Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Cheese And I!

Right, I think some camwhoring pictures are overdue.

Here are pictures as promised Cheesie! Thanks! :)

Since android corporate slaves like me have just about, oh, NO creativity in our tiny little circuit systems, please feel free to add the cheesiest captions you can think of for the following photographs!

(insert caption here)

(insert caption here)

(insert caption here)

Couldn't stop checking her out man. She's so sizzlin' she makes me wanna shrivel up into a little dried up prune until I completely vanish off the face of this earth. And she was wearing that extra short teasing girly sweet pink peekaboo skirt paired with those crazy legs that go on forever, wah can just spontaneously combust and die. Oh my poor heart and I, we can't take all that heat man. Ohmygod, I'm straight some more. Kepengsanan.

Sigh. Some more so sweet. So hard to dislike her lah, damnit!

It was a pleasure meeting you sweetie!


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I Saw A Part of My Brain.

Oh god it was so cold this morning if I had balls it would've frozen blue and dropped right off. Overnight storms are the worst. Do I really need to go work today? Sigh. ZZZzzzz..

My tooth is out!

Yup. Tooth. Not teeth. The right one which was currently giving me problems. The dentist refused to take out both for me. Said something about me not being to eat or talk later. Wuss.

"You want to see dentist ar? For what?"

"Oh.. Just to check out my teeth, see need any extraction done or not"

"Which doctor?"

"uh. the nicest most gentle one lar"

I damn can not tahan pain. I gladly and openly admit I have no balls. More than anything, the anticipation, the whole IDEA of being in pain freaks me out so much that my body works on overtime to numb all my pain sensors with adrenaline or what other bodily fluids until I hardly even FEEL any real pain when THE time comes. Hahaha. Wuss.

So there I was on The Chair. With the sanitised green bib tied around my neck. It's like waiting to be executed by the firing squad only.

I take a glance at all the glimmering metallic tools of the trade on the sliding table.

Pliers. Tiny sharp instruments. BIG sharp instruments. Weird painful looking instruments which looked like they were once used by the Japanese to torture our ancestors during their time here. Pliers. PLIERS.

I turn around and I see the nurse holding not one, but TWO metallic syringes the size of a baby's arm. TWO. ohmygod.

Screw you h2g2. It's time to panic. Panic. PANIC.

Dentist must've seen the look of terror on my face.

"Don't worry lah. won't feel a thing. injection might hurt a bit though, because you're tight inside"

(wah lan. I didn't pick that up yesterday from being all panic stricken, but that sentence maciam ada double entendres loh. ahem. )

So the bugger injected me twice. Which I hardly felt actually, because body already working overtime to produce anti-pain venom. Hahahahaha. But can feel lah, when the fella inject, the liquid going into my gum and ceiling of mouth. Very odd and bloody unpleasant. "not being able to feel inside of mouth" is definitely not in the list of my most favourite feeling ever... close to "nausea from overdose of alcohol the night before" and "excruciating pain from knee twisted at 90 degrees wrong angle".

After the injection, wait lar. Wait for anaesthetic to take effect.

wait wait waitwaitwait WAIT wait Wait waitwaitwait.

Eh. Why can not feel my mouth one? Oh. Numb already. HAhaha. Jakun betul.


Violation of mouth commences. I close my eyes. Scared mar. Dowan to see. If I don't see it, it's not happening lar. Tah dah!

Okay okay. I cheated and took a sneak peek. Saw the bugger holding THE PLIERS. Quickly closed eyes again.

Can feel someone holding my head down. Trapping it from moving. Wah it feels very constricting. Violated. Vulnerable. Like bondage only. Mouth open big big. People stopping you from moving. Instruments entering and butchering the inner sanctum of your mouth.

Oh god. Old memories from episodes of The Twilight Zone flashed through the inner recesses of my mind. Flash flash flash.


Then I felt it.



The carnage in my mouth was teasing the edge of my pain receptors. Coaxing me to feel the pain. I taste blood. Ohmygod somuchblood. I can hear the nerves of the tooth SCREAMING IN MY HEAD.

