Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Everytime I come across that MAS ad, that one with tonnes of people walking around with luggage, I'm always reminded of baggage, the metaphorical one, eventhough I'm certain that's not exactly what MAS wanted the viewers to be reminded of whenever they see that ad (which probably costs over a million bucks, took tonnes of brainstorming sessions,  endless market surveys and went through thousands of revisions to capture that one singular all encompassing message that mas had always wanted to convey -  get a better luggage bag.....  Er no? Hehe).

Big small leather canvas pvc oyster case knapsack with wheels carry ons brown black white blue red green zips buckles straps.

Macam macam pun ada.

Our baggage is like that isn't it? All different.

Sometimes it's easy to forget that everyone else is human too, like me. We all have some sort of baggage, whether we like it or not. It makes us different,  and shapes most of us to what we are today.

I need to remember this. And respect our differences.

If i can't help a fellow human to lighten his/her load, the least I could I could do is not to unload mine on him/her... (Unless otherwise welcomed to. Even then, don't la take advantage of other people's kindness right?) I will strive to make a conscious effort to put this into practice.

But until I have mastered the art of not flinging my baggage about, sorry if I ter-forget and slip. Feel free to knock me on my head (softly please) and hand me back my baggage.

(Afterall, one should never accept other people baggage when travelling -  at least that's what airport security always say right? Hehe what nonsense la me.)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Likes - it's all about me.

You remember those autograph books you had to fill up when you were in Std 6? Where you write down your likes and dislikes and really bad poems or confess something. Well, I'm gonna do a longer version here today. I seem to have quite forgotten what I like or don't like. This page will serve as a self reminder. And yes, it's going to be quite self indulgent, so feel free to move along. :)

Food (go-to's and comfort food)
mum's soups and fried bawal fish, home made pan mee,  red wine mee sua.
korean BBQ and most of its yummy side dishes.
japanese FOOD! Ramen. Sushi. SASHIMI!
penang asam laksa & char kuay teow
steak STEAK!
CRAB CRAB CRAB - steamed crab. black pepper crab. no creamy stuff. chilli crab okay la.
bak kut teh
hokkien char
Vanilla ice cream

movies/tv (examples as what i can remember now, not an exhaustive list)
action - Pacific Rim, Avengers, Fight Club, The Rock, Gladiator, Braveheart, Kick Ass
clever comedy - Priceless, Team America, Dogma, Hot Fuzz
any beautiful looking movies - Avatar. LOTR. Big Fish. 300. the last samurai, Pride & Prejudice
Cartoons - Pixar, Disney, Some of dreamworks stuff like Guardian, Spirited Away, Animes (eg; 7 samurai)
TV - funny, clever script. Gilmore girls, Community, Suits, Sherlock Holmes BBC, Boston Legal, dirty jobs with Mike Rowe, the early editions of Myth Busters, Modern Family's not bad.

pop - top 40s
oldies - what my parents used to listen to. and usually found on Light.fm,
dance - simon & alvin type. Electro.

reading - fiction, selected biographies. Sci-fi is boring. absolutely no chick lit. very selected non-fiction. Classics.
writing - well, if you consider blogging as writing.
making drinks - learning to make popular drinks, classic cocktails.
handicraft  - havent done anything on this since secondary school but I still have a soft spot for it.

Red red red red red any kinds of red or... warm orange.
Deep pink.
Bright sky blue or navy blue
Apple green
no bright pink/yellow/orange. or olive/raya green. generally no purple No fluorescent anything.. Unless for post it note or highlighter.

To wear
jeans jeans jeans
comfy sandals
Hip hopish
No cute lacy overly girly stuff.
And onesies are for babies.
No rings.
Metal watch
Simple stud earrings
Simple Necklace
No gold... but white gold is okay.
Hair - long. Never permed.

Europe - London, Scotland, Belgium, Paris, Spain, Italy, Holland
japan - Tokyo, Kyoto, Hirohisma, Osaka, one rural area.
US of A Central & south - NY, Miami, LA, Brazil, Hawaii
Visit Sydney once for old times sakes.
Singapore - frequent!
Island holidays with clean, clear blue water and white sandy beaches to chill out.

clever interesting writing and plot.
fun stuff/educational/know hows/how tos/comics
Fight Club, The Game, Some of Terry Pratchett's.....erm. ya. need to work on this.

Sucker for stationery stuff & bar-related tools and equipment.
Flowers -  specifically happy, bright ones.
Must do yearly traditions: Lantern lighting on moon cake festivals, tang yuen making for winter solstice, getting together with family on the 9th of cny.
I get illogical over skin care and makeup products.

When I die:
I want my body cremated.
Beer and booze and Siew yoke at my funeral
No scary loud taoist prayers.
No christian sermons hijacking my burial. 

I want people to remember me as:
Someone who spent her life living loving, learning. A great daughter, sister, partner and friend. Someone who made a difference in other people's lives.