Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Haven't been updating like I should have.

Busy no time always tired etcetc.

New year new changes new headaches man.

Need a new job.

You know, something which allows me to have MORE REAL LIFE HUMAN INTERACTION PLEASE OMG.

I was NOT made to stare at monitors all day long. 24-7-365.

Heard of any vacancies or not?

I give you resume.

What? You think I'm kidding ar.

Think I so free nothing to do ar?

I'm being fucking serious balls.

So serious that I'm even putting on a serious face right now.

-_- < --- See? Serious face. On.

I can offer you a lot. So offer me something, bitches.

Er, wait, that was rude. Let me rephrase myself.

Please offer me something, bitches.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thanks For All The Fish.

Gotta make this a quickie.

Today marks a whole freaking year of pointless posts and obnoxious camwhoring.

Thank you Drliew, MichaelOoi and friends, who are COMPLETELY responsible for shoving FireAngel into everybody's faces, for without them, FireAngel would've remained as just another freaking unknown attention starved blogger and everybody's lives would've been so much better.

Thank you Paultan.Org for hosting Fireangelism.com, home of shameless camwhoring photos and nonsensical IQ-deteriorating, English-murdering writings.

Thank you Suanie, KY, ST, Kim and Co. for being nothing short of great and who despite of me being me, still willingly stuck around anyway, because you know you're all just masochistic bitches. I love ya'll.

And thank YOU, for without you, there won't be a today for Fireangelism.com. I might not have mentioned your names, but trust me you're in my thoughts. And damn does it haunt me every night.

I am truly flattered by your continuous patronage. This site is all about you. No, actually it's all about me. But it's all about me ONLY because it's all about you.

Here's to a few more years of shamelessness. Don't be afraid. Be terrified.

Please tell all your friends to come. Happy hour is until 9pm. The meat is good.


(Camwhoring pictures later, maybe.)

(What's your favourite fireangelism.com post or picture? Tell lah. Don't be shy.)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Some Weekend Randomness.

......courtesy of my oh so pretty SE w810i.


I hear ya.


.. and THAT is how you make an alcoholic to love you.


Nope. Never too old to horse around. Or too big.


Shameless camwhore at work.


Aren't we glad I have a day job?


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wah. Real People Come Here Too!

Hello cute chick I bumped into at a New Year dinner!
Hello cute chick I bumped into at the KTM station!
Hello nice chap I bumped into at Hartamas (I won't call leh... I am shy wan)!
Hello shy fella who spotted me at a cafe and THEN wrote me an email saying you spotted me!
Hello friends I met up in Penang who NEVER kept in touch but stalk me online for updates on my pathetic life!

Thank you for not throwing smelly, sharp, and/or heavy things at me!

Always very nice to know that REAL people read me too and not hate it!

If I look familiar to you, and you spot me at some random place, come say hi!

Or if you spot me with a drink at a bar or a club, come say hi!


Monday, January 15, 2007

Like Viktor in The Terminal.

Yesterday marks my fifth and final year of bondage.


... well sorta.

Wanted to celebrate.

Except there was no cold beer in the house.

And no ice for my liquour.

Felt so sad.


If I asked, would you have taken me out for a drink? Or two? Or three?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rites of Passage.

It's 2007. I'll be 27.

I just had me two glasses of vodka/baileys/kahlua on the rocks.

I think vodka if kept too long, CAN taste weird.

But who cares as long as it does its job.

I'm a little high. My tolerance level had never been great lah.

How was your New Year's? Mine started with a bang.

Made any resolutions? I didn't. What's the point? I don't even remember them after 3 months.

I have a wish though.

Happiness. Mine. My family. Yours. and Your family. Whatever we do, may we be happy.

So simple. Yet so difficult. To be happy. I'm always on this stupid ridiculous quest for happiness.

But isn't everyone? Aren't you looking for happiness?

Last year, 2006, I attended a record breaking number of marriages. Most of them were my male friends. Of about the same age. Have another one coming up this weekend. Fucking ridiculous man.

It gives me hope somewhat. That there are still SOME things in this world which are not so fucked up. Which I've forgotten.

The probability of Love. Of a Happily Ever After. Of a Someone. That notion of Trust and Loyalty.

Shit like that makes you kinda reflect on yourself also.

2+ years. Been THAT long since I've been attached. Woah.

I console myself with lies like "it takes time". "somebody will come". "it's not just about the boobs". "you're really not THAT ugly". "I have personality". "This shit tastes good".

I'm not in any fucking hurry to get married man shit. (maybe i should.... just to shut the pesky relatives every fucking gathering OMG LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE HULKRAGE!) not at all.

It's like how the rest of the kids in your kindergarten got that coolest toy and you want one too. You don't really NEED it. Just want it too.

It'll be nice to have someone to call my own you know? Takes away one out of a million uncertainties from my future. But what about the OTHER uncertainties associated with being WITH someone, I hear you ask? Well to that, all I have to say is this - shut the fuck up I haven't thought that far yet just chill man grab a drink.

I know there are at least 10 of you who think I'm an alcoholic. Depending on it for a good time. To forget things. To run away from reality. I don't quite deny it. But really if you ask me for my opinion, I think it's doing a great job being the trusty surrogate boyfriend. Better than any guy could ever be, even. Haha!

Maybe I'll get lucky in 2007. Maybe YOU would too! :)

Here's to us single people in denial! ;)


Thursday, January 4, 2007