This is also definitely NOT the best feeling in the world.


Finally came out. I saw it. This bloody bleeding alien with roots sticking out.

"You know, normally, people only have one root sticking out of their wisdom tooth. You. Have. Three. No wonder so hard to come out"

Three. Bloody hell. If my knees were as strong as my wisdom tooth I would still be actively involved in other vigorous physical activities which I enjoy so much. Strong in useless areas. Weak in important areas. It's fucking ironic, my life.


So anyways. I saw my tooth. And like Calvin, I didn't feel very comfortable seeing a piece of my head held between the mouth of menacing pliers.

Rinse. spit.

Done! You can go home now! Here's your one day MC!

Lies. It wasn't done. The pain wasn't done with me at ALL. The blood certainly wasn't. I could taste the rust and salt of blood the whole day. With or without the gauze.

After the anaesthetic wore out, the throbbing sensation started lah. It's like a migraine, except it's in your mouth. INSIDE the gums... all the way to your head. Sore, tender, cavity migraine. Not fun.

Whole day makan bubur aje. Damn sian. Hungry every hour upon the hour. Late at night, can not tahan already, so make instant noodles. It's not considered eating if you don't chew your food. My stomach doesn't recognise it as food. It's all liquid if you don't chew. Hungry.

But when chew on anything, can feel the uncomfortable throbbing soreness. Can still taste blood on everything. Screw it. At least stomach happy.

Today I eat mash potatoes for lunch. Can anybody tar pau some for me from Chillies? KFC jatuh standard already. Sniff.

Next time I shall take pictures of other wisdom tooth after extraction. If I remember.

P/s: Actually hor, it wasn't THAT painful lar. Jangun takut. Don't procrastinate! Get yours out at the nearest dental clinic today! :P

Monday, May 29, 2006

Extraction Horror.

Okay, so.

For the past few weeks my wisdom tooth have been acting up.

Teeth, actually.

Left one. Right one. Upper jaw.

One week the right one would act up.

Then it would heal.

Then the left one acts up..

Then it'll heal.

Now the right one's acting up again.

It's like my wisdom teeth has this fucken WWE tag team thing going on.

When it acts up the back of my mouth gets all inflammed and sore from the ulcers. Hard to bite. Hard to talk. Move mouth always bite into something fleshy. Pain. Pain. Pain.

I hate pain with a veangance. I suppose everyone does, unless you have some sort of a sick twisted fetish. But I'd like to think that I hate it more than most normal people. Like really REALLY, REALLY hate it. No, really. Like super duper seriously fucken hate it more than I hate the taste of Bombay Sapphire and that's really mindfuckingly a LOT.

BUT. Am going to be a man this morning.

Am going to the dentist to have it checked out AND have them EXTRACTED them on the spot.

God. the anticipation of PAIN is a motherfucker.

This coming from the chick who gets cramps like a troll's punching her uterus non-stop every 2 days in a month, and who might have to one day have to go through the pains of labour pushing this thing out into the world which is about 500 times bigger than the passage it comes out from. Shit. I HATE PAIN. I HATE THE WHOLE ANTICIPATION OF PAIN. ANTICIPATION IS ALWAYS WORSE THAN THE ACTUAL PAIN ITSELF CAN!

I've heard too many wisdom tooth related horror stories. Can write a book. Can make mini-series.

They always have one thing in common.


Sigh. Am going now. I can do this. I can do this I can do this Icandothis.

Hmm. On the bright side, might even be out of commission for a few days also, eh?

*imagines syringe in mouth. imagines pliers in mouth. imagines pain. Pain. PAIN*

Shit. Damn scared lah.

I need a shot of vodka.

Make it FIVE damnit.

(All five of you got stories ar? Share share a bit. I'll read it when I'm at HOME while enjoying the intimate numbing pain in my mouth. :()

Saturday, May 27, 2006

24 Things.

Lazy to come up with something original. So here are 24 weird facts/things/habits about me instead. Yeay memes.

So move along now. Nothing to see here.

1. When it rains, sometimes I have the strongest urge to just walk under it. It's one of those wannabe-tortured-poet kinda thing. And it's fun. Plus it could get me sick, so I won't have to go to work. Yeay!

