Thursday, March 30, 2006

Meanwhile, a Music Meme.

I find that the amount of hate I have for a certain thing is directly proportionate to the amount of times I will come across it. This is the second meme I've done in less than 2 months. That's 2 too many, hoes.

May something heavy fall on your toes, Cheneille.

Am interchanging album and songs. Am typing down the first title that comes to mind. Am not caring.


(Side note: I think I've almost perfected the Internet-diesease art! Geli sial. Damn buey tahan!! )

One song....... from your early childhood.
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, OST Walt Disney's Cinderalla. Remembered singing a lot of this in kindergarten. Ringrose Kindergarten.

One song....... you are associating with your first big love.
Heaven - Nu Flavour.

One song....... which reminds you of one of your holidays.
All I want for Christmas sang by the kid in Love Actually gets me into the mood FOR a holiday. Otherwise any oldschool CNY songs reminds me of Chinese New Year back in the kampung.


One song....... you like, but you have problems confessing to.
If you have issues with me liking my music, then it's your problem. Not mine. I don't have any problems with the music I like.

One song........ which accompanied you, while you were love sick.
For one week I was love sick over Wang Lee Hom. It was the same week when about 7 of us had to rough it out in the cramp meeting room for a week while the department was being renovated. I overplayed his mandarin duet with this lady and the other song with him wearing a tight-looking plain orange tshirt. Terus melt. Love sick giler.

One song....... you listen most often to in your life.
I had a few phases. The last album I was absolutely obsessed over was Moulin Rouge's OST. MY GIFT IS MY SONGGGGGG!!!! And this one's for you..... and you call tell everybody!! That this is your song. Ewan rocks. I can't believe he was that druggy hippy from Trainspotting, which rocked too.


One song....... which is your most favored instrumental.
Kojiki by Kitaro. I was ... 10. The cassette now has molds on it I think. Condemned to the max. I should buy me a new CD... for nostalgic reasons.

One song....... which represents one of your most favored bands. Scream-singing to Limp Bizkit's Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water helped me get through some really bad times, which totally sidesteps the question.. but whatever.

One song...... in which you recognize yourself or through which you somehow feel understood.
I don't want you back - Eamon. A simple, straight to the point Fuck you. Enough with the long winded you broke my heart how could you I gave you everything I loved you I never saw it coming I feel so sad songs, bitches.

That, and Numb - Linkin Park. Hey, I had some pretty tough years okay.


One song...... which reminds you of a certain occasion.
What occasion? Can you be like, more specific?

One song...... you like which belongs to the Hip Hop/Rap genre.
When I'm Gone - Eminem. Hahah fucker is like, mellowing already. His older angry raps are nice also. You can tell I like angry songs can't you?

One song....... which is the best for you to relax.
Yanni Live in Acropolis. Beautiful.

One song....... which symbolizes a great time in your life.
I'll be there for you - Rembrandts.


One song....... which is your favorite song at the moment.
No favourites atm. But I am furiosly listening to Tiesto these days. Muahahah.

One song....... which you would dedicate to your best friend.
Friends. Apa ni best friend best friend? What you think we're still in primary school is it? Insane In the Membrane - Cypress Hill.

One song....... where you have got the feeling that no one besides you likes it.
Walt Disney Cartoons OST.... even non-Disney cartoons like Anastasia have some pretty good songs in it. I'll also like to add that I have a soft spot for chinese nursery rhymes. They are just so catchy. :)

One song....... you like because of its lyrics.
I hardly ever listen to music BECAUSE of their lyrics. I'm more of a "I like the song because it sounds good" person.



Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Seriously, now.

Why in god's and the devil's name am I being compared to some random SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD CHICK?!?!?!

Are you trying to pressure me into making a lame dance video or something to compete for the "I am act kiut AND can dance too" title? Shit.

Can't you see how fucking busy I am? I cannot berieve that I actuarry have a brogger standing there terring me that some random chick is giving me run for my money as if I'm supposed to compete with her or something! I am like, twenty bloody six years old this year with a REAL day job okay. Herro?!

