Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rites of Passage.

It's 2007. I'll be 27.

I just had me two glasses of vodka/baileys/kahlua on the rocks.

I think vodka if kept too long, CAN taste weird.

But who cares as long as it does its job.

I'm a little high. My tolerance level had never been great lah.

How was your New Year's? Mine started with a bang.

Made any resolutions? I didn't. What's the point? I don't even remember them after 3 months.

I have a wish though.

Happiness. Mine. My family. Yours. and Your family. Whatever we do, may we be happy.

So simple. Yet so difficult. To be happy. I'm always on this stupid ridiculous quest for happiness.

But isn't everyone? Aren't you looking for happiness?

Last year, 2006, I attended a record breaking number of marriages. Most of them were my male friends. Of about the same age. Have another one coming up this weekend. Fucking ridiculous man.

It gives me hope somewhat. That there are still SOME things in this world which are not so fucked up. Which I've forgotten.

The probability of Love. Of a Happily Ever After. Of a Someone. That notion of Trust and Loyalty.

Shit like that makes you kinda reflect on yourself also.

2+ years. Been THAT long since I've been attached. Woah.

I console myself with lies like "it takes time". "somebody will come". "it's not just about the boobs". "you're really not THAT ugly". "I have personality". "This shit tastes good".

I'm not in any fucking hurry to get married man shit. (maybe i should.... just to shut the pesky relatives every fucking gathering OMG LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE HULKRAGE!) not at all.

It's like how the rest of the kids in your kindergarten got that coolest toy and you want one too. You don't really NEED it. Just want it too.

It'll be nice to have someone to call my own you know? Takes away one out of a million uncertainties from my future. But what about the OTHER uncertainties associated with being WITH someone, I hear you ask? Well to that, all I have to say is this - shut the fuck up I haven't thought that far yet just chill man grab a drink.

I know there are at least 10 of you who think I'm an alcoholic. Depending on it for a good time. To forget things. To run away from reality. I don't quite deny it. But really if you ask me for my opinion, I think it's doing a great job being the trusty surrogate boyfriend. Better than any guy could ever be, even. Haha!

Maybe I'll get lucky in 2007. Maybe YOU would too! :)

Here's to us single people in denial! ;)



  1. happy 2007 and may you find what you're looking for :)

  2. I have been drinking at least 20 units of alcohol every night for the past week.... because I've started back at uni! And last night was the best... after clssing up and finishing my shift in the union bar... the bar manager comes out of the cellar and says to me: "There's a whole keg of Carlsberg downstairs which expires in 5 days, so to be on the safe side I think we should finish it tonight. Are you up for it?".
    We finished off most of the keg when my bar manager decides that its now mandatory for us to make and drink some cocktails. Naturally I agree.
    I have to say its been my cheapest night out so far especially seeing as I got paid for it...

    Anyway, if there's one thing I've learnt from being at uni, its that your best friends tend to be the ones you laugh the most with. And its all about having a good laugh whether you're single or not, but here's to the single life! Enjoy it while it lasts.

    And if you ever find that special person to laugh with, then thats an added bonus!

  3. Dont finish them all by yourself, give me a few glasses too. Selfish lady, no wonder nobody want to marry you.

  4. Congrats... enjoy singleton. Yea, that elusive someone, is just so... elusive. Do we have to make an effort to seek them out... or wait for it to come?

  5. Relationship is so OVERRATED! Why bother ....

  6. book of love is unpredictable.

    you never know when you will end up married.

  7. just relax, sit back on a nice and cozy lazy chair, and enjoy every single moments in your live. don't be pushy, just let everything sails its own way. when the time comes, everything will be fine...


  8. Cheers that we remain single and have one less financial liability!

    Cheers that our wealth grows like lalang in an unkempt lawn.

    Cheers that we get invites to FA's dinner when she gets married.

  9. Yummm Seng... cheers


  11. "2+ years. Been THAT long since I’ve been single. Woah."

    you should say that it has been that long since you have been ATTACHED.

    so, now that you have seen how smart i am as compared to you, wanna go out on a date sometime? maybe we could have something to eat, grab some dessert, and go back to my place...

    FA: My hero!

  12. 'I think vodka if kept too long, CAN taste weird.'
    That reminds me, I still have two Blueberry Vodkas in my fridge that I didn't drink on New Years night because of the pain killers I was on! Yay! I still got Vodka left! ;-)

    'How was your New Year’s?'
    It started with me being in Hospital from 2:30AM to 4PM, including a CT Scan and being on Morphine to me being at home bored and falling half asleep 4PM to Midnight, then off to bed soon after midnight for sleep followed by another day of pain killers which didn't work too well and me playing computer games and trying not to fall asleep.
    Did you really want to know? :-)

    'Made any resolutions?'
    I never make resolutions. In your own words. 'What’s the point?' (Though, as a retorical question you really shouldn't end it with a question mark.)

    'Last year, 2006, I attended a record breaking number of marriages.'
    You're at the right age for it. I did something similar in 1990/1991 when I was about 25/26 years old. It's that time in life when everyone around your age decides to settle down.

    'The probability of Love. Of a Happily Ever After. Of a Someone. That notion of Trust and Loyalty.'
    I've personally given up on the 'Love' thing. I don't think I could ever fall in love again. I'd settle for someone trustworthy and loyal who I could be trustworthy and loyal to.

    Though I've previously been in love, and believe in love, I just don't think it will happen again for me.

