dirty laundry on the staircase?

  20. Your outfit with u holding the guitar is so so HillBilly. Yeeeeeehaw FA!!

  21. wahlao Dabido so show off... i play Zhong Ruan :P

  22. Will be more interesting than your plucking anyhow. :D

  23. make sure u learn to play with your teeth

  24. Wow....spend 300 bucks to increase coolness....zhanz!!!
    U'r the champ, dudette...

    btw, got the pic??

    FA: Yes I did thanks... Yuna is waaaaaay hotter IMHO!

  25. coolness is you.

    next time we can jam.. hurhur

  26. Nice....wat model is it?

    FA: erm. I dont know what model but it's a yamaha! Heh.

  27. I love classical guitars. Strings are much gentler on the finger tips.

    You should always pluck on a classical.


  28. hyee.. it's me the drum teacher from the guitar shop. wow.. u're so totally cute in real life. n don't deny it! :-D

    FA: OMGOMG. *blushes* *damn shy damn shy* *stammers a thank you* *runs away quickly*

  29. the model is C130 or something.

  30. u sure it's yamaha and not yamaho?

  31. Faster sing me a song wei. coolness :). Come learn together gether can? :)

  32. To: Dabido aka the multi-talented, multi-instrument owning musician
    Er, was the last sentence a rhetorical question? I'm actually bloody dumb when it comes to this kinda thing *blushes then bangs head against wall repeatedly*
    But I'm sure you can get pipa strings from:
    Professional Cultural Center Orchestra (PCCO)
    Address: 152-4-16 Kompleks Maluri, Jalan Chereka, Cheras Maluri, 55100, KL
    And no, this isn't a advertorial lah. It's just that our conductor is from PCCO and he seems to have a never-ending supply of strings for every single frickin' instrument that has strings which can be snapped/ broken *rolls eyes* I damn traumatised can? Kena scratched across the face by a liuqing string that snapped while I was tuning it. Thankfully didn't gouge my eyes out =S
    Oh, wait, dammit, this is FA's blog! *shuffles feet*
    Erm, FA, why everything you do also comes back to your sex appeal one?? You know, fingering this and that la, people saying you're cute in real-life la, people always propositioning you on your blog lah! *winks*
    And you say you damn fail as a female cos you don't use makeup some more!!!! =P

  33. FA is so cute :P i wonder how will she look like with a violin on her shoulder... hmmm

  34. FA: I'm insulted 'FA: You and Paul will be the death of me' I think I should have got an honourable mention for at least melting your brain!!!! :-)

    To see what type it is, look in the hole, and it should say it on the little label inside. Paul's probably right. I would have guessed C40, but only because they seem ubiquitous as a beginning classical.

    RAY: Kewl! I'd love to buy one and learn to play one as well. Ruan's are pretty kewl!

    Lanatir: I tried playing with my tongue [like Jimi Hendrix] when I was a teenageer and cut my tongue on the strings! OUCH! [Man I made some crazy sounds when I was younger, using spoons, yogurt containers, flip flops and even a half deflated basketball on the strings!] :-)
    I damaged my teeth using them on my old Les Paul's strings.

    'Er, was the last sentence a rhetorical question?'

    No, it wasn't. I broke one of my Pipa strings, and no one in Australia sells them. The Melbourne Chinese Orchestra told me they get there's from HK or China or Malaysia, but didn't give me any shops or things as reference.
    I've searched high and low, and couldn't find any other than ones from the USA which were in the hundreds of dollars. [Which I didn't buy, as it's an obvious rip off! I doubt Pipa strings sell for RM300+ a set in Malaysia!]

    Thanks for the information. The PCC website doesn't list where to buy them, but I'll drop them an e-mail. It links to the HK Orchestra site which has some links to stores (though most of them don't work), so I'll try dropping an e-mail to a HK or Taiwan store site as well to see their prices.