Why is everybody comparing me with every young and hot act-kiut chick out there in the first place ANYWAY?


*pushes down kid on a sidewalk in the middle of the busy KL street*

*kicks puppies*

*eats flowers*


*throws spears at rainbow*



Do you REALLY think I'll bow down to pressure just like that? HUH?




Okay okay. All right. I'll think about it.

Monday, March 27, 2006

M! The Opera - A Review by a Noob.

You know how sometimes you've been assigned to a certain project and you loved it so much you've made it personal, like its YOUR baby. Your own. Your precious. You're so passionate about it that you practically dream it. Eat it. Shit it. Breathe it. So focused on it that you don't even realised that you've gone off tangent and fucked up utterly until someone came up to you, took one look at it and go "You've utterly fucked it up, mate".

This was one of the plays where you just know that everybody who participated in it has put in crazy amounts of effort, sweat and passion in it because they believed that this was going to be their greatest project ever.

This was M! The Opera.

The cast.

The storyline's simple enough. It's about a fashion designer named M, his muse, Sepi and his rival - Kerabat. You can guess what the story is or read it up on their website lah.

Well. I'm going to rattle on the good bits of the opera.

The set.
The clothes were very pretty. Very couture. Straight out of the catwalk. The set was simple and artistic. But a little too dark for my liking. My favourite part was the wedding scene, with the Gigantic kembojas and all. I want it. Where can I buy them?

The cast.
George Chan (Kerabat) stole the show, and he wasn't even the lead actor. What? You mean you thought he was the lead? What? You don't even know who the lead is? HAhaha.

Paula Malai Ali was hot. And a natural. Word is that she had only rehearsed for a month.

Doreen Tang as Sepi was really sweet and she could sing up a storm! Maizurah Hamzah as Kak Ros was great too!

The 2 kids were excellent and ever so adorable. The little girl had the sweetest voice ever!

The highlights of the evening.
Excellent seats. Drinks afterwards.

Got lengchai or not?

The end.

Actually, since it's all sold out for the next 7 days I should be honest about it because whatever I say won't even affect ticket sales anyway.

So. Let's actually TALK about the opera.

It was EXCELLENT play...

... if it was meant to be messy and chaotic.

Individually they were all great. The cast gave it their all. They sang their heart out. Danced their limbs out. Acted like they never acted before. They were, to put it simply, awesome!

But when you put the set together and evaluate the play as a complete whole, it was utter chaos. As if a tornado came and swept everything up into its own little vortex of terror. As if the Japanese came to rape our women, burn our villages, destroyed our paddy farms and killed our animals during the world war.

I see what the producers were trying to do here. They tried to emulate the madness and drama that was of Moulin Rouge (the movie) and injected into it, a cocktail of local flavours. See, I absolutely loved the loudness and mishmash of Moulin Rouge so much, that I've watched it a zillion times and memorised all their songs... but unfortunately, the formula didn't quite work out for M!. Then again, I could be COMPLETELY wrong about what they were trying to do and thus, making this paragraph completely redundant. Moving on.

The lead actor..... well.. he.. wasn't really taking any leads. He was as charismatic as a candle holder. George Chan totally pwns him yo!

I stole a sunflower. Muahaha.

What went through my head that night:
WHAT THE FUCK WAS ALL THAT NOISE... oh... it's started, that was the opening. Okay. I'll keep an open mind. It's an opera. It's meant to be BIG and LOUD. This is going to be pretty interesting. Wow, that felt like an hour.... when's the intermission.... WHAT?!?! THEY'VE ONLY STARTED TEN MINUTES AGO? god. Must feel some pain. Sharp. Give me something sharp. Oh! A wooden board in front. Can bang head on. ANything. Must stay awake.... please. oh my god. Why they speaking in Japanese? I no comprehending. The subtitle board not working, AGAIN! WTF?!?!? Another 486673 minutes are you KIDDING ME? Why are they running around looking like their lost? Ooh.... that looks pointy and painful. Please just let it end now kill me I don't care why don't they bloody sell any booze here oh my god. Where's the booze. What are they screaming about AGAIN. Why are they always SCREAMING OHMYGOD MAKE THEM STOP. Oh my head. Woah. The dancing. Very expressive. Very uh, modern. And angry. I wonder if I can eat my own head. Booze. Give. Me. Now. ohmygod ohmygod ohmygodohmygod.

