Monday, March 13, 2006

Carnegie's - Always Glad You Came

You know you're too young to be lurking around here when my post title didn't get you humming to a certain 80s song. Go away.

Best library ever!

There are 5 Carnegie bars in the world - US, Taipei, Hong Kong, Perth and KL. The KL bar opened in late 2004 and is the most recent addition to the Carnegie family.

Like an art gallery. Only better.

The interior of Carnegie's reminded me a little of Hard Rock with pretty much the same concept - a bar, restaurant, loud music, lots and LOTS of framed pictures and posters on the walls and psychadelic (bad) lighting. Dark enough to make everybody look good. Great ambience for drinking and making merry with friends.

I know that my photo taking skills are teh noob. Farkoff.

Simon & Garfunkel.

Rocking live band. Great singing voices, except they were playing songs from Light & Easy FM, slow easy listening for the over 50s. Not too appealing to, well, kids like us. This was on a Thursday (vodka shots night), and it was pretty quiet during the later part of the night with only the old angmoh men left. Maybe because it was a Thursday. Maybe the music chased everybody away. Hee hee.

Ladies night is on every Wednesday and starts from 9pm onwards. First 4 drinks are free and subsequent drinks are 50% off and unlike Wednesday it is PACKED with young executives. The really, Really, REALLY nice owner of the bar personally goes around distributing the drink coupons to the ladies... a bit hamsap also if you think about it... 'cause he gets to check out ALL the chicks in his establishment too. Heh. Gotcha!

.... and the whole of Sunday is Happy Hour. This makes Carnegie's = Church of alcoholism and all things alcoholic. Henceforth, we shall congregate at this holy venue and baptise ourselves in the sweet nectar of the heaven's on this sacred day of days. *hic*

A view of the DJ console.

Word of advice - NEVER go there on an empty stomach. EVER. I don't know which zoo the REALLY NICE owner picked up these servers from but they have a memory of a dying goldifsh and reflexes of a 100 year old tortoise. Sometimes they forget your orders. And sometimes it take an average of 30 minutes for orders to come. Service is serious absolute CRAP. I mean they are really nice and apologetic about fucking up and stuff, but if you're going to consistently FUCK IT UP then you're not REALLY sorry are you?!?! ARgh! Thinking about how SHITTY the service is makes me want to stab their eyeballs out with a fork.

Cocktails can get a bit weak too which is excellent for wussy drinkers, but I like mine a LITTLE BIT stronger thanks.

Oh, mind the steps to the toilet. It's one flight of stairs DOWN, with big spaces in between like a makeshift fire exit. A feat which can be a little tricky when you're a little tipsy.

Did I mention that the owner's really nice? A very pleasant jovial caucasian man with his really pretty wife. He's there all the time. Man, it's great to be the wife of a bar owner. No wait, it's GREAT to BE the owner of a bar! DRINKS EVERY NIGHT FOR FREE! Well, sorta, I mean you did pay for them as part of your stock didn't you? Shucks.

Chicks dance for free.

On Wednesdays they have a couple of chicks wearing tight white tees and shorts so tight it contricted MY breathing shaking their booty like Beyonce ON THE BAR. The owner asked me if I wanted to join them. I'm all like.. ernothanksbye.

I wonder how much they get paid...

Just chug it.

That's a PINT of Hoegaarden. DRAUGHT. Muahahaha! Carnegie's, I think, is the ONLY PLACE in Malaysia which serves DRAUGHT HOEGAARDEN. That's FIVE GOLD STARS for this place. Sucky servers? Whah? Who? *hiC*


Just look at it! The fucking pint glass is almost as big as my HEAD I could almost DROWN in this shit!! WOOT!

Suan's blogged about this place. Not once but TWICE!. Freak.

Their website HERE. With better pictures, a location map, the menu and promotional ads.

We had fun! *HiC!*


  1. So, do you let men buy you a fifth and sixth drink on Wednesday nights?

    FA: Only if they insist.... :P

  2. FA,

    u should visit the one in s'pore...that one really REALLY rocks...evrything is better times 10 = the music, the chicks and the atmosphere...oh yeah, and the drinks...

    + its quite wild...

  3. didn't the one in spore closed down? lmao

  4. The odds of bagging yourself a boyfriend before you hit 30 with that spotty grey ragtop = +/- NIL

    The odds of bagging yourself a boyfriend after you hit 30 regardless of clothing choices = NIL

    Conclusion: Burn that spotty grey ragtop before you hit 30. Assuming you're still into men.

    FA: Great! I'm not into you THAT way either. :P

  5. I've been to the one in Taipei ... probably the best place to hang out for a beer there =)

    They have much better servers. At least they remember what I ordered. And served it after 1 hour.

    FA: Erm. I hope you meant BEFORE an hour.

  6. yeah, that place rawks - i always drop by every time i fly to KL.

  7. .........................

    cibai. what a nice way to ask me to get lost. i dunno your fucking title punya song!!!!

  8. Hate to break this to you but your photo taking skill really sucks! Must learn to capture the essence of the place...
    Take shot of hot chix on the bar top from certain angles up the short skirts rather than just the bars...
    pretty girls jerking and thrusting like they wanna dislocate their hip and not some boring ah pei sitting around...