2. When I was young I thought every family would have just one boy and one girl. When they grew up eventually they would marry each other. It scared the shit out of me when I found out that this wasn't true and that I HAD TO MARRY A COMPLETE STRANGER one day.

3. I hate tea. Every sort of tea is bad for me. Simply can NOT stand the bitter aftertaste. Yes I am a bad, bad, bad chinese.

4. I sleep with a pillow that's been with me eversince I was old enough to make any memories.

5. I light up lanterns for every single Mooncake Festival, even when I was studying in Sydney. Light them up. Hang them up. Switch off the lights. They are so pretty.

6. I sing everywhere, anytime. Badly.

7. I have a habit of putting one leg up when I'm eating. I only do this at home, or when I think other people can't see it. Blame it on my trishaw-pulling, sidewalk-spitting ancestors.

8. I have itchy hands. I like touching things. It has gotten me into a lot of trouble when I was a kid, because I tend to break a lot of things too. Mum is a little too wary of my destructing tendencies, even till now. "Put that down! It's brand new! You might break it!". Sigh.

9. I didn't start drinking properly / dancing in clubs until I was about 21. In fact, I HATED the taste of alcohol. Too strong and bitter tasting, I thought. HAhahaHAhaha.

10. I've always wanted to get myself into some kinda serious physical injury to warrant a major surgery and a few night's stay in the hospital. Some kinda sick curiosity thing. That is until one fine day I ruptured my ACL, got it all cut open, and spent the whole night in bed delirious and partially out of my mind from the vomitting thanks to the after effects of anaesthesia and excruciating pain. 6 months of physiotherapy later - I'm not curios anymore.

11. I like the smell of joss sticks. My eyes glaze over and it gets me nostalgic. It reminds me of my dad's kampung, my late granddad and chinese new year.

12. I think I make the worst female ever. I have zero fashion sense. I suck at shopping. I have less than 5 pairs of shoes. I'm not too fond of strappy high-heeled sandals, sneakers ftw. Hardly ever wear skirts/dresses, pants ftw. Basically, I suck at all these girly things. That's probably what happens when you grow up with a boy.

13. I used to play a lot of computer games. Never really any good at them though, but they were fun. I still think Starcraft is the bestest strategy game EVER.

14. You will NEVER catch me watching a horror movie. EVER. Have too much of a vivid imagination and it keeps me awake at night.

15. I love riding on motorbikes with the wind in my face.

16. I can't swim.

17. ... nor ride a bicycle.

18. I enjoy doing silly little things like blowing soap bubbles, origami, hand crafts and copy drawings.

19. I played chess. But not anymore. Haven't touched it in at LEAST 5 years.

20. Was a big fan of David Copperfield, so I wrote him a fanmail. Must've been 6? 7? Used my nicest smelling stationary, stuck on my favourite most glittery sticker on it, told him how much I loved him and that he was great. THEN I proceeded to, get this, put ther letter in a NEWSPAPER RACK, and PRAYED really hard for god to send it straight to him, because I didn't have his address! HAhahaha.

21. I love the smell of baby products. And babies.

22. I'm quite terrified of being alone in the dark.

23. I hold my chopsticks and pens weird.

24. I'm really shy with strangers and I won't say much the first time we meet. Unless I have some liquour in me. People often mistake that for "lansi"ness. My mum says I have a lansi face by default if I don't smile. Well, thank goodness I smile a lot.

Wah. This has been a pleasant self-rediscovery.

Well, have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Sometimes when I'm out doing my own thing, I'd bump into/come across all these Form6/college/uni kids.

Can anybody relate to how a maggot midget of a Form 1 kid feels when they come across or hear about those towering boisterous Form 6 kids? That tiny feeling. That feeling of awe. That hope that you'd someday grow up soon and be exactly like them.

I look at those kids and I still feel like that Form 1 kid, young and raw.

Then I'll wake up and realise that I'm at LEAST 7, SEVEN fucking years OLDER than them.

How the fuck did I forget that I'm already a working ADULT of 26?


