Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beer Beer!

When mummy beer and daddy beer fall in love, you get baby beer!


Never knew that they made BIG bottles of Hoegaarden too!

WANT! But it's not like I can finish it in one sitting and if you don't finish a bottle of beer in one sitting you might as well just throw the rest away loh.

Who wants to share? :)

The bottle of beer in the following picture was given to me by Suanie's old friend - Ah Seng


It looks kinda dodgy right? Opaque bottle, no label, plastic bottle lagi.

But this is definitely one of the better tasting beers I have EVER tasted.

It's like fruity beer. Like Shandy with lots of alcohol and an aftertaste of berry-ish sort of fruit.

And guess what?

Ah Seng made it himself.

Oh wait, was I supposed to say it out loud? Ah Seng!! Better tell me now! I will faster take that sentence away! Dowan you to kena fine or jail or whipped. :P

He didn't name his beer though. If there was a competition to name this beer I would've submitted "ASS KICKER". And there's will be stick man logo jamming on his guitar. Which would be fucking awesome. Ah Seng, if got beer naming competition for your beer I got chance to win or not?

Wah, late already. Better zzz now otherwise tomorrow sure suffer. Haih.



  1. If Ah Beng can roll his own ciggy, Ah Seng too can make his own beer!

  2. oh it looks flat! oh yah... cos that night i released the pressure tot you wanna drink on the spot! hahaha...

    this one is actually called Gremlins II pale ale, a reference to Little Creatures pale ale(the one we drank at Bar Bar Black Sheep) that I was aiming to clone. II being the 2nd attempt.

    now SG no need license to brew, so fire away. check out my supplier's webbie

    the site's down though... damn.

  3. ahseng's home made brew ftw!
    i want more!

  4. yummm love fruity beer! FA if you can find, try Leffe blonde (Belgium), one of the best beer!

  5. hot damn, son. talk abt coincidence, small world, ftw wtf, random blog readings and i see ahseng's brewery!! ahseng. you told me abt your brewing a long time ago.

    wheres my share yo? where WHERE?

    oh yea. hi FA.

  6. Actually, in the States, we have lots of these microbreweries, nice unique beers. Yummy :)

  7. I don't drink beer or alcohol (execept the once in a decade on Drambuie, Amarula or Baileys) because I get drunk very fast but can you tell Ah Seng to get me sample. I am willing to get drunk. NOW.


  8. ah seng make beer. ah seng make cigar. pandainya.

  9. Dabido: I've got to say you look a bit like a young Marquis de Sade as depicted by Neil Gaiman in Grant's photos.

  10. That's weird! I'm hearing voices as though someone left me a message on this post ... and it's not even my blog!!!!! How did they know I would be here????? :-)

    FA - I must find out the cost of sending you a Darwin Stubby. :-)

  11. Bump into you today!.

    Around 5 shish. You were in the lift in going down, when 2 guys came in.....I am one of the guy. You were wearing black blouse and pants.

    Sorry did not say hi as I was if my client and not approriate to talk about this site.......

    FA: Wait, you were the guy who wanted to go to the first floor... and said something really corny like getting confused over the buttons...??

  12. intoxicated
    the picture of yours

  13. OMG. Big Hoegaarden. Singapore damn nice when it comes to booze.

  14. That's us....I am the other guy using the mobile...

  15. Here's a good site for beer-related stuff.

    For beer lovers and all. :)

  16. Try Monteith Radler .... but have to come to windy welly..

  17. Hoegaarden is so easy to drink, but if u scare u can't finish, there a way to help u drink Hoegaarden with ease, that is squeeze a slice of lemon into it and drink it. The taste will come out more citrus as it open up the beer.

    If you still can't finish I can share with u... haha

    Homebrew beer is the best, can brew according to your taste, once you master it...

    By the way thanks ching for promoting my blog... cheers!


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