Monday, January 12, 2009

There Are Some Things You Just Suck At

I found out today that I can't cook.

Even with a recipe... I can't cook!

Don't believe me? I have PROOF. But let me warn you first - The following picture isn't very appetite-friendly so please proceed with caution:


No I swear this is NOT baby puke. It's supposed to be some sort of a meat stew.

While you're sitting there trying to recover from the aftermath (sudden lost of appetite, nausea, migraine, night terror, insomnia), please remember that I actually have half a pot of this to finish (or throw away, I haven't decided) and the whole room smells like what you actually imagine it could smell like.

To be honest, I wasn't patient enough to read the entire recipe..... nor did I actually used all the listed ingredients. :P

Wait a minute!

Maybe I don't suck at cooking.

Maybe I just suck at following instructions.

Ohhh.. always the rebel me. :P

Now to go back watching the American Idol marathon. GO DAVID A & C!!!!!!!


  1. wahahaha. baby puke. uwek!

  2. is not that bad la, to be fair, it kinda looks like "kuah kacang" for roti canai.

  3. i know u cant cook.
    u r not the first one.

    but u can learn, cant u?

  4. Maybe that's what it's supposed to look like. Besides, isn't how it tastes what matters? Don't use somebody else's recipe, make it the way you want. Honestly, from the photo... put that on some rice and I'd eat it.

  5. Maybe you should stick back to instant noodle.

  6. doesn't look that bad. taste wise, since you also can't finish it....

  7. Curry? If you get some rice, maybe baby puke not so bad...

  8. baby steps! baby steps!

    soups are the easiest to do! Bak Kut Teh!

    1 pack A1 bak kut teh ready mix sachets and follow the instructions behind. If i can remember correctly, you'd need garlic, oyster sauce and black soy sauce. oh and bak kut as well. Almost instant gratification but its gonna be a BIG POT for one! :P

  9. Yum! Baby Puke!!!! You should release this as a new diet fad. :-) Make millions helping people get thin. :-)


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