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Month To Do It.


Gongxi Gongxi Lau & Stephanie!

Stephanie so sweet!
Lau red rootbeet!
Jiayou Jiayou Lau & Stephanie!
Jiayou Jiayou quickly get baby!

Okay that was lame.

*hugs* to both.

P/s: Thanks for realising that I'm still young and for not rushing me to find myself a man, mum.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Being Talk Show Audiences.

On Wednesday, a bunch of us had the opportunity to act as a bunch of hardcore diehard enthusiastic weeded up audience for Patrick Teoh's upcoming talk show.

Uncle Patrick all prepped up and ready to go go go!

Patrick asked Suan&Co. to make it for the 11am show. And she was like,

"Hello? Some of us have an actualy day job here?"

"Take leave lah"


And JUST because we are all damn semangat setiakawan, and ALSO because we all damn like Patrick as he is seems to be the nicest, sweetest, most genuine member of the performing arts industry we've met, EVAR, we willingly obliged.

TV Smith being sober

The first time I ever set foot into a real studio was almost 15 years ago. Was involved in 5 second head shot for some Colgate advertisement. Took us a whole 1 bloody hour to get it done. WTF.

*5 second shot. 1 hour.*

*talkshow - 45 minutes.... means... how many hours omfgwtfdiestanding*

I started dreading over what I had gotten myself into.

As we entered the set, we were greeted to a life rehersal by some AF runner up chick in a purple and green costume accompanied by a live band. Er......


Har? OH. Got TWO guests tonight kah? She was the first? Oh. Shy.

Introducing the "Jazz Cafe" live band.

There were already audiences present since 10 in the freaking morning. Wahliu. We were there only for the last shoot of the day (about 9pm) to buat kacau saje.

There was this guy who kept telling us to act all SHITFACE HAPPY ENTHUSIASTIC SCREAM MOVE CLAP COME ON MAKE SOME NOISE.

But we were too sober for this man. WAYYYyyy too sober. How the hell did these other people do it since TEN? SOBER?

After they were done shooting her, it was a 15 minute break.

And off we went to look for TV and Patrick to get our money back.

TV coaxed us with an offering of a whiskey bottle.

We were coaxed.

Everybody is a camwhore.

The band man, they were really awesome. Really, REALLY good. Really friendly too.

Two of the band members came out for a break. And we all got better acquainted over *cough* drinks.

Then they stole the fucking whiskey bottle into the set. Magpies.

Just before the shooting began again, I filled up MY glass with more drinks. *cough*

Yeay! Patrick's ON! Finally!

*clap clap semangat giler babi shout shout scream scream wolf whistle go crazy!*

The ever hyperbubbly Ida Nerina was the second guest for the night! So much energy! Like Energizer bunny!

She was so nice! Came over to shook our hands, said hie and even camwhored with us! Yeay!

Posing with the bubbly Ida Nerina after her interview.

The entire shoot lasted for about 2 hours.

Then off we went the Laundry Bar at The Curve for MORE DRINKS! WOOT!

..... which had a jamming session from an amateur band going on, okay seriously wtf was that about wei. Jamming sessions in a garage lar, not bars mah.

Bloggers. Sheesh.

My first experience ever as a member of a talk show audience. Maybe I'll get to see myself on tv! YEAY! STARDOM! HOLLYWOOD! RICHES! ENDLESS SUPPLY OF LIQUOUR! HAREMS OF VIRILE YOUNG MEN! HERE I COME!

Suanie (Thanks for the pics!)

FireAngel signing off!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

We Go Wesaking.


Suan: "Jom. We go temple on Friday morning, want? :D"

FA: "Har? Temple? Why suddenly?"

S: "Wesak on Friday mar!"

F: "Orh! Which one? The Kuan Yin temple on the way to KL one? Can! Long time never go adi..."

S: "Er, no. Maha Vihara. At Brickfields."

F: "Sounds like Hindu temple only...."

S: "Like Christianity, Buddhism also got a lot of different branches lar. My one is called Theravada. Your one called Mahayana. But both still Buddhist mah."