The whole ROW behind us which was full at first, but was completed empty after the intermission. It was the same in other areas too. We wanted to leave too... but you know.. it's bad form and totally disrespectful.

With all the amount of energy and talent the cast had, the over-ambitious direction and execution of this musical/play/opera/chaos fucked up what could've been a GREAT show.

It could've been SO MUCH better. If only they had more time to rehearse together. If only it was more polished. If only they didn't try to fill up the stage with so many people doing so many different things at once. If only they sold some hardcore alcohol in the premises. If only I hadn't gone there straight from work, gone home for a nice cool shower and a fresh change first. If only if only if only.

OMG. I was there!

Well, did I mention that Paula Malai Ali was in it?! Well, it's worth mentioning twice! She's hot! So damn talented! Hah. And to think a talentess potato like me could EVER have a shot at being a VJ. Already I am 50 kgs too heavy-looking. Bye bye childhood dream.

And hey! It's a sold out play! For the next 7 days!

So you know... I can't exactly tell you to watch it even if I wanted to. :)

I still must applaud the tremendous effort put in by the cast! Can't wait to see more local productions of this scale in the future!

Other better, more eloquent reviews:
@ Suanie's
@ Dua Sen's
@ Lainie's

Special thanks to Janet for the invites! I kept a look out for you throughout the whole play... and you know what? You did a great job!

I want to act in a play too. Really. It looks like so much fun! Everybody's enjoying themselves singing.. dancing... fake drinking.... it's so fun! Where can I sign up?


Monday, March 20, 2006


Video quality a bit shit because I COULDN'T STOP MOVING. FOR ALMOST FOUR HOURS.









But that's just me.

/start personal vendetta

Notice a very distinct jerk in video? Some random ASSHOLE SLAPPED MY ASS while I had both my hands UP recording the opening and I had turned around to see who the FUCK it was. Wasn't able to find the culprit of course. So this little message if for you, you shit eating kangaroo raping asshole.

I.A curse on you, your whole family, your ancestors, your future families and the entire generation of your clan to NEVER have a second's worth of happiness EVER.
II.May ALL your children and children's children be born RETARDED AND UGLY. AND.
III.Die horrible painful deaths, rot slowly and SUFFER in the deepest hottest most painful fiery pits of Hell FOREVER.

After that happened, I was constantly on the edge and in a pissed-off mode like IF ANYbODY TOUCHES ME ONE MORE TIME I'LL FUCKING PUNCH YOUR FACE IN, YOU FUCKING CREEP. But of course nobody cared and more of that (inappropriate touching) happened ANYway, just because THEY KNOW THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT. ARGH!!@()#&*()!@# MUSTKILLALLFUCKWITS.

/end personal vendetta

Apart from that it was the best night out. Ever. Ever. EVER. Times infinityplusone. EVAR.

More pictures stolen with permission from Suanie, Fox & ST.

The mad beats of their drum beats drives me mad.

Derb and the Drum Connection was one of the openings acts and they ABSOLUTELY pwned. I want to download them buy their music.

In his halo of psychadelic lights.

When he eventually showed up, 35 minutes LATE, everybody LOST THEIR HEAD AND WENT COMPLETELY MAD COW DISEASE INSANE.

