Thursday, January 8, 2009

Not Resolutions.

While everybody's wildy and proudly proclaiming that they'll try to do things they don't usually do but should because they think it's better for them but at the end of the day NOT stick through it and feel all guilty about it? Why not for once we do the exact opposite? State something we know we've been doing/not doing and keep at it for the new year. I mean aren't we sick and tired of LYING to ourselves to do things we THINK we should be doing but ending up NOT doing anyway because you are too [insert your own excuse here]?

Let's be rebels and make not-resolutions instead! Tell us 5 things you'll continue to keep doing/avoiding for the rest of the year.

In 2009, I will NOT:

1. Start smoking
Never wanted to try, never intended to. Why bother? it stinks, it's bad for you, it empties your wallet, it bothers the people around you. It's a stupid habit. Say tak nak.

2. Quit drinking.
Hey, everybody's gotta have a vice right? Besides, I drink in moderation onlym ah (shuddup you). Can't do more even if I wanted to - No time, no money, no kaki. Sigh.

3. Swear less.
I was actually thinking that I should actually start acting my age and that I should swear less (especially in the work place because it's so bloody unprofessional) then I thought - man it's too hard. fuck it. :)

4. Sky dive.
I like gravity and my feet firmly on the ground, thanks.

5. Buy an LV bag.
Overrated. Too common. If every other girl has one then what makes it special anymore right? I might change my mind when I'm 30 though - this is just how I feel right now. BUT should someone has a sudden bout of generosity and decided to present me with an geniune LV bag as a gift - sure why not. I didn't say anything about not owning one (but please not the brown monogrammed one. NEVER the brown monogrammed one. EVER! ). ;)

You get an idea how this works? Okay, your turn!


  1. send the brown monogram one to me should anyone give you!

    FA: Why? Which little girl do you want to give it to? :P

  2. don't care what we shall not also, just i don't care.

  3. ROFL at the LV bag. So true that they are overrated. I asked a girl once how would you tell an original LV bag from a pirated one and she went on to explain every detail to the precise point.

    PS. you're hot. I cant believe you are still single.

  4. eh drinking in sg where got no kaki huh?

    FA: No kaki lah. Hard to find people to go out with you when they sleep too early :P

  5. Actually, I think some of the non-monogrammed LV bags/wallets are quite nice. Don't believe in new year resolutions anymore. If you decide to lose weight on 16th July, you stick to it from then on. No need to wait for 31 Dec or 1 Jan to come around.

  6. Wah FA! You still single ar! How come now only I know har! Quick snap your fingers so all your fans start lining up to date you! LOLOLOLOLOL.

    FA: Oh which reminds me I should really write about that snap snap thing. next post! hehe

  7. Yala... how come never tell us ur single One?? huh huh huh??

    PS: if u single. Can i Be ur BF huhuhuhuh?..

    FA: Well, to clarify, I never said anything about anything. :P

  8. Happy New Year!! I agree, LV is too common, esp the brown monogrammed!

    NEVER EVER EVER quit drinking!

  9. Resolution 1: Stop stalking FA's blog.

    Not happening.

  10. hehe.. me also totally agree on the LV thingy..

    but I think currently we more in danger of Coach overload than LV. Half my office has it. The other day wedding dinner, my table only got 3 women, me included. And the other 2 are both carrying Coach!! Everyday I can get at least 1 Coach sighting.. help me please, before I have to blind myself!! :P

  11. How about more sex?

  12. Drink less. I've been told that's a better resolution than cold turkey. :p

  13. FA already has a BF, he is FB. Their children are going to be FC, FD, FE etc to FZ. :-)
    So, all you FB wanna bees had better learn your alphabets. :-)

    I never make New Year Resolutions (which I seem to tell everyone every year).

    My five Non-Resolutions are:
    1. To keep drinking Bubble Tea.
    2. Keep Blogging (Once I return to Australia and a figure out why I can't log in from Malaysia).
    3. Keep commenting
    4. Keep stalking my favourite blogs.
    5. Keep Playing computer games. :-)

  14. Oh, I forgot to add.
    F*** YOU WHITE PEOPLE!!!!!!ONEONEONEONE!!!111!!!! :-)

    Huai Bin - Yes, drinking less (or slowly cutting out drinking) is better than cold turkey, as cold turkey can cause fatty liver.

  15. swearing in the workplace is like breathing and eating for advertising androids. fuck yeah! :D

  16. Heineken not sponsoring your beer?

  17. well.. the good news is that FA 'maybe' will change her mind in just 1-2 years on getting that LV

    time pass very fast leh

  18. NOT resolutions? *convulses* This idea is TEH EXCELLENT!!!


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