Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Warlords


ZOMG! ANDY! JET LI! TAKESHI! HOW TO PASS? CANNOT PASS! DEFINITELY NO PASSING THE YEAR WITHOUT WATCHING THIS MOVIE! I'm already giving it 3 stars (out of five) just based on the cast-list alone (Andy! Jet Li! Takeshi! ZOMG!). Actually, the pessimist in me said "All-star cast, bound to fuck up. Look at all the other Hollywood movies.".. but the optimist retorted with a "THIS IS NOT A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE LAH IDIOT". The optimist was right! It was good! IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD that Good isn't nearly enough to describe just how GOOD it was! Pay NO attention to the bullshit synopsis you read off Wikipedia's or GSC's website because it is ABSOLUTE BOLLOCKS. This is a fucking bloodthirsty WAR MOVIE which could FUCK YOU UP, and definitely NOT another stupid arty crouching Ang Lee tiger flying dagger hero gay romance disguised as a lame kung fu movie. Okay la, got elements of romance but it only takes up about 0.01% of airtime. Flying body parts! Lots of blood! BLOODY! CHOP! STAB! KICK! SHOOT! KILL KILL KILL! KILLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!! How the hell was this rated a "U"? Wah got emo part also. Wah shit - disturbing lah. Tokkok. Politic-ing. Scheming. Okay, timecheck. WOAH the soundtrack and the cinematography was so fantastic it could make a grown man so overwhelmed with complicated emotions, he breaks down crying. So. Damn. EPIC!!! Bold for emphasis, just in case you didn't get how EPIC!!! it was. Andy Lau really gets better with age. Jet Li got chubby but homeboy can still kick your ass and your mother's! Takeshi was a little too clean cut boyish good looking to fit - but I am So. NOT. Complaining. Unfortunately, the girl wasn't pretty at all - but WHO CARES SHE IS NOT IMPORTANT.

Disturbing, a teeny tiny bit draggy (Chinese serious movies tend to feel like that, IMHO), but great. A must watch.

Start the year with a good war movie. End the year with another good one. YEAY!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Am Legend


I didn't read the book. So I didn't have the faintest clue what to expect from it. All I had was the trailer and it told me that Will Smith was the last man on earth, which faintly smells like "Castaway" IMHO. Yeah I know he isn't alone - he had a dog. Besides, how bad can a movie be with Will Smith AND a German Shepard in it? I love Will Smith. He rocks. I don't like ALL the movies he's been at, been in every movie he was in, he was good. Wah Luckily somebody spoiled the movie for me already so I was already expecting the er, unexpected. Can't go into details what it is but trust me, the first thought that may go through your mind AND your mouth out loud is "WHAT THE FUCK!!!?!?!?!?!" EH! Why is there a poster with the Superman & Batman logo merged together? WAH easter egg! For me, the pace of the movie a bit off. Beginning felt VERY LONG. Middle still felt like the beginning. Then when the end came... eh? Sudah habis cerita? Potong stim lah, all the slow ass build up towards it and THAT'S IT? SO SIMPLE? NO. SERIOUSLY. SOMETHING IS GONNA HAPPEN AFTER THIS RIGHT? WHAT??? THE CREDITS ARE ROLLING ALREADY? Mahai. Fucking anti-climax only. But watch it anyway because like very good wine, Mr Smith just gets better with age. And still bloody hot too.

AND I still have yet the watch Enchanted. :(

Tempted to catch The Golden Compass (I didn't read the book, so should be okay right, Eyeris?)

National Treasure 2? I dunno.. 1 wasn't that great, and pretty much forgettable.

I want to watch Warlords also. JET LI! TAKESHI! ANDY LAU! And have I mentioned, TAKESHI? TAKESHI! _drool_

OMG THE DARK KNIGHT! Actually the Joker is getting so much attention now it's more like THE JOKER. Poor Batman playing bridesmaid in his own movie. But that's only because Christian Bale has nothing to prove - except maybe how he'll manage to look as tall as, or taller than Heath Ledger, kekeke.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Have A Couple of Questions For All You Car Enthusiasts.

1. Why does the damn Myvi 1.3 auto guzzle so much petrol? I spend like 50 bucks in LESS than a week basically just driving back and forth work... and making pit stops at surrounding mega malls for a bite or kaikai.

2. Is there a way to make the car guzzle LESS petrol? I heard something about changing the air filter? That true? Any others?

I need specifics. Am a complete noob with car-ry jargons and lingos.

Thank you!

P/s: Yes, am guilty of speeding. The myvi IS knows to be draggy when changing gears, right? So stepping on it won't make it any better yeah?

Monday, December 10, 2007

My Chemical Romance Concert

I WAS THERE! (whoo hoo!)



AND THE RAIN! (bloody nonstop rain.)



