Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Cheese And I!

Right, I think some camwhoring pictures are overdue.

Here are pictures as promised Cheesie! Thanks! :)

Since android corporate slaves like me have just about, oh, NO creativity in our tiny little circuit systems, please feel free to add the cheesiest captions you can think of for the following photographs!

(insert caption here)

(insert caption here)

(insert caption here)

Couldn't stop checking her out man. She's so sizzlin' she makes me wanna shrivel up into a little dried up prune until I completely vanish off the face of this earth. And she was wearing that extra short teasing girly sweet pink peekaboo skirt paired with those crazy legs that go on forever, wah can just spontaneously combust and die. Oh my poor heart and I, we can't take all that heat man. Ohmygod, I'm straight some more. Kepengsanan.

Sigh. Some more so sweet. So hard to dislike her lah, damnit!

It was a pleasure meeting you sweetie!



  1. 1st to comment... yeah...
    anyways, firecheese sounds like a good combo indeed...
    and i still think the 5 of you being there at the same time is a sin... :twisted:

  2. oops.. didnt refresh before commenting... suanie the 1st.. :P

  3. Waa sly... posted early!
    Fuiyoh i entice her with vodka she now lures me with cheese pula. sly sly sly :P

  4. Uh... I recognize that shirt. Where's the skirt?

  5. omgwtfbbq

    i can't comment.

    dont trust myself to speak.

    i think my kecemburuan just sampai d peak.

  6. ohnowaitaminuteithinkiknowwhatsgoingoniamnotjealousanymore.

    FA: er. are u drunk?

  7. So you've decided to become a dyke now ? *LOL*

    FA: That option has always been staring at my face. :)

  8. Whhoooo... So fun mini meet. Oh by the way July's coming already! Must have another meet soon!!

  9. 1. I see no skirts eh ?
    2. Yeah, what's a waldo or is it "who's waldo"?
    3. FA, looking at the pictures, you're not too bad yourself, what.

  10. wow... cheesiliciouslyfiringhotlikeangels


  11. I believe it's in reference to FA's red and white stripe shirt. She's missing the hat though :) Waldo is a character from a series of illustrated children's books. The object is to find Waldo hidden somewhere in the pictures.

  12. You look extremely hot in those photos but i think you sizzle with that trademark cun/cute pose of yours in her blog!

  13. Eh your devil tail is erected...................

    FA: with fairy also was erected.........

  14. mucka chocka luka ungo
    give me freedom to sing !!!!
    mucka choka luko luko !
    give me freedom to swing !!!!

    FA: eh fucker you high on alkie at 1.30pm? WITHOUT ME!?!?!? Boh steady lah you brader.

  15. Wah, got your teeth pulled out still can camwhore. not bad! not bad!

    FA: Heh. This was before extraction, btw. :)

  16. any shots of the hole in gums? show us lah!!!

  17. Still suffering from the pain ? Really don't want the tickets to genting ?

    FA: WHAT tickets to genting?

  18. Aiyo, i posted this on your previous entry. Here it is again.
    Please reply asap.

    FA:. oh. u put link! no wonder. kena nuked lah deh. erm. it's a chinese star concert kah. :( i am banana. have to give this a miss... sorry. But thanks for the offer! Next time got english one offer me again i sure say YES!!! =)))))))))

  19. Caption One: Nick Bottom meets Titania!
    [You have to know your Shakespeare to understand that one!] :-)

    Caption Two: Love you long time for a Vodka Ribena! :-)

    Caption Three: Our Lesbian Love Fest may get us arrested, but at lest it scared off that bitch who was behind us scratchin' her arse!!! :-)

    Yeah, they're not too funny ... give me a break, I just turned FORTY ONE!!!!oneoneoneoneonene!!!!1111111!!!

  20. that option not only stares you in the face, it talks to you on msn and invites you for plays.

    FA: wah. berpantun pulak.

  21. I'm also a banana, but being drag by my friends. Thought taking peekchas with the famous banana there, haha. I don't put link, how to let see ?

  22. Woah... she's hot! not referring to you though... LOL

  23. Think u might be served a warrant of arrest by the Fashion Police soon FA. What top r you wearing la?!

    FA: I have ZERO fashion sense. Are you willing to sponsor a wardrobe makeover for me pretty please?

  24. actually FA is quite a natural beauty. You notice she's very light on the make up.

    If she bothers to try half as much as Hannah Tan, I'm sure she'll be even hotter.

    Come on now, put on some eyeshadows and mascara.

    Add a stronger color lipstick. :-P

    FA: Lazy lah.

  25. OMG how could I not recognize it! It's the Where's Waldo top!

    And you say I often wear your sister's youthful T, eh FA.

    Lainie, I have bad news for you. LONG cheesenails. :P

  26. HalfmanHalfbiscuitJune 1, 2006 at 5:17 PM

    Wow - what a heart melting smile! I hope that the dentist has not robbed you of that. :)

  27. Fire-cheese should go with red wine ?

  28. Well FA, I don't think lazy is an excuse.

    If you're so motivated to do the harakuku thing, why is it so difficult to put on the make up minus the silly outfits ? *LOL*

    Ok, just treat make up as if you're in an anime, maybe it will help motivate you this way.

  29. I think FA doesn̢۪t really need a heavy makeup. Her natural beauty is sufficient enough to attract more than enough crowds here, lol. Maybe if there were someone out there who is willing to sponsor her for all the lacking mentioned above, she would be gladly does that. Right FA?

  30. Speaking of Waldo, from the webcomic which I'm currently stalking the archives of:

  31. LOLROF

    i think i better stop kacau-ing u. getting all this lesbian comments. i feel damn bad now -_-""


  32. Do I know you from somewhere?

    FA: have I heard this line a million other times before?

  33. Where's Waldo? Haha. Kinda reminds me of Cat With a Hat. I think thats the name of the character. :)

  34. Caption 1 - FA: Toasted bunny with cheddar.. YUM! =P

    Caption 2 - "You want to hear my dirty little secret cheese?"

    Caption 3 -
    Cheese : "You have nice firm buns!!" ~ whisper....
    FA : (See the picture!!)...

    What do you think of these captions!? haha.. well, have a great weekend

  35. CraSH. Dont quit your dayjob. Your captions suck and is totally devoid of humour/cuteness factor. Piss off.

  36. Whoa!!! Did I ask Adrian C a question? Damn.. what a rude SMUCK! Being protective eh? =)

  37. wah! i miss out some hot & sticky post!!!
    *eyeing picture* wah~lao~eh realy a meltdown!!!

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