F: "My one like got more cultural influences already also right? I remember last time, I always thought that if you were Chinese you were automatically a joss-stick sticking, paper money burning sort of Buddhist. I am a bad Buddhist. Only pray once or twice a year when I balik kampung. Bwahahha... er actually hor, people do what in your sort of temple one?"

S: "Pray lah!!"

F: "....."

S: "So how? Go or not?"

F: "Go go! Good first time experience!"

S: "We go early early okay? Beat the crowd. 7am lah".

F: "Set."

A lot of shops set up by opportunistic peddlars outside the temple. There's something not so right at trying to make money off people on their way to a place of worship.

Later, that night.

F: "Ma. I go temple with Suan on Wesak Day morning okay?"

FA's Mum: "Temple? Ok ok. Go lah! Which one?"

F: "Mahatma something or other... at Brickfields one"

FA's Mum:
"Har? You going HINDU TEMPLE??!?!?!"

F: "Laughs Out Loud"

View of temple grounds from big hall. Can not believe how many people didn't sleep in on a public holiday.

Friday morning.

FA's handphone alarm: " BEEP BEEP. 7.30am. BEEP BEEP."

"Grumble grumble grumble"

*dial dial dial*

S:*sounding sleepy* "lo?"

FA: "Wei. 7.30am already okay."

S: "we go a BIT later okay?"

F: "EHaEHAheAHEaHEah.. okay okay."


*dial dial dial*

F: "Suan?"

S: "okay okay getting ready adi."


"Outside your house d!"

F:*Thinks to self* "Year right. 7 my ASSSS"

Little boy playing at temple's fountain. A lot of people seen here washing their faces and throwing coins into the lotus' petals in the middle of the fountain. It's funny how people just assumed everything in the temple is holy and/or will bring them luck or something. Maybe they were just feeling hot.

*lines up behind 34892765 people to go into main shrine*

F: "Shit too many people wei."

"Forget it lah. Let's go take lots of pictures!"

F: "Yeay!"

S: "I wanna go see the Chief High Priest, later also"

(Waited 2 freaking hours and only caught a glimpse of him when he came out from his chambers to makan. Poor Suanie. :( )

Lotus candle offerings on the main alter.

*see buddha statues. see lots of people. see lots of beggars. see lots of joss stick. see lots of smoke.*

*can not see anymore from all the smoke*

*cough cough*

F:"Eh, I wanna pray with joss stick lah. a bit weird for me to pray without joss stick."

Joss sticks and butts.

*click click*

F:" Damn a lot of people wei. Damn hot. HOT HOT. The sun is on my head!"

*goes line up in some long line to be splashed with water to cool down from heat blessed by monks*

*kena sprinkle with a lot of water*

*put money in little big reddonation box*

*given small plastic medicine bottle filled with (holy?) water and a bunch of yellow strings*

F: "Suan. This bottle for what?"

"To bathe in kua."

F: *looks at tiny plastic bottle. notes that it is smaller than own hand* *thinks to self* "not even enough for a baby rat loh"

People lining up to get wet blessed by monks with some sort of a palm leaf and water.

*click click*


*go kaypoh*

*click click click*

Random nice volunteer: "Want to come in to take pictures?"

F:*shy shy* "Yes please thank you!"


Thousands upon thousands of oil lamps for Buddha and happiness.


S: "Ar?"

F: "Why do these people offer flowers?"

S: "Flowers represent impermanence. See the flower, at first so pretty, then it wilts and dies. Everything that lives will eventually die also. So flowers serve as a reminder that we all have a finite life lar, and not to hang on too much to worldly possesions"

F: "Kanineh. So fucking depressing one." *sniff*


S: "Jom lah. Let's go."

More pink candles. I liked them. They were pretty. I like pretty things.

On the way home.

F: "Suan."

S: "Ar?"

F: "Actually, what's Wesak Day all about?"

S: ".... I'm not really sure also."

F: -_-""""

(but Suan went back and made sure she knew what it was. Click!)

Monday, May 15, 2006

And They Lived Happily Ever After.


Gong xi Gong xi God & Saint!

