Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Harap Maaf, Rancangan Tergendela Sementera Waktu.

Sorry about disappearing. My domain decided to go on a holiday without telling me, or anyone for that matter.

Did you think I stopped blogging for good? ahahhahaAHAHahAHAHAHAHHAhaHAHahaHAHAHahahahaAH.

Keep hoping lah k. :P

Anyway, if you can read this, it means that the site's up and running now.

I've given it a good scolding and made it go to its room... so it's being good for now.

Meanwhile, gong xi fa chai to all of us who celebrate it. May the ox brings us everything good we wish for!

And to those who don't celebrate it, happy holidays!

Gong xi fa chai! Ang pow na lai! :D

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This picture was taken during one lunch hour.


Friday, January 16, 2009

The Day The Earth Stood Still


I watched this WEEKS ago, but forgot to write about it until I saw that GSC was still playing it. And it got me thinking, "GSC IS STILL SHOWING IT? WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL WATCHING IT! WHY! STOP THIS INSANITY NOW." I took it upon myself to have to DO something NOW before it's too late for the rest of you. It was too late for me but it still might not too late for YOU! I will SAVE you from parting with your hard earned money for shitty movies like this. I shall be your saviour, your saint,your guardian angel. STOP WATCHING THIS MOVIE. LET IT DIE. MAKE IT GO AWAY.

I have only 2 reasons why you shouldnt watch this movie. And 2 reasons is more than enough, I swear it on your doggy's paw.

Firstly, Keanu Reeves. Enough said.

Secondly, nothing happens. I shit you not. You spend about 11 bucks to watch absolutely NOTHING happening on a big giant tv for about 2 hours.

30 mins into the movie - nothing happens.
60 mins into the movie - nothing happens.
90 minutes into the movie - something THREATENS to happen.
105 minutes into the movie - annnnnddd gues what? nothing happens.

Why. why why why WHY! Why are people spending gajillion dollars to make pointless UN-entertaining movies! Why can't they just take that money and use it for more meaningful causes like FEEDING THE POOR or PROVIDING HOMELESS CHILDREN WITH HOMES, and with a camcorder, tape AIR for 105 minutes instead! Less work, less money, more points in heaven, same bloody results.

Please, I implore you, do NOT watch this movie. There's always a much better alternative than taking a road that WILL lead you to a one way street directly to dissapointmentville. Watching your 11 bucks being flushed down the toilet would be 1,000 times more entertaining than this piece of self wanking shit they try to pass of as a fucking movie.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beer Beer!

When mummy beer and daddy beer fall in love, you get baby beer!


Never knew that they made BIG bottles of Hoegaarden too!

WANT! But it's not like I can finish it in one sitting and if you don't finish a bottle of beer in one sitting you might as well just throw the rest away loh.

Who wants to share? :)

The bottle of beer in the following picture was given to me by Suanie's old friend - Ah Seng


It looks kinda dodgy right? Opaque bottle, no label, plastic bottle lagi.

But this is definitely one of the better tasting beers I have EVER tasted.

It's like fruity beer. Like Shandy with lots of alcohol and an aftertaste of berry-ish sort of fruit.

And guess what?

Ah Seng made it himself.

Oh wait, was I supposed to say it out loud? Ah Seng!! Better tell me now! I will faster take that sentence away! Dowan you to kena fine or jail or whipped. :P

He didn't name his beer though. If there was a competition to name this beer I would've submitted "ASS KICKER". And there's will be stick man logo jamming on his guitar. Which would be fucking awesome. Ah Seng, if got beer naming competition for your beer I got chance to win or not?

Wah, late already. Better zzz now otherwise tomorrow sure suffer. Haih.


Monday, January 12, 2009

There Are Some Things You Just Suck At

I found out today that I can't cook.

Even with a recipe... I can't cook!

Don't believe me? I have PROOF. But let me warn you first - The following picture isn't very appetite-friendly so please proceed with caution:


No I swear this is NOT baby puke. It's supposed to be some sort of a meat stew.

While you're sitting there trying to recover from the aftermath (sudden lost of appetite, nausea, migraine, night terror, insomnia), please remember that I actually have half a pot of this to finish (or throw away, I haven't decided) and the whole room smells like what you actually imagine it could smell like.

To be honest, I wasn't patient enough to read the entire recipe..... nor did I actually used all the listed ingredients. :P

Wait a minute!

Maybe I don't suck at cooking.

Maybe I just suck at following instructions.

Ohhh.. always the rebel me. :P

Now to go back watching the American Idol marathon. GO DAVID A & C!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

That'll Do, Pig.