Suan was like the most serene doped lamb like she was in heaven. I on the other hand, kept on dancing. Fuck you assholes sitting on the right too doped from the ecs. Fuck you assholes walking back and forth and cutting into my personal dance space. Fuck you assholes sitting on the left and TALKING. Fuck you. Fuck them. Fuck everybody. Fuck all. I'm dancing and if I step on you, I DON'T care.

tiesto collage

The visual effects, laserworks, fireworks and the lighting effects beat any fengtau pills/shitty beer you losers drink to get yourselves high ever. Hah.

OMGF. People are actually DANCING.

The crowd getting wild in some major Tiesto goodness.

It's the sian-nest thing to see people NOT dancing at a rave. Seriously people, put some effort in this. It's a RAVE, not some 18th century English tea party where you sit around and make stiff polite conversation about the WEATHER. Tap that feet for fuck's sake.... AT LEAST. Gah.

Tiesto Party - Suanie, FA, Janice1
Suanie, sumposer, Janice.

I heart them.

Stolen from ST.

Like a reputable shameless camwhore that I am, I must end this post with a super-duper-fake-kawaii-ne-tryhard-pose. So sue me.

Other related posts can be found at Suanie's, ST's, KY's and Paul's

THE END!!!!!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

For Le Freaking Suan (tm).

The School Meme.


How many schools did I go to?
3. 1 primary coed school. 2 all-girl secondary schools. Guess lah.

I have very few memories of my primary school. Barely any memories of my first secondary school. And the fun started in the last.


Was I the studious nerd, or the last minute hero?
The intention was always to be the studios nerd... and then procrastination seduces me put away my studying to play computer games or watch cartoons on tv (sorry ma!). But for the ALL-IMPORTANT-BIG-GOVERNMENT-EXAMS like PMR and SPM I got a bit more serious. Really.

Was I the class ‘taiko’ or the teacher’s pet?
Neither. I was always.... there. And loud.

What was the biggest rule I broke in school?
I've always been a pretty good student, no hardcore rule-breaking. Just very talkative and inattentive. Pretty much a boring nerd. That's why I'm making up for lost time now. *hIc*


Three subjects I enjoyed.

Biology - I liked learning how living organisms worked. If I wasn't born in this country, might have gone further with it. Oh, and I also enjoyed cutting up things. I remembered one time when we had to use our own blood to see check out the hemoglobins. I couldn't cut MYSELF so I got a friend to cut my finger. She did... and there was enough blood for the whole class. Bitch. Yes I'm talking about you, you high-flying bigshot of a lawyer down South! Think I've forgotten? I don't THINK so. :)

Modern Math - Next to Additional Math this was a piece of cake with lots of icing and rainbow sprinkles on top.

Accounts - A free "A" served in a gem encrusted silver platter subject. 3 hours for the SPM paper. Nearly the whole class finished the damn thing within 45 minutes or less.

I mean, seriously now, did we REALLY learn anything in school?


Three teachers that inspired me I will always remember.

Miss Winnie, primary school music teacher. She was the nicest, most patient, fun-nest teacher I ever had.

Miss Koh, Chemistry teacher. Very petite soft-spoken lady with a commanding Mother Teresa presence. Everytime she steps into the class everybody just shuts up and listens. I don't think we can ever forget her for REDRAWING our graphs/illustrations TO SCALE. WITH A RULER. She even corrected everyone's punctuations, spelling mistakes, underlining..... EVERYTHING. EVERY BOOK. EVERY PAGE. There were 49 (?) students in a class. Respect.

Miss Soh, Economics teacher, pre-u (oklay cheating a bit here this is college not school but so what?). She was my first and THE best Econs teacher ever. The best teachers make you love a subject. I loved Econs. Thank you.

And I'm tagging…
You know what? Fuck this. Just fuck it.

This shit is making me nostalgic.

So, a shout out to all my schoolmates, you know who you are,



Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Fill In the Variables.


The above is true when:

x= drinking & dancing
y= sleeping like a baby
z= updating a freakin' blog

Your turn.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Carnegie's - Always Glad You Came

You know you're too young to be lurking around here when my post title didn't get you humming to a certain 80s song. Go away.