Wishing both of you all happiness under the sky and above it too!

May it be an abundant and productive matrimony!

Just you all wait. One day it'll be my turn and all you fuckers will have to pay ME back my fucking angpows. WITH INTEREST (because,you know, the future value of money is almost always higher than the present value of money)

Pokai adi okay! Kanineh.

Okay okay, kidding only.

(but not the part about giving me back angpows)

(nor the part about paying back with interest)



Other friends, who happen to freaking blog too, who were present, who also blogged about the wedding (Bah, bloggers.):

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Who Needs Men.

Just because a girl is single and feeling miserable doesn't mean she needs to go to bed feeling all cold and lonely at night.

Especially not when she has just about so many other objects of her desires to spend the night with.




Oh well.


Saturday, May 6, 2006

To: No One In Particular.

Should you care about what random strangers think of you?

How they draw their conclusions of what you are based solely on your blog?

A blog which is like, 1 window out of a hundred windows into your life?

It doesn't matter what insignificant speck of dusts who don't know you think about you, does it?

What really matters is that friends and family, who know who you are KNOW that you aren't what all these losers say you are, right?

Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.

That's bullshit. Names hurt too.

And then you sit down and you wonder to yourself why are they saying things like that about you. "Is this true?" "Is this really the sort of impression I'm giving off to the general public?" "Is THIS how I want people to think of me?" "am I really that sort of person people say I am?" "Am I really a [insert derogatory characteristic here]"

Sometimes you lose yourself, get all confused and you start believing in those accusations. Unfounded as they may be. You're quite sure that they are unfounded... quite sure, you think. It can't be true. Are you really society's trash? A drunkard? A wildchild? A slut? A shallow-minded bitch? A social pariah? An attention-seeking whore? A desperate single girl with deep personal & emotional issues?

You may drink and dance and camwhore and curse and swear a little too much sometimes. But you have your own good qualities, at least you think so. How else would you have friends who care? Who IS perfect anyway? You're a nice girl. You know that. People who really know you know that too! If strangers don't see it then it's their fucking problem, or is it? Maybe the problem is yours. Maybe you should change, turn over a new leaf. Stop all this nonesense. Control your angst and frustrations. Be one of those typical demure little quiet smiley pleasant-to-look-at furniture with manufactured homogenus personalities you see everyfuckingwhere like one cent coins. Succumb to society's perception of "decent". Maybe then people would accept you more because, hey, that's what you're supposed to be like around here.

After all aren't we brought up in a conservative society which thrives on being socially accepted?

But would you be happy? Would that be you? Who ARE you?

What's so bad about being you anyway? What's wrong with knowing how to have fun without being too much of the system's bitch? What is so unacceptable about not taking yourself too seriously sometimes?

Man, this is utter bollocks.

Haters should just fuck off, bury their heads in the lavas of an active volcano and burn in the fiery pits of hell, BITCHES.

Friday, May 5, 2006


When stressed, I enjoy imagining/looking at nice, pretty things.




Candy canes.

White clouds.

Orlando Bloom.


Sakuras in the springtime.

Sunsets by the beach.

Vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sprinkles.

Chocolate coated strawberries.

Gift wrapped presents.



Then, I imagine destroying them.


Satisfied, I go back to work.


Monday, May 1, 2006

The Cleo Bachelor Bash (Picture Heavy Post)

I spent the past 2 days just recuperating. These old bones can't take the heat anymore.


Gastric acting up too. ehhehe.. looks like I gotta cut down on the alcohol drinking. Or only drink on a very full stomach.

Double sigh.

(yeah right. she says that after she gets back from her third night of heavy drinking. at a family reunion gathering. champion lah.)

So, I was at The Bash for The Cleo 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2006 at Zouk last Friday night.