    FA: Well thank goodness people like you will always have YOUR blog to go to.

  9. You should try their Kilkenny... fantastic

    FA: Is it any different from the one at Finnegan's?

  10. WTF? no Erdinger?

    FA: Erm.. is that a short of Ear digger?

  11. Lol. And here I was working less than 100m away from the place and I never visited. Shucks!

  12. i actually like carnies alot.. used to go there virtually everyday for about 3-4 months last year..... i think the music there is fantastic... and we used to enjoy the monday night trivia.... the food aint that great and it does take forever to be served... in response to inevitable's comments : it is the same kilkennys as in finnegans or anywhere else that serves kilkennys coz its the same freaking drink (i hate crap drinks like kilkenny's - sorry)... unless of course you're being serve in south park where kilkenny would have a slightly different meaning.... anyhow with regards to your photo taking skills - i think they're cool... not great - but a start.. i think i shd do the same too.. be innovative with picture taking - well at least try to be innovative... anyhow i've stopped going to carnies ever since i moved to my new place... i rather drink myself silly at home... cheers

  13. As always, the beautiful Fireangel will make any drink she's downing look like she's drinking the water of heavens from a heavenly chalice.

  14. DJ console's view looks exactly like that photo after you have 3 pints, dilated pupils and all

  15. I've been to the one in Taipei before. damn happening. bartop dancing chicks. syiok. HIC! :D

  16. well, i mean after 1 hour. really.

  17. 'You know you’re too young to be lurking around here when my post title didn’t get you humming to a certain 80s song.'

    Woo hoo! I know the song ... theme from Mash right! D'oh!!!! :-)

    'There are 5 Carnegie bars in the world - US, Taipei, Hong Kong, Perth and KL.'
    Four are cities ... the other one is a VERY big bar which spans an entire country!

    [But at least Perth got a mention! w00t! I'd still rather be in Sydney! Sydney may not have a Carnigie's, but at least they have about 100 good bars with 10,000 good drunks to confuse!]

    'Dark enough to make everybody look good. '

    w00t! Even I could pick up! ;-)

    'it was pretty quiet during the later part of the night with only the old angmoh men left.'

    About time there was a place for us old Angmohs!!!!

    'a bit hamsap also if you think about it'

    In this case, Hamsap must also mean, clever! :-)

    'This makes Carnegie’s = Church of alcoholism'

    NOPE! The Church is in London ... it's where all the Aussies go toget plastered on Sundays ... ST might of heard of it (or he might not have) ... otherwise, talk to some Aussies who have lived in London.

    'Service is serious absolute CRAP.'

    Um ... absolute crap? That's a vodka and cow dung?

    'if you’re going to consistently FUCK IT UP then you’re not REALLY sorry are you?!?!'

    Yes, they are really sorry ... they're just also really incompetent! If they had brains, they'd be Doctors, not drink jockeys!

    'makes me want to stab their eyeballs out with a fork.'

    Oh geees! I used to work with a guy who always said things like that! SCAREY!

    'On Wednesdays they have a couple of chicks wearing tight white tees and shorts so tight it contricted MY breathing shaking their booty like Beyonce ON THE BAR.'

    Glad I started doing weights again ... I might need it to swim to Malaysia with incentive like that!!!!

    'The fucking pint glass is almost as big as my HEAD I could almost DROWN in this shit!!'

    You could be the next Stuart Little!

    Cheneille - It's the theme from Cheers (aka 'Where everbody knows your name!') Pretend you know what she's talking about. [Unlike me ... I did the opposite!] :-)

  18. dabido: she told me online earlier. and she HAD to add that i wouldnt know ANYWAY coz it's an ADULT show.

    coming from HER. pah. :P

  19. Cheers is an adult show?
    Well, you're 19 y/o. Go hire the video, I'm sure most of the seasons are out on DVD now. :-)

    You want to go,
    Where people know,
    The troubles are all the same.

    You want to go where everybody knows your name.

  20. Ugh. That pint of cloudy yellow liquid you have in your hand looks like something that you've ALREADY drunk.

    FA: OMG! IT'S JAY! Never mind that he dissed me by implying that I was drinking pee, but OMG IT'S JAY!

  21. The one in Spore has indeed closed down. It was known as an SPG joint.

  22. [...] There are many drunks in my life, but none as entertaining as you, Ee– I’m sorry, Fireangel. I’m sorry I almost used your real name in the previous sentence, the consequences would have been catastrophic. People would actually know your name, and the world as we know it would come to an end. Your alcohol-fueled energy, angst and horrible taste in fashion make you funny, unique, and single. It is my biggest regret that I am not able to help you in any way, aside from making smartass remarks and loaning you anime porn DVDs. Sorry for not being able to pass the 5 bottles of Baileys I smuggled back from Langkawi to you within a reasonable time frame. I may not be able to make it this Friday, either. Sorry if it turns out to be the case, and if it doesn’t, sorry for confusing you. But rest assured that I am determined to pass the bottles to you within this lifetime, because I sure could use the money back. [...]

  23. [...] So I was at Carnegie’s last weekend. [...]


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