Thursday, September 27, 2007

Guilty Pleasures.

My kryptonites, in no particular order.

1. Ultimate Long Island Tea from TGIF
2. Millionaire Margaritas from Las Carretas, actually ALL margaritas there are kickass
3. Cosmetics and skin cares in VERY pretty packaging (especially the new Jap and Korean brands which are taking over the Malaysian scene)
4. Salmon sashimi
5. Puppies (not to eat) (no, really)
6. Stationery or art supply shops. BIG ones.
7. Lobster sashimi too, okay okay.
8. Freezing cold beer in a frozen chilled mug on a hot sweaty humid day.

Erm. When I think of more, I'll update it.

What's yours?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Somebody's 26 Oledi...

Sorry couldn't put this up earlier. No PC at home and I don't work weekends anymore.....

Happy Belated Birthday Suanie!!! You are great!


Many happy returns of the week! :)


(I wanted to post a comment on your blog.. but there were ngam ngam 26 comments, didn't want to spoil the pretty number, hehe)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Answering The Question.

It's that point of time where every blogger in their blogging life would have to sit down and seriously ponder over the one question which affects life, the universe and everything.

Why do I blog?

On Fireangel.tblog
In 2004, when blogging was still fairly unheard of in this part of the planet, I blogged at fireangel.tblog. Back then I was anonymous, and pretty damn anal about keeping my anonymity. It was a place where I could rant without prejudice, pour out my personal thoughts without care, share with the cyberworld my personal life without worries. It was easy then. I was under the belief that hiding behind a pseudonym gave me this superpower to be just another faceless, nameless "today I ate cereal and hated the world" blogger.

Thanks to tblog I made friends. Got to realise that hey not everybody you meet online are psychokillers just waiting to rape and kill you and your pet. Thanks to blogging, I've met some pretty colourful personalities, met and forged awesome friendships.

Back then I had just about oh.. no readers? So everytime when there was ONE comment I'd go all batshit crazy insane ZOMG I HAVE A COMMENT?!?!? PEOPLE ACKNOWLEDGE MY EXISTANCE!!!??!??! But hits didn't really matter. It's just a personal online (hahaha spot the oxymoron) journal mar. But for some odd reason, it got little bit more popular after awhile. I blame this on my fellow blogging friends who linked to my blog. So what happens? Links = hits = exposure.

Exposure is a double edged sword. Sure if makes you feel good "ZOMG I HAVE LIKE 35 READERS I AM GREAT", BUT unfortunately this means that you are also more exposed to the masses - you're not so anonymous anymore. Random readers who read you might know you, but you do NOT know who they are, and what are their intentions.

People were beginning to discover who the mastermind behind fireangel.tblog was. My secret identity was no longer secret. Friends who knew me in real life were reading me. Friends of friends of friends in real life were reading me. People's parents reading me. Their dog... their dog's mother. All that's flattering. But people whom I didn't want reading my blog were reading me too. That, I didn't like.

I didn't like that I had to censor and control myself. I mean, I was already doing that in real life, if I was going to do this on my not-so-anonymous blog then really, WHAT'S THE POINT OF GOING ON ANYMORE? Blogging was supposed to be an OUTLET for me! Not a fucking EXTENSION of my pathetic real life!

Must've blogged at tblog for over a year before the paranoia hit me and I felt like it was best for me to KILL IT. And kill it I did. For good I thought it was. I thought I've had it with blogging. But I was so wrong - because I'm just this ANGRY person, I really needed a place to rant. To unwind. To let it all out. What I really felt. Or thought. It was barely a couple of months before... OH HERRO fuckstress.blogspot

On Fuckstress.blogspot
Fucktress.blogspot would be the spawn of fireangel.tblog. I thought I was being clever yeah. Changed the name. Changed hosting. told nobody except close blogging friends who knew my real identity. All was dandy and sunflowers and I blogged status quo. Ranted. Raved. It was personal and honest again. No holds barred. No worries. I was anonymous again yeay! I could write any damn thing I want and everybody (save the few of them) would be none the wiser!

Then came the PPS first anniversary party..... sigh. The camwhore in me came out and there were pictures of me everywhere and once again my anonymity was gradually compromised. Friends found my blog. Friends of friends of friends found my blog. People's parents. Their dog.... their dog's mothers....whoah! Dejavu!

I was careless. I forgot that I had wanted to remain anonymous.

