Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thanks For All The Fish.

Gotta make this a quickie.

Today marks a whole freaking year of pointless posts and obnoxious camwhoring.

Thank you Drliew, MichaelOoi and friends, who are COMPLETELY responsible for shoving FireAngel into everybody's faces, for without them, FireAngel would've remained as just another freaking unknown attention starved blogger and everybody's lives would've been so much better.

Thank you Paultan.Org for hosting, home of shameless camwhoring photos and nonsensical IQ-deteriorating, English-murdering writings.

Thank you Suanie, KY, ST, Kim and Co. for being nothing short of great and who despite of me being me, still willingly stuck around anyway, because you know you're all just masochistic bitches. I love ya'll.

And thank YOU, for without you, there won't be a today for I might not have mentioned your names, but trust me you're in my thoughts. And damn does it haunt me every night.

I am truly flattered by your continuous patronage. This site is all about you. No, actually it's all about me. But it's all about me ONLY because it's all about you.

Here's to a few more years of shamelessness. Don't be afraid. Be terrified.

Please tell all your friends to come. Happy hour is until 9pm. The meat is good.


(Camwhoring pictures later, maybe.)

(What's your favourite post or picture? Tell lah. Don't be shy.)


  1. I can't believe that it's been a year, seems ages since we saw that drunken video of some chick plugging Hoegaarden... Anyway, happy anniversary.

  2. Fave pic: The Christmas Special

    You. Are. Hot.


  3. Favourite picture.

    You had long hair back then. Awww.

    Note the angst and the cuteness!!


  4. Pictures : All
    post : All

    Enough apple polishing. Can I have your autograph ;)

  5. What present do I get for being the most annoying commentator to breath the same air as you? Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk.

    FA: Probably a nice steamy cup of shut the fuck up. :)

  6. where is the ladybirds?

    Ladybirds so cute.
    Red like rose. Black like charcoal.
    I ate the fuckers.

  7. 'And thank YOU'

    You're welcome. Doutashimashite! Sama Sama!

    'trust me you’re in my thoughts.'

    w00t! Finally she's actually thinking of me! :-)

    'I am truly flattered by your continuous patronage.'

    I try to be as patronising as possible. :-)

    'Please tell all your friends to come.'

    Will viagra be provided to help?

    'The meat is good.'

    Do you know how many girls have said that to me? :-)
    Um ... actually none, but being a vegetarian that's probably normal.

    'What’s your favourite post or picture?'

    The one I used for the Vampiress Picture. :-)

  8. which is my favorites FA pictures??? hmm......... can't recall, too many of them... :)

  9. my favourite one has got to be the "how to make an alcoholic love you" pic.. that's your best, imo. :)

  10. Favourite picture?

    All of them la. Any chance of another cosplay photos?

  11. picture picture of cos...camwhoring more...more pictures!!

  12. happy anniversary n keep up the gud work. keeps me awake on me night shifts n reminds me of the booze im missing.

    best pics? gotto say any pic with u and alcohol together..perfect chemistry..;)

  13. randomkaypohblogreaderJanuary 25, 2007 at 10:38 AM

  14. FA i think u look better with long hair.
    now u just look like my mum :P
    nah just kidding...
    but seriously, long hair = good :D

  15. Yeah I miss the ladybugs. It was so angsty, so poetically beautiful. And I remember the KFC kid. Crush her head.

  16. I have a favourite picture of yours but you'll probably kill me if I show that to the public, or yourself, for that matter. :P

    *run away*

  17. Are you a girl who knows what "a trilogy in five parts" directly refers to???

    If yes, when can we meet?

    FA: Only if you know what you get when you multiply six by nine.

  18. I want to see nudiesssssssssssss!

  19. WAHLAUYEH, WAT I CAN SAY MORE??? """lau bei hut""" liao...

  20. Happy anniversary! If you were closer, I'd give you a kiss.

  21. 'FA: Only if you know what you get when you multiply six by nine.'

    My age in May. [Yes, I'm having a 2x 21st party too. A themed party. I want a Wild West party with peopel coming as Native Americans, Mexicans and Cow People, but my family have decided it has to be a HitchhikersGTTG Party. Grrrr! I wonder if they'd be upset if I came as Marvin!?]

  22. your traffic like cock now. blog somemore la waste my time only refresh this page yeargh!!!!!1111

    FA: Sigh. I love traffic. But no time to blog. So bye bye traffic. :(

  23. Not I notice the title. So your answer towards happiness is ...42!!???

  24. Hey,
    Where are the ladybugs, gummi bears and naruto ? How could you leave them aside for this memorable day ? They play a crucial role to your success too, you know. YOu selfish little green eye monster, you ate that cute little red bug ?
    Anyway, I think it is replaceable with your camwhore picture, hehe..

    Happy Blogday, FA.

  25. u veri bz with the IJM-Road Builder merger ar?

    FA: The who?

  26. ........ damn fantastic right you? after 1 year anniversary, become walking dead. even the walking dead got more activities than you.

    FA: Fucker. you wait lah.

  27. fav one has to be your first videoblog when u reviewed hoegarden beer. awesome and very cute!

  28. I liked the Jap pics you did last time.
    Damn nice to staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare at your face... and body...


    FA: HArajuku ones ar?

  29. are you the dr tan at falmouth rd? x

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