Best library ever!

There are 5 Carnegie bars in the world - US, Taipei, Hong Kong, Perth and KL. The KL bar opened in late 2004 and is the most recent addition to the Carnegie family.

Like an art gallery. Only better.

The interior of Carnegie's reminded me a little of Hard Rock with pretty much the same concept - a bar, restaurant, loud music, lots and LOTS of framed pictures and posters on the walls and psychadelic (bad) lighting. Dark enough to make everybody look good. Great ambience for drinking and making merry with friends.

I know that my photo taking skills are teh noob. Farkoff.

Simon & Garfunkel.

Rocking live band. Great singing voices, except they were playing songs from Light & Easy FM, slow easy listening for the over 50s. Not too appealing to, well, kids like us. This was on a Thursday (vodka shots night), and it was pretty quiet during the later part of the night with only the old angmoh men left. Maybe because it was a Thursday. Maybe the music chased everybody away. Hee hee.

Ladies night is on every Wednesday and starts from 9pm onwards. First 4 drinks are free and subsequent drinks are 50% off and unlike Wednesday it is PACKED with young executives. The really, Really, REALLY nice owner of the bar personally goes around distributing the drink coupons to the ladies... a bit hamsap also if you think about it... 'cause he gets to check out ALL the chicks in his establishment too. Heh. Gotcha!

.... and the whole of Sunday is Happy Hour. This makes Carnegie's = Church of alcoholism and all things alcoholic. Henceforth, we shall congregate at this holy venue and baptise ourselves in the sweet nectar of the heaven's on this sacred day of days. *hic*

A view of the DJ console.

Word of advice - NEVER go there on an empty stomach. EVER. I don't know which zoo the REALLY NICE owner picked up these servers from but they have a memory of a dying goldifsh and reflexes of a 100 year old tortoise. Sometimes they forget your orders. And sometimes it take an average of 30 minutes for orders to come. Service is serious absolute CRAP. I mean they are really nice and apologetic about fucking up and stuff, but if you're going to consistently FUCK IT UP then you're not REALLY sorry are you?!?! ARgh! Thinking about how SHITTY the service is makes me want to stab their eyeballs out with a fork.

Cocktails can get a bit weak too which is excellent for wussy drinkers, but I like mine a LITTLE BIT stronger thanks.

Oh, mind the steps to the toilet. It's one flight of stairs DOWN, with big spaces in between like a makeshift fire exit. A feat which can be a little tricky when you're a little tipsy.

Did I mention that the owner's really nice? A very pleasant jovial caucasian man with his really pretty wife. He's there all the time. Man, it's great to be the wife of a bar owner. No wait, it's GREAT to BE the owner of a bar! DRINKS EVERY NIGHT FOR FREE! Well, sorta, I mean you did pay for them as part of your stock didn't you? Shucks.

Chicks dance for free.

On Wednesdays they have a couple of chicks wearing tight white tees and shorts so tight it contricted MY breathing shaking their booty like Beyonce ON THE BAR. The owner asked me if I wanted to join them. I'm all like.. ernothanksbye.

I wonder how much they get paid...

Just chug it.

That's a PINT of Hoegaarden. DRAUGHT. Muahahaha! Carnegie's, I think, is the ONLY PLACE in Malaysia which serves DRAUGHT HOEGAARDEN. That's FIVE GOLD STARS for this place. Sucky servers? Whah? Who? *hiC*


Just look at it! The fucking pint glass is almost as big as my HEAD I could almost DROWN in this shit!! WOOT!

Suan's blogged about this place. Not once but TWICE!. Freak.

Their website HERE. With better pictures, a location map, the menu and promotional ads.

We had fun! *HiC!*

Thursday, March 9, 2006

So, You Want To Be Kawaii Too?

