Saturday, January 10, 2009

That'll Do, Pig.

I told myself I'll stay away from Orchard Road during the weekends.

Which is why I'm staying IN doing so many productive, wholesome things... like watching every rerun Starhub throws to my face, surfing for things to do in Singapore which 1) does not cost any/much money and 2) does not involve crowds, avoiding the scream of a full laundry basket and the growling sounds coming from the general direction of my tummy.

Friend are telling me that my cause to look for something interesting to do in Singapore is a lost one, but I'm NOT giving up... yet! There has to be SOMETHING to do besides wrestling with fashion slave zombies in a shopping frenzy along the sidewalks. There has to be!

I'm also trying to figure out what sort of healthy simple foods I can actually make during the weekends so that I won't have to eat out, spend too much money on food.. and use that money to get my "fix" on weeknights. Erm. Just kidding, mum (Say hi to me mum everyone, she's learning how to use the interw3b and one of the first few websites she learned to access was mine. Better hide all those dodgy posts! :P).

But I digress.

I'm actually trying to eat healthier because Oprah was telling everyone that starting 2009 she's going to start losing her weight, exercising and eating right. About time too, she's ballooned up like nobody's business. Got me wondering if she purposely put on all those weight just to make a show about losing it - not bad eh? ANYWAY. Oprah convinced me that I should start taking care of my own eating habits too - since I get sick so often, am turning 29 and a little soft everywhere.

I've also just watched Babe on Star Movies and I still have that stupid grin on my face. That ending always gets me tearing up - Hoggett selamba only standing there.. while the pig walks the sheeps into the pen.. Hoggett closing the pen gate. The silence and then the sudden eruption of cheers. The 100 points. The Corny sun peeking from the clouds shining down on very still-standing, straight-faced Hoggett.... the camera focusing on Babe, then back to Hoggett... and Hoggett saying "That'll do pig. That'll do".


love it love it love it LOVE IT.

Babe has got to be one of my favouritest movies of ALL time.

Nobody make movies like that anymore - heart warming, family friendly, grin inducing, tingly in your toes, the "aww" feeling, the happy sighs.


Can't believe some folks thought to ban this movie because it was "haram".
Stupidity of mankind knows no limits.

I love the movie so much that I'm actually afraid to watch the sequel because you know what sequels DO to a franchise (cue starwars, the marix, aliens, lost, friends), but apparently Babe: Pig In the City was a fun watch.

I know the movie was 10 years ago, but WAS IT? WAS IT A GOOD WATCH?

Okay - back to looking for things to do in Singapore. And thinking about what I should be having for lunch.

OOH Jamie At Home's ON! YEAY! He's going to make me so hungry. Sigh.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Oh hi aunty~

    FA, wise resolution to avoid backside pain.

  2. I'm pretty fond of Dexter myself.

    Soft in the right places = good. ;)

    Sorry about the name FA, fixed dy. Will remember in future.

  3. For me, a perfect weekend is to be able to chill at home with TV and my fav dessert. Instead of stressing yourself in crowded shopping mall

  4. Boy am I out of touch with the ongoings on your life. I know that makes me sound like a stalker of sorts, but that is just a weird ass way of saying that I am a regular reader of your blog (or used to be a much more regular reader)

    So are you working in Singapore now? =)

  5. 那部戏已经很久了,你现在才看?

  6. sandwiches with rustic artisan bread. Cedele would have em and cold storage too. some nice cuts of ham would be nice too.

    visit carrefour and load up your pantry with sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, plenty of plump olives and assorted salad greens and tomatoes in the chiller. some eggs for hard boil. tasty tasty salad anytime of the day.

    FA: Please have me over for a cooking lessons and/or to watch you make beer/bread over one weekend with you and your miss. :)

  7. Go to East Coast Park and run in the evenings / early night. The sea breeze is wonderful, and the atmosphere is great, though there is a bit of a crowd. And at the end you can eat something at Marina Cove. Exercise+something not directly related to shopping (except food). And all you have to pay for is bus fare to get near the park - you have to walk/run to get there from the bus stop.

  8. You can also do your run/walk in the Botanical Gardens and then saunter over to Holland V for a cool down of food and beer.

    Funny thing about Babe, the same director also did the Mad Max series of movies. Now if you had Babe in the back of the black on black MFP Pursuit Special...

  9. wahhhhhh....

    ky said..
    [That movie has been a long time, you now see]

  10. fret not, babe in the city was pretty good.

  11. I thought Babe’s performance was ‘off’ in the sequel. Whatever it was – fame, girls, drugs – it clearly affected him. I also think he went a little overboard on the method acting.

    It was no surprise that he didn’t get offered other projects subsequently. In fact, I wonder where he is now??

  12. Found your blog through a search, and I just had to comment, so I hope you don't mind:

    Babe is one of my favorite movies of all time!!!

    I love love love love it when he sings!!! ^^ He's so adorable!


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