It was pretty fun for me. Because I was a girl. And also because I got to sneak into the so-called "restricted area" where the VIPs and the Bachelors were hanging out. And ALSO because I got to drink quite a bit. :)

Much to my surprise, there were LOTS of guys present that night... probably to ogle at the girls who are busy ogling at the bachelors. Or probably to ogle at the bachelors themeselves. The guys were entertained for about a whole hour with silly girls-only-can-participate-games, before the bachelors dropped in (from Westin). I would've joined in the "sexy pole dancing game" thingy if I had more drinks in me. Could've. Should've. But didn't. Still have some sense left in me to save what's left of my dignity. :)

Anyways, not going to say much. Sky's getting really dark and it's threatening to storm. Gotta log out in 5 minutes before my modem gets fried.

Here are the pictures. Used "can I please take a picture with you to post on my website" as an excuse to take advantage of some of the hottest bachelors that were around. But it's not like they were complaining .....much.


Not as jam-packed as I thought it would be. Good mix of girls AND boys of various age and size. And venue itself... well. Zouk is Zouk lah. No comments.

When I am made the ruler of the world, my first decree would be that ALL MEN MUST WEAR SUITS. Hotness levels increases by TENFOLDS when they do, no matter how butt-faced ugly they are. I'm not even kidding here. About the suit I mean. Not exactly sure about the butt-uglyness getting fixed, though.

There was also another event outside sponsored by Heinekeen. I can't be arsed to find out what it was.

(only 13 though, sigh)

Jeremy Little won, because, let's face it, a lot of us, girls, are just big suckers for boys with boyish looks. Not just another bimbo, bugger is an aeronautical engineer okay. How many aeronautical engineers with pretty face do you know of? Yup, I thought so.

I swear I've seen Ashraf Sinclair on tv before for something. Hopefully not on the news. For murder.


Nicholas bought me at LEAST 3 Vodka Oranges... when I was the one who was supposed to be buying him drinks to thank him. Shy. -_-"

Ben Ibrahim. Needs. A. Triple-X. Label. Warning.

Azwin is Kinkybluefairy's friend and is the TALLEST of all the bachelors.

Ashvin was from my primary school, and I never knew that until after we left school. 10 years later. -_-" Bugger does a MEAN live version of U2's "With Or Without You". I can say that with absolute confidence because I've personally heard him perform back in college. Simply awesome.


Kinkybluefairy was right, Adam IS a big poser. Heh.


Jeremy Teo tokkoks for a living as a radio DJ on TRAXX.FM. While most of the other bachelors were too busy getting drunk, preening their hair and/or attempting to chat up the other hotter (to the power of infinity), bigger-named (read as: featured in FHM) chicks within the VIP lounge, he actually spared me, an insignificant nobody with the most dreadfully average looking face, a few minutes EXTRA to have a quick chat. Sweet guy. :)

Bumped into Ashraf (number 2) downstairs. Suddenly grabbed him to camwhore. I think he had no clue. Kesian.

Did the ol' grab and snap on Shaun too.

Stephan is German, and the only German I know is "asshole". How classy is that?

This would be the 3rd Szetho I've met in my lifetime. The first one I knew plays chess. The second one I met was in college. They absolutely do NOT look like each other. :P

I asked Sathia to dance with me... but he was shy... or just afraid that I would eat his babies, or something.


Rashid Salleh was funny in Kopitiam. A little afraid of me at first (I saw it in his eyes) when I pounced on him and yelled "HEY YOU'RE FROM KOPITIAM WITH DOUGLAS I THOUGHT YOU WERE REALLY FUNNY LET'S TAKE A PICTURE THANKS!" and proceeded to do the grab and snap. Poor guy, he must get it quite a bit. Bloody bloggers.

Serena C is hot! Totally wasn't expecting her to be so slim and tiny. *grrr*

Kinkybluefairy is only like the owner of the biggest local lifestyle blog ever. :P

So cute!

Kinkypugkevin can't make up his mind to either hate or love me. Fickle minded bitch.

Josh Lim is a whore too.

FaiThemai, who is another regular cast in Kinkybluefairy, is pretty hot in an emo-grunge kind of way.



(Epilogue: Damn sian lah actually. Hugged so many bachelors but didn't even get to snag one home. Damn hopeless. Sorry ma. I've let you down, AGAIN.)

Ineligible Fags
Bash The Bachelors.
Short One - Bachelor Bash Update.