Monday, September 24, 2007

Somebody's 26 Oledi...

Sorry couldn't put this up earlier. No PC at home and I don't work weekends anymore.....

Happy Belated Birthday Suanie!!! You are great!


Many happy returns of the week! :)


(I wanted to post a comment on your blog.. but there were ngam ngam 26 comments, didn't want to spoil the pretty number, hehe)


  1. Short & sweet usual :)
    Wat happened to your home PC?? Wat happened to working weekends anymore??

  2. FA, your ping back already made it 27 comments la....

  3. why your eyes alwiz open so big big la... still sweet looking but i can do a better job in the photography thing...

  4. Hippo Bathday to ol' Suanie! :-)

    [Sung to Al Jolson's Swannee]
    Suanie - Happy Birthday, Happy Birtday
    My dear old Suanie.
    I'd give the world to be among the folks in M-A-L-A-Y-sia though rambutans are calling for me,
    to be eaten by me down near old Suanie.
    The folks in Perth will see me no more when I get to old Suanie's door.

  5. picture looks a bit.. disturbing

  6. When was this picture taken ? FA, you looks like a young little teenage girl.

  7. I've seen all your poses...and this has to be the most poser of all your looks, from the way your hair falls even ly around the shoulders, to your raised eyebrows, to your arched smile that leads to beaming cheeks.......sigh. Looking good, always looking good.

  8. Well done Dabido. Very well done.


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