    Much appreciated. :-)

    You play liuqing! KEWL! :-)

  35. Oh, I probably should also add, I own an AUD$500 microphone.

  36. Whose underwear is that hanging on the rail? Coolness factor just increased by twenty times.

    FA: Blame it on the paparazzi, and my lack of skillzzzz in photoshopping. or just simply my lack of photoshop.

  37. add a tattoo... coolness factor increase by 20 times.. =)

    just keep on fingering it... you will never learn till it hurts.... ahem... what are you thinking!!?

  38. I have to guitars, classical and electric. I used to play a lot in high school and have a band while i was in uni. They are sitting in my guitar drawers collecting dust too................ LOLx. I suck when it comes to instruments, i can only play the guitar and bass. My other band members can rotate from guitar to bass to drum to keyboard... wtf.

    Of course learning guitar is no easy thing......... remembering the chords is one thing...... but did u know all chords has many variations to it (look it up in the internet for chords - see how many Gs you can find)?? And when plucking comes into play..... well that's another story. Anyways, good luck-ness and ciaoness....

    FA:thanks for scaring me! Scare tactics are totally the bestest motivator EVER!!!!!!!!!1111111111one now, who wants to buy a second hand guitar?

  39. Lesson 1: Identify the G string.

  40. are we gonna get a shot of u smashing the guitar on the floor rocker style?

    FA: depends. are u paying me 300 bucks?

  41. POSER!!! hahahaha...

    FA: .........only eversince i was BORN!

  42. you must be filthy rich, dabido!

  43. want learn guitar go see youtube lar. you learn clasical u go youtube type classical guitar then u can learn from those peeps there loh.

  44. i like guitar but fren say gal play guitar hand will rough rough.. play piano instead. i saw a video on youtube few weeks ago.. u search la very nice the song.. the name is pachelbel ... maybe type in pachelbel classical guitar can get..

  45. Don't mean to discourage you. Just want you to know what u r going up against. But no worries, nobody actually know all the chords also..... buy those song books which actually shows each chord....... make sure u know and love the songs first though....... slowly go from there. Before you know it one day you'll be saying, "hey, i'm playing guitar"

  46. Pachabel - Canon Un Dayo (Canon In D)?? Some dude played it without plucking or strumming.......... real crazy stuff

  47. Doesn't quite look like RM300. It's REALLY RM300?! Ouch. Play it by X'mas? (^_^)

  48. Play it after 5 shot of vodka ;)

  49. There's this book with a complete guitar chord chart for sale..can buy at Popular bookstores too. Only RM3.50. Maybe inflasi sikit...RM5 by now, max. VERY useful. Variations and stuff. Go look it up. It's just a small book, and you can't miss it. It's chocka with diagrams.

    Have fun. And remember, if you don't have calluses on your calluses, you're not practicing enough :)

  50. Learn to play Cavatina in a month and I will pay u RM300!

    Bonus RM100 if u sing "He Was Beautiful" along with it.

    Here's a link to the MP3

    And the lyrics to Shirley Bassey's He Was Beautiful...


  51. aiya go yamaha terus la ;) if u wanna play classical better get a formal lesson loh.. learn to read 'taugeh' by urself is very hard de loh..

  52. i just like the pose.

    not the 300 dollar guitar,
    not the dirty underwear,
    not even the fingering.

    maybe the fingering.

  53. congratulations on taking the path to pure torture and ecstacy. Here's a shit load of resources which u will keep u goin and goin and goin, long after your fingers dropped off:


    its heaven!
    Also support that freedom! Apparently the National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA) as well as the Music Publishers' Association (MPA) are threatening to sue them on the basis that sharing tablature constitutes copyright infringement. Geeez

  54. So can we expect "Forrest Gump" re-enactments? XD

  55. KY - not filthy rich ... just filthy. :-)
    You have to remember, other people my age own houses and other stuff. I still don't, and musical instruments depreciate while houses go up in value ...
    PLUS, I was a professional musician for years, so you have to expect me to own that sort of stuff as part of my trade.

    Also, the cost of setting up my business has eaten through a lot of my savings (as well a losing about $70,000 on the stock market thanks to 911 ... and believe me, I didn't have $70,000 at the time!)

