Friday, July 21, 2006

I Have A Life!

.... and if I say that enough times I might actually start believing in it.

*looks sadly at balls and chains fastened around ankles connected to office desk*

Sigh. Maybe I should start clicking my heels too, or something.

Oh well. Here ARE pictures to proof (TO ME DAMNIT! ME! WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOU!) that I have SOME sort of a life.

Photos are taken with my N0kia 3250 which I currrently have a lot of flak with, but that's a story for another day. There are, however, a couple of random words which just about sums up what I DO think about it - SUCKS. BUY. DONT. INSANE. EAT BABIES. ARGH.

How is the camera working for me (you eagerly inquire with bated breaths and hungry, hungry eyes)? Well, IMHO,
1. It is absolutely worthless for macro shots,
2. Completely retarded for night shots, AND
3. It lags like you wouldn't BELIEVE.

Other than the above-mentioned teeeeny tiny setbacks though, it's absolutely PERFECT.

*cue laughter*

I wished I waited for that blasted SE W850i ARGH don't you fuckers even TALK about it I don't even WANT to hear it!


So. Moving on to pictures.

I eat!

yum yum yum!

I drink!

yum yum yum!

I camwhore with friends!

vOices, Paultandotorg, ST, sumposer

I camwhore some MORE!

Kerol, KY, Horny and sumposer

I find Waldo!

TOO EASY!!!!11one

..... and then I go do it all over again.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Datz hell lotsa gd food u've got...on a wt gain diet?? :D

    FA: Eaten by different people, at different times, and at different places.

  2. v0ices looks like Doraemon and Paul looks like Giant OMG!! Hahahahahahahahaha

  3. Drinking is a SIN! a SIN i tell you!!

  4. Hahaha the last one was unexpected.
    I like finding Waldo too, the elusive little bastard.
    Have a great weekend yourself!

  5. u like sausage ah?

    FA: Yes please.

  6. er.. i tot u r nokia sapporter?

    FA: Who says I'm not?

  7. Pictures are much better than the ones taken with my HP rw6828. Sigh.......

  8. Wah Lau! The Famous Grouse! I like!

    You've got grrrreat taste!

    I'm waiting for the SE K790, a 3.2MP Sony CyberShot camera with a triband phone grafted onto it...

    For now, I have a SLVR, a great phone except for the UI and the gawdawful "camera".

    FA: Motorola have UIs that are spawned by the devil. BUt the old school oyster flip ones were really popular among construction site engineers. Hahahah.

  9. She didn't choose the Famous Grouse

    FA: Nah man. She just drank it. :)

  10. looking at the food made me hungry. pray tell which restauant/cafe served those dishes! thanks

    FA: sumthingsumthinginvolvingfishing&fishes, Nikko Hotel buffet, and Paddington's Pancakes

  11. are u drinking beer with a straw??? wtf

  12. Manhattan Fish Market is it you noob.

  13. Bah Dubai bans flickr, I can't see anything.

  14. A Life is for people without internet access! :-)

  15. How about trying this:

    Here's the link:

  16. Of the 4 food pictures, which one did u actually eat? And I am curious how thick is your waist? If below 26cm, how did u do it?

  17. yikes! 26cm? you mean 26 inches...

    blurgh.. i am about to puke seeing alchy.. had too much last night..

    how is the guitar learning going?

  18. i think she's a 23.

    skinny people. bah.

  19. 不知道你能不能看懂中文

  20. 如果可以看懂的话,就用MSN联系吧~

  21. then why u keep complaining and comparing with SE850i?

  22. wah.. i still can read some chinese.. lol.. FA someone wanna kao u~wor.. keke...

  23. I'm using SE W800i. Marvellous!


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