The hits came lah. Hundreds of them. Pretty good I thought, for a blog with the language command of a feral animal and with the grossly lacking (zero) of "camwhoring i am so kawaii" photos.

I was flattered and at the same time, gradually becoming more paranoid AGAIN - with good reason too. I found out that people I didn't want reading my blog whom I knew in real life were lurking around my blog (AGAIN) - AND reacting to my posts. Who knows what the hell were they trying to do, or achieve.

So after 2 years, fuckstress.blogspot had to DIE!11111111one.... but not just before the birth of

I intended for to be UNLIKE my other 2 blogs. I realised that for some odd reason, if you blog long enough, traffic will come. Hey it happened on both of the other blogs, didn't it? Plain looking blogs with nothing but random words splattered around. And still the people came. WHAT FOOLS!!!!!! AHAAHAHAHAHHAHA! koff

So I made up my mind NOT to be anonymous with this one, and because I won't be anonymous, I would put up this shameless, drunkard, camwhoring, shallow persona (The real me is all that and more!) who writes mostly about frivolous things like drinking, baby eating and other like fun things. I would cut down on raw, thoughtful personal writings (aka rants & raves). I wouldn't write about my real life openly or in detail for all to read and judge. I gave into shameless camwhoring and with open arms because THIS IS MY TRUE CALLING!!!111one

And BECAUSE of my shameless pictures everywhere, people recognise me. Once in a blue moon along the street, makan places, at the gym, while partying, random people have been known to come up to me and asked if I was Fireangel or FA and then pelt me with rotten brinjals for all the trauma and sleepless nights this blog have caused them, or something like that. Hell, I even get that at work, which is very unnerving - because it kinds of kills some of my professionalism edge. (In my ex-job, my managers found out about my blog via that awful malaymail article. They'll even ask "WHY NO UPDATE?" -_-) But that's the price I pay for my stubborn idiocy of keeping a shameless blog, and it's a price I'm still willing to pay, for now.

(folks, please, I implore you, if you ever see me at work or with my colleagues at lunch time or whatever do not, I repeat please do NOT yell out shit like ZOMG YOU ARE FA OR FIREANGELISM.COM I KNOW YOUR WEBSITE because I swear to you, me and my team of elite kitten-eating-ninjas will NEVER rest until we find you, your family and your dog and when I am done with you bygod you'll wish that durians and watermelons never existed)

It still scares me, when I wonder who might be reading my website, and what people might think of me, what they might do with all these information and fugly shameless pictures on my website. Then I down a glass of long island ice tea, which kills that little naggy voice in my head. I'll remind myself that I will NOT give 2 fucks what random people think of me because hey, in this infinite black space we call the universe, strangers are nothing but insignificant specks of dust to me, and dust does not bother me. Unless you go up my nose and irritate my sinuses where I'll have to blow you out with furious anger into a tissue and throw you into the trashcan where you shall await your doomed future of forever lying in wasteland of stinky garbage where you will then finally disintegrate into nothingness. But all that being said, you, my dear reader, are important to the existence of this blog. It's just what you think of me I don't care about. :)

One thing I don't understand is how readers overestimate my hits. In the prime of there were only 700 unique hits daily.. sometimes there's the kennysia effect and the hits go up to 2k a day (thanks to trolls). But now hits have dropped to about 400, thanks to my lack of updates and shameless self portraits. So if anybody told you I get THOUSANDS OF hits, they are LYING or must've somehow mistaken me for Kennysia, and I shall be insulted, because, even though I'm not the hottest chick in town, I AM DEFINITELY CUTER THAN KENNY, and I shall be VERY, VERY ANGRY and bygod I swear to you, me and my team of elite kitten-eating-ninjas will NEVER rest until we find you ... etcetcetc.

Well, I don't mind too much how measly my hits are. Because first and foremost, I don't REALLY blog for hits.

So, why do I blog?

Well, in spite of the bad experience, the dropping hits, the lack of time and energy, the not being able to update it frequently, the trolls, the stupid pr0n spams, the people who secretly fantasise about killing me to ENDITALL - I like it. And I will keep doing it just because it's fun, and that's what we all need more of - fun. I believe that this blog, Mr. Stan Lee, is how I'm going to use my mutant power of being frightening PLAIN, to make a difference, for you and for me and the entire human race. There are people dying, so if we care enough for the living, we'll make it a better place, for you and for me. You and for me. You and for me.


