Friday, January 16, 2009

The Day The Earth Stood Still


I watched this WEEKS ago, but forgot to write about it until I saw that GSC was still playing it. And it got me thinking, "GSC IS STILL SHOWING IT? WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL WATCHING IT! WHY! STOP THIS INSANITY NOW." I took it upon myself to have to DO something NOW before it's too late for the rest of you. It was too late for me but it still might not too late for YOU! I will SAVE you from parting with your hard earned money for shitty movies like this. I shall be your saviour, your saint,your guardian angel. STOP WATCHING THIS MOVIE. LET IT DIE. MAKE IT GO AWAY.

I have only 2 reasons why you shouldnt watch this movie. And 2 reasons is more than enough, I swear it on your doggy's paw.

Firstly, Keanu Reeves. Enough said.

Secondly, nothing happens. I shit you not. You spend about 11 bucks to watch absolutely NOTHING happening on a big giant tv for about 2 hours.

30 mins into the movie - nothing happens.
60 mins into the movie - nothing happens.
90 minutes into the movie - something THREATENS to happen.
105 minutes into the movie - annnnnddd gues what? nothing happens.

Why. why why why WHY! Why are people spending gajillion dollars to make pointless UN-entertaining movies! Why can't they just take that money and use it for more meaningful causes like FEEDING THE POOR or PROVIDING HOMELESS CHILDREN WITH HOMES, and with a camcorder, tape AIR for 105 minutes instead! Less work, less money, more points in heaven, same bloody results.

Please, I implore you, do NOT watch this movie. There's always a much better alternative than taking a road that WILL lead you to a one way street directly to dissapointmentville. Watching your 11 bucks being flushed down the toilet would be 1,000 times more entertaining than this piece of self wanking shit they try to pass of as a fucking movie.



  1. Hahahahah love the name of your image for the movie poster.

    Reminds me I haven't watched EYE PEE MAN yet, bah!

  2. I haven't watch. Really that bad? I re-watch Ip Man then.

  3. well-written review.

  4. There is a good reason why nothing happens. It is because the movie was taken on the day the earth STOOD STILL.

  5. The earth stood still for me on this one...

  6. I thought of asking u to watch this movie in my house on my big bed.

  7. The Director read "How To Make a Science Fiction Movie For Dummies" book and used every trick in the book that had already been used a gazzilion times before.

    And someone make a movie about a wooden plank for Kayu REeves to act in already OMG.

  8. Maybe I should just have you and a bunch of friends sit around a dining table, film you all with a camcorder and that'll make a better movie than this one??? haha

  9. by looking at the story line also not interested edi.. luckily i wasn't in the country, otherwise i might forked out 8bucks (yeah, i'm a wednesday-cheap-movie kind of guy) on this shitty movie if i was too boring.. ha!

    on the other note, i'm watching 24 Season 7 now, up to EP4.. damn kanjiong~ but there was something missing btw the 1st EP frm the 2-hr special "Redemption" which was suppose 2b the prequel of this new season.. hopefully in later EPs got flash-back (i doubt, it's real-time 24hrs).. sienz~~

  10. btw, u got read naruto the comic? damn geng lar naruto in the latest act!! chk it out~!!*s=9

  11. I agree with Eyeris comment. I thought Keanu was well picked for the role as it suited his wooden acting style.

    There is some firing, explosions etc in the first half of the movie.

    I think the funny thing is, as a remake the robot was the best thing in the movie, whilst the original version everyone kept talking about the robot as being the best thing in the movie. :-)

    There is a message though ... humans are destroying the planet and unless we stop we'll end up destroying ourselves ... a stupid message because we've known it for years, we just seem to get big business or the politicians to listen and do something about it! Talk about preaching to the converted!!!

  12. Sorry, 'we just seem to get big business or the politicians to listen and do something about it! ' should read 'we just can't seem to get big business or the politicians to listen and do something about it! '

    I also wish the part where they go to the kids dead fathers grave that Keanu had of pulled the kids father's skeleton out of the grave and said to the kid, 'There you go kid, you have your father back!' :-)

  13. absolutely hate the movie loh. its like "for the UFO so loved the world, he gave his only forgotten son to us, that we may believe in paying RM12 for a cheating movie like this shall not perish from cinema and gain eternal foolishness to watch again. "

  14. hahah lucky i didn't watch :P

  15. I totally agree with you. This movie is full of shit and adverts. It's just meaningless.

    Anyway, I just came back from UK. You have time for a meet up? I'm trying to meet up all the bloggers that I visit within this 2 weeks here in KL.

    Let me know if you're free. This is my temp number for this 2 weeks 017 2240 628. :D I understand if you have other commitments. :D

  16. you think this sucks.. go watch the spirit.. it is the worst movie in the whole wide world... and i sat all through it.. so stop whining... once you watch spirit you'd think this movie rocks

  17. But the original was damn good wor. Michael Rennie starred. And the alien robot also quite cool la. Seen it? Maybe you should so you know where Keanu went wrong.

  18. The special effect are really good but overall the film is very poor


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