Here is a self-explanatory picture guide on how one would execute the stereotypical OVERDONE OMFG IF YOU DO IT ONE MORE TIME AND ACTUALLY MEAN IT I SWEAR I WILL EAT YOUR DOG Japanese Kawaii 1,2 and 5 finger(s) poses.


The classic "1-finger" pose favoured by many Japanese school girls, overworked aging women desperately clinging on to their youths (ie, me), and faggoty gayboys who like it up their arses.

"2-fingers" poses are popular with fans of Bishojo and Bishonen animes (damn you Sailormoon).

The "5-fingers" posers are considered to be rebels and are shunted by its close relatives, the "1-finger" and "2-fingers" posers, because they had DARED to defy the NORM which is absolutely UNHEARD OF in the law-abiding homogenus Japanese society.

There you go. Now go forth and inflict it upon others as they have upon you.


Here's what I think of your fucking try-hard kawaii poses, bitches.


Monday, March 6, 2006


Ever woken up one morning wondering how life, the earth, the universe and EVERYTHING ELSE came to exist? Nothing can ever come out of nothing. So what did the first thing ever came out of?


There is no spoon.

Whatever. I hate Mondays.

Friday, March 3, 2006

Do It Harajuku Style.

Suan inspires me to do most ridiculous shit to myself.... which is a good thing for this site, I guess. Besides, there are just too many freaking "TAKE ME SERIOUSLY NOW OR I KILL YOUR DOG" blogs with their endless political, social and personal rants already, I mean, come ON!!

So, as a big FUCK YOU I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR WHINGINGS AND BITCHINGS ANYMORE SO SHUTTHEFUCKUP ALREADY AND GET A REAL JOB SUCKERS, here are a bunch of pictures dedicated to MEMEME, in various outrageous outfits and face colours, attempting to emulate the Harajuku street look on a ZERO budget.

Besides, it's not how fast you can empty your pockets for a piece of crazy clothing item. It's about the freedom of interpretation and expression! It's about the attitude and the blank vacuous expressions! It's about the shameless camwhoring!

Let's go go go!

Can you see the pink star on my right eye? It was meant to be a tribute to JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS, which was my favourite cartoon of ALL TIME EVER! Jem! Truly outrageous! Truly truly truly outrageous!

Rainbow coloured socks make me happy! But ridiculously high-heeled boots should be outlawed because THEY FUCK WITH YOUR KNEES!

Going for the rocker punk chick look, or not.

Wanted to look like Wednesday from the Addam's Family, but ended up looking more like a goth chipmunk in drag.

No animals were harmed and skinned alive for this shoot. Promise.

14aThose pompoms on my head belonged to my sis which she used for her kindergarten Sailormoon dance recital. Yeah, I know.

Pikachu! I choose you!

I love pink. Pink makes me happy. The eye shadow is >10 years old. That's SO Fear Factor.

Lame attempt at Gothic Lolita. Not enough lace and frills to make it Old English. Whatever. I want a black lacy brolly.

Sad attempt at some completely made-up Cosplay character. You know what I need? I need more boobs. Spilling out of the blouse. That's what I need. And yes. That's a sword. And it's retractable. And it's cool. And very mine. No, you can't have it, NYEH.


I used a tripod for this shoot. It was pretty tough doing the whole "looking at nobody" thing, SOBER.

Note to "Real life friends" who know I hardly ever wear skirts: Will you STOP LAUGHING NOW you goddamn freakin' carcass eating hyenas.

But that was SO FUN!!!! I have SO MUCH JUNK OMFG! Maybe I'll do it again some other time. BWAHahahhaha! YEAY!

Let's make this an open meme!!!

If you want to do the the Harajuku do too (haha), all you have to do is take pictures and post them up on your own blogs, then leave a comment and a link at the comment section so we can all go see it together-gether. After all, that's why you blog right? To give random strangers an avenue to jeer and ridicule at you? No? Okay go away now.


And that concludes today's edition of SILLY STUNTS! Ta!