    Though, my earning potential took a nice turn for the better the other day (though a noob client lost me $5,000, what they might be bringing to the table could be worth a lot more in the long run!)

    We'll see ... I may be filthy rich one day! :-)
    [I hope so ... I'm good at saving money].

    Steveneleven - Yes, sharing Tablature is copyright infringement. Under the law in most countries, you can only copy 10% of any composition for educational purposes.
    [So, if you have ten friends, it is possible that you could posses an entire song combined!] :-)
    [Check with current laws in your country first though].

    FA - learn how to construct a chord from the notes. Will be better in the long run. Start with a Major Scale (C Scale is all the natural notes with no sharps or flats starting from C]

    Major chords are the 1st, 3rd and 5th of the major scale (ie, a C chord is made from the notes CEG)
    Paul [your guitar teacher] hopefully can explain it better.
    Minor chords, flatten the 3rd. [ie Cm = CEbG]
    Seventh, chords, add a flattened seventh. [C7 = CEGBb]
    Sus4 - remove 3rd, add the 4th. [Csus4 = CFG]
    Sus2 - remove 3rd, add the 2nd. [Csus4 = CDG]
    Minor 7th - add flattened 7th and flatten 3rd [Cm7 = CEbGBb]
    Major 7th - add an unflattened 7th [CMaj7 = CEGB]
    Aug - Raise the Fifth [CAug = CEG#]
    Dim - Flatten the third & Fifth [C Dim = CEbGb]
    9th chord - is a 7th chord with an added ninth [C9 = CEGBbD]
    11th chord - a 9th chord with added 11th [C11 = CEGBbDF]
    13th chord - an 11th with added 13th [C13 = CEGBbDFA]
    [Yes, you can't play a 13th on a guitar with only six strings! Most guitarist will normally ignore the 11th in this case]
    6th chord - add a 6th [C6 = CEGA]

    Almost all other chords can be worked out form those combinations above ... now you won't need a chord book, just a piece of paper and maybe a little help from your guitar teacher!

    [Yes, i was bored and had nothing better to do ... why do you ask?] :-)

  56. Dabido macam so show off woh... tak baik... kaka

  57. HAHAHHAAHAH LOL! Dabido rocks!

  58. anyways its sad they plan to take legal action guess I shall go elsewhere to find my fav songs *sigh* I guess sites will need to remain small to avoid the authorities. THUS we need an army of davids... ok I digress

  59. DABIDO: BTW, err.. possible to email the Tablature for Cavatina? I am hooked.. thks!

  60. Steveneleven - Not even sure if I have the music for Cavatina. [I assume we're talking the Deer Hunter Theme.] It's not in the public domain yet. (I think we need to wait another 40 years for that, cause Myers only died about ten years ago).
    [I'm sure the Tansman and Beethoven tunes of the same name are in public domain though!] :-)

    Plenty of other pieces of music in public domain though at:
    and probably some others.

    I'm pretty sure you can find something just as hard to play as Cavatina there.
    Or try here:

    Sheet Music Plus is probably where you could order it from.

  61. Wooops! Tansman's music won't be in public domain. I just googled and found out he only died in 1986 ... silly me, I thought he was a lot older!

  62. steveneleven i got cavatina tabs.. how to send u ah..

  63. geez, while i have every intention of it tiring you out, i didn't say anything about "to the point of death".

  64. Ray: Thanks Ray! I have email you on this request on your friendster... wicked rendition of Canon D in your friendster BTW, this classical takes so much patience

  65. terima kasih Ray, I dah dapat tab tu dah.. mengancam betul!... jangan la kita jadi kan comment box ini forum pulak, kakakaka. I boleh fax-kan Canon in D kalau nak... sila reply email aku yea.. terima-kasih, perkra macam ini memang giler babi, asking awak to reply email dari sini pulak... apala dah jadi, narcicist tu kot

  66. what... why so blur liao... reply my email la.. no la.. thanks for ur offer but i dont need the tabs ;) i play from kepala otak mia.. thx anyway... *blur*

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