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Royal Selangor Autumn Launch Party

(all pictures brought to you by Suanie, because she is great)

It's great to have friends like Suanie.

Everybody knows her + she gets invited for parties + I am her friend + I get to tag along too (sometimes) = YEAY FOR ME!

It's been awhile since I've been for anything happening. Was starting to wonder if Suanie still liked me or not, hehe kidding only lah. I was the one being a bigbitch by turning down all her other invites because I didn't have anymore time for a life, THANKS TO MY (not so) new JOB.

So Royal Selangor Pewter just recently held a launch at their crib. I thought it was going to be like one of those corporatey stiff boring ass events attended by really old stiff boring people but oh how wrong was I and how glad I was to be wrong! It was a pretty awesome party! There was some crazy turkey theme going on, psychedelic light displays, belly-dancing, awesome food, henna tattoo people doing free henna tattoos, a factory visit, a quick pewter banging class.... and best of all, wait for it.......... FREE FLOW OF ALCOHOL!!! It's like MANNA FROM HEAVEN!!!!!!!

satisfied with their fill of food and drink, the mob decides to camwhore.

Bombay Sapphire (BS) was their main alcohol sponsor that night. I am no big fan of BS. By itself, or when mixed with any soft drink it tastes like what a mixture of pure paint thinner with a tinge of HELL might taste like. I hate it. But that night, I discovered that when mixed with cranberry juice and 7-up (that's what I thought the bartender told me): it tastes almost exactly like ice lemon tea. It was so mindblowingly NORMAL tasting I had about... oh... a LOT. So awesome it was I am now compelled to try this mixture at home! I know a certain somebody with an almost full bottle of BS in his room, cough.

Me, doing my thang in front of their Selberan showroom

The very nice people gave us a quick tour of their factory, and showed us how they made their products. It was an educational, eye-opening experience. Come, I share with you some of the stuff I learnt.

1. Most of their factory employees were women. They explained that in their experience, women in general tend to be more patient and have gentler hands than men.

2. A lot of Royal Selangor's products are made BY HAND. There was a lady who was making over a thousand uniformed dents all over a finished pewter mug with only a HAMMER. Sounds crazy? Believe it!

3. Do you know what pewters are made of? About 98% of tin mixed with a small proportion of copper and antimony added to strengthen it.

4. And here's something to be proud of, Royal Selangor Pewter (which is a 100% made in Malaysia baby) (which also owns Selberan and Comyn) is reputed to be one of the largest pewter factory in the WORLD! BOLEH!

Because it was an event night, guests were also allowed to register for a RM50 pewter knocking class for what a oh what an amazing price of ZERO BUCKS!!! YEAY! THE PERKS! THE PERKS! I LOVE PERKS! So they provide us with a flat sheet of pewter, and then commanded us to go forth and knock it up into a bowl.

This is some serious fun, man

Bernie Chan was there with her friends. I really don't need to describe how tall she is:

I am petite. And Kiut. Petite and kiut. Petite and kiut.

Obviously we get to take home our bowls (with our initials on it woot!). We even get to swipe home the apron! YEAY!


I did quickly mention that there was a couple of ladies who'd Henna tatoo you for free, yeah? Being the typical I-can't-resist-abusing-free-stuff Malaysian, I got both my hands tattooed. FOR FREE.


Kim did it too!


And so did Suanie!


And we all went home happy!

In conclusion:
The people at Royal Selangor Pewter sure know how to throw a mean party!!! Please invite us for more happening stuff! Which has lots of alcohol! Thank you!

Suanie was there!
So was Kim!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Reason for Lack of Camwhoring Photos.

Camera died already mah. No money to buy new one. Have to collect more money from.. er..... ads lah.

So basically - Want ugly mugshots of a semihuman (ie, ME!!!) to satisfy your fetishes? CLICK ON MY ADS LAH!

P/s: Psst. Are you from Canon / own(ed) a Canon Powershot / knows somebody who works at Canon? Can somebody explain to me, why instead of pictures, my 2-3 year old Powershot A85 only produces static lines now? Is this unusual? Or one of those completely normal things which I don't know about where users just accept that it WILL fuck up after AFTER the warranty expires and are expected to buy a new one like any other electronic gadgets these days? What am I supposed to do now? I am noob. Kindly advice kthx.