I told myself I'll stay away from Orchard Road during the weekends.

Which is why I'm staying IN doing so many productive, wholesome things... like watching every rerun Starhub throws to my face, surfing for things to do in Singapore which 1) does not cost any/much money and 2) does not involve crowds, avoiding the scream of a full laundry basket and the growling sounds coming from the general direction of my tummy.

Friend are telling me that my cause to look for something interesting to do in Singapore is a lost one, but I'm NOT giving up... yet! There has to be SOMETHING to do besides wrestling with fashion slave zombies in a shopping frenzy along the sidewalks. There has to be!

I'm also trying to figure out what sort of healthy simple foods I can actually make during the weekends so that I won't have to eat out, spend too much money on food.. and use that money to get my "fix" on weeknights. Erm. Just kidding, mum (Say hi to me mum everyone, she's learning how to use the interw3b and one of the first few websites she learned to access was mine. Better hide all those dodgy posts! :P).

But I digress.

I'm actually trying to eat healthier because Oprah was telling everyone that starting 2009 she's going to start losing her weight, exercising and eating right. About time too, she's ballooned up like nobody's business. Got me wondering if she purposely put on all those weight just to make a show about losing it - not bad eh? ANYWAY. Oprah convinced me that I should start taking care of my own eating habits too - since I get sick so often, am turning 29 and a little soft everywhere.

I've also just watched Babe on Star Movies and I still have that stupid grin on my face. That ending always gets me tearing up - Hoggett selamba only standing there.. while the pig walks the sheeps into the pen.. Hoggett closing the pen gate. The silence and then the sudden eruption of cheers. The 100 points. The Corny sun peeking from the clouds shining down on very still-standing, straight-faced Hoggett.... the camera focusing on Babe, then back to Hoggett... and Hoggett saying "That'll do pig. That'll do".


love it love it love it LOVE IT.

Babe has got to be one of my favouritest movies of ALL time.

Nobody make movies like that anymore - heart warming, family friendly, grin inducing, tingly in your toes, the "aww" feeling, the happy sighs.


Can't believe some folks thought to ban this movie because it was "haram".
Stupidity of mankind knows no limits.

I love the movie so much that I'm actually afraid to watch the sequel because you know what sequels DO to a franchise (cue starwars, the marix, aliens, lost, friends), but apparently Babe: Pig In the City was a fun watch.

I know the movie was 10 years ago, but WAS IT? WAS IT A GOOD WATCH?

Okay - back to looking for things to do in Singapore. And thinking about what I should be having for lunch.

OOH Jamie At Home's ON! YEAY! He's going to make me so hungry. Sigh.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Not Resolutions.

While everybody's wildy and proudly proclaiming that they'll try to do things they don't usually do but should because they think it's better for them but at the end of the day NOT stick through it and feel all guilty about it? Why not for once we do the exact opposite? State something we know we've been doing/not doing and keep at it for the new year. I mean aren't we sick and tired of LYING to ourselves to do things we THINK we should be doing but ending up NOT doing anyway because you are too [insert your own excuse here]?

Let's be rebels and make not-resolutions instead! Tell us 5 things you'll continue to keep doing/avoiding for the rest of the year.

In 2009, I will NOT:

1. Start smoking
Never wanted to try, never intended to. Why bother? it stinks, it's bad for you, it empties your wallet, it bothers the people around you. It's a stupid habit. Say tak nak.

2. Quit drinking.
Hey, everybody's gotta have a vice right? Besides, I drink in moderation onlym ah (shuddup you). Can't do more even if I wanted to - No time, no money, no kaki. Sigh.

3. Swear less.
I was actually thinking that I should actually start acting my age and that I should swear less (especially in the work place because it's so bloody unprofessional) then I thought - man it's too hard. fuck it. :)

4. Sky dive.
I like gravity and my feet firmly on the ground, thanks.

5. Buy an LV bag.
Overrated. Too common. If every other girl has one then what makes it special anymore right? I might change my mind when I'm 30 though - this is just how I feel right now. BUT should someone has a sudden bout of generosity and decided to present me with an geniune LV bag as a gift - sure why not. I didn't say anything about not owning one (but please not the brown monogrammed one. NEVER the brown monogrammed one. EVER! ). ;)

You get an idea how this works? Okay, your turn!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy 2009!

Better late than never hor. :]

Can't believe I'll be turning 29 soon though. Then the big three oh.

Argh. Not quite looking forward to the Chinese New Year.

Good luck! :D