AND THE PIANIST IS AWESOME. (even when I was half deaf)


IT WAS QUITE AWESOME! (but not the Qing up and waiting for 45 minutes before they fucking showed up on stage)



(Damn, my body aches. Getting too old for this shit)

Thanks Eyeris! You rock my socks!!!! Remember yeah! I'm booking tickets for The Dark Knight next year!!!!!!!! :)

Don't Do This.

I was at the club last Friday celebrating a friend's last few days of freedom as a bachelor (hahahaha).

So I though, let's experiment. I'll refrain from indulging myself - because I got flat out wasted the weekend before and the trauma was still too fresh in my mind. I'll stay sober, I thoughtl Might be fun to see what's THAT like.

When I first started out clubbing (I was what? 23?), I barely drank. It was like ALL dancing, and ALL coke. Whiskey and vodka tasted like shit to me. I got high on oxygen and the fumes of drunken people around me.

Then I started drinking bit by bit. One sip there. One chug here. In time, I became like everybody else - I'm drinking as much as if not more than I dance. One step further, I'm getting drunk. Another level up, I'm puking once I reach home. Another, I'm puking in the toilet of the club. Finally - I drink till I pass out at random places.

Every time I do that, the whole passing out thing, remorse inevitably follows. And I'm thinking to myself "Mygod I'm 27 can't even hold my drinks WTF happened last night anyway shit I shouldn't do this anymore ohmygod this is bad the ground is moving argh my stomach hurts no more this is the last time". Before I know it I'm back in the club, chugging at everything that's stuffed at my face faster than you can say "mahatma ghandi".

So that night I drank minimum, and by the end of the night I'm only drinking Coke. I realise that I see and feel things so differently when I'm not imbibed, it made me wonder omg, just how much does drinking contributes to the amount of fun once has? Everybody around me is drinking, laughing, making friends with strangers, drinking some more, breaking glasses, spilling drinks, drinking some more, talking inaudibly, smiling, flirting, dancing like a brazen whore, hooking up - all those drunk happy faces! My god!

And there I was, sitting down, watching everybody, sober as mahatma ghandi - feeling downright BORED, bitching in my head about the bloody overplayed songs (UMBRELLA? FUCK YOU MR DJ), about the smoke getting into my eyes, smoke suffocating me, the damn whiskey being so bitter, and what is it so fucking dark? wtf people puking everywhere, watching other people "trying" to dance and wondering if I looked like THAT when I'm drunkdancing, and if I did then maybe I should NEVER drink again, and omg the toilet is so fucking disgusting wtf are they doing puking on the walls, oh god no more whiskey for me that shit's disgusting, please don't make me dance the songs suck, no no don't touch me like that - I don't know you that well omg stay away please.

Needless to say, I didn't quite enjoyed myself as much as I would've liked.

Being sober at a party sucks.

I'm NEVER doing this again.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My Mini Reviews.

Copying Eyeris's style of not a review review, but not quite. My review's format is going to be more like "spit everything out from my head right at the moment I'm typing it" sort. Short and sweet posts are good right? Yes, and so are updates.

I have read the book and I kinda liked it. I have watched the movie and I liked it even MORE than the book! Movie was not exactly like the book, but it is so damn adorable you'll leave the theatre (only after the movie of course) with a goofy smile on your face and a warm feeling in your tummy. The cast was right, the scenes were right, the lines were right, the storytelling was right. The lead guy was damn lovable in a puppy-eyed sort of way. I did feel that somebody a bit more ethereal than Claire Danes should take her role, but I can't think of any names. Definitely NOT Kirsten Dunst, though. And Cate Blanchett's too old. Somebody younger. Easily one of my favourite movie of the year (tied top spot with 300!). It didn't try too hard to tell you a story, it just TOLD you the story - something which a lot of movies these days try too hard to do but just can't seem to get it right. Stardust got it just right.

Lead character looks cool until he starts to speak. The way he lifelessly stares into the screen, right at me, as he swiftly disembowels yet another victim just makes me want to take him home and.... I can't freaking believe he was that floppy wristed disjointed hipped gay bad guy from Die Hard 4.0. Until he opens his yap, then try as hard as I can I just could NOT forget that he IS that floppy wristed disjointed hipped gay bad guy from Die Hard 4.0, which totally loses that bad-boy-sex-appeal. The girl is kind of goth hot but is totally pointless and is only there to spice it up with some sex, which we can see NONE of. Nobody can act for shit.The script murders IQ. The plot was... WHAT PLOT? Save money, play the damn game. Don't bother watching it.

I'm not even going to catch Beowulf - because watching fake Angelina Jolie on screen just doesn't it do it for me. But I might try to catch the Enchanted - because somebody told me that *I* would like it. Apparently this somebody reads my blog and KNOW that I'm an ANGRY, BITTER baby eating machine and YET this person thinks I might like it. If he is wrong, his first newborn I shall consume. You know who you are, so be afraid, because I KNOW where you live. Muahahahahaha!