    '2+ years. Been THAT long since I’ve been single.'

    I think it will be 10 years for me on April the 15th. [Not that I'm in a rush to change things with any old slag that turns up].

    'it’s not just about the boobs'
    That's not a lie. Else guys like me with huge man boobs would be getting laid already. [Probably laid by Lainie who loves her boobs ... except we're the wrong sex ... but that's a technicallity!] :-)

    'I don’t quite deny it. But really if you ask me for my opinion, I think it’s doing a great job being the trusty surrogate boyfriend.'
    Reminds me of this ...
    'You see every drink of liquor you take kills a thousand brain cells. Now that doesn't much matter 'cos we got billions more. And first the sadness cells die so you smile real big. And then the quiet cells go so you just say everything real loud for no reason at all. That'ok, that's ok because the stupid cells go next, so everything you say is real smart. And finally, come the memory cells. These are tough sons of bitches to kill. '

    'Here’s to us single people in denial!'
    Some of us aren't in denial, we're in self impossed exile.

    I hope your 2007 is a great one.
    You're lucky, this is the first Dabido type comment in a long long time ... and first one for 2007. Hope you feel special. :-)

  13. :) :) :) :)

    Happy singleton life.

    Parent will start mumbling. When you reach 29, they will arrange matchmaking.

  14. Goody. Since that, u might want to read my horoscope prediction for 2007. You are a Leo so here's the snipshot of it

    An interesting romantic is heading to you. Strong and prominent in the month of July. Where the Venus shall entering the purple sky. The person is your potential spouse.

    Lucky item(s): Kangaroo Bar

    Lucky color(s): Maroon

    Lucky no: 1

    Lucky month: December

    Things to avoid at all cost : Lychee

    Good luck to you. Remember, Open Season is in July & December

  15. haha.. you ain't no alcoholic. Just like me, we enjoy the high we get from vodka. plus, vodka kinda taste weird if you've opened the bottle and leave it more than a month. singles kinda rocks!!! I'm too young though but I wish all the singles out there best of luck!!!

  16. Hang around more often with divorcees and unfaithful men. U will then surely feel good about not being caught in the marriage trap.

  17. I wish you all the happiness in the world, FA!

  18. to single'ism (x.x).. yaaammmmmm seeeeennngggg

  19. I would think that Alcoholics go to meetings. If you go to meetings to discuss about alcoholism you are an alcoholic!!

    But The Ownage thinks you are not an alcoholic, possibly a drunk but not an alocholic!!

    Have a good 2007, and yes relatives can talk a lot of crap. They started talking bout relationships and what gay ass crap when I was 16 or so and I'm going wtf. But then most relatives are crap at starting a convo and only can talk about that 1 subject.

  20. "Man who marry for boobs is himself a boob."


  21. Don't worry , it perfectly ok to be single ... I'm in denial too :) If love happens it happens so there isn't much point in worrying about it right ? Just live life the way you like it and bask in the glow of having good friends. Carpe diem baby, tommorow never comes. (You can keep on repeating this like a mantra until you hit 30 , then you start panicking)

    Wishing you a happy 2007 too

    FA: Panicking at 30. That has always been the plan. After 32, I'm getting a puppy.

  22. *eyebrow raise*

    in denial....?

    cmere, you! :D

  23. singletons in denial? basket, denial your head.

    btw, when are we going to paint the town red together-gether? shit, it's 2007 already, no more procrastinating~!


  24. Here's to the nights we felt alive

    Here's to the tears you knew you'd cry

    Here's to goodbye

    Tomorrow's gonna come too soon

    . . . .Cheers woman

  25. Fuck vodka, fucking gut burner. Constipated me for almost a week. No more pineapple or ribena vodka for me.

  26. Cheers to you too. Having 2 friend tell me in a space of 2 weeks that they are getting married is NOT doing my single mood a whole of good :p

  27. It's not that bad lah FA. 27 is still a good age. Should enjoy it and things will eventually fall into place.

  28. 'After 32, I’m getting a puppy.'

    Woof! Woof!
    [That's going to get me a bad reaction I bet!!! lol]

  29. OK FA, it's like this, let's make a pact:

    If you're not married by 32 ans I'm not married by 32...

    let's adopt a puppy together!

    FA: 32 sounds like a very good number! set!

  30. jeevs,

    Long distance relationships never work. Siewks is more than willing to be your partner... Or maybe Albert. Hahahaaa... *runs away*

  31. But you're so pretty! I'm sure you'll get your Happily Ever After soon.

    And my MSN contact is my e-mail address :) Talk to you soon

  32. (I hope no one's already mentioned this)

    Reminds me of that old joke, A young single guy is always beings poked at weddings, his older relatives suggesting "you're next". They stop after he starts doing the same to them at funerals.

  33. I think a one night stand will settle it. Works better than alcohol!

  34. cheers to us single people also.

  35. Why puppy ? Why not get a dog ? It barks louder and able to protect you.

  36. enjoy yur singlehood while it lasts :).

  37. you're more like an attached person in denial hahahahaha

    FA: I WISH. -_-"

  38. boo~!

    get a cat! ...MOWS... they clean thier own mess! hahah

  39. love vodka so much? welcome to Moscow then...

    FA: Sponsoring me ah?

  40. ShadowFoxInKL: "Fuck vodka, fucking gut burner. Constipated me for almost a week. No more pineapple or ribena vodka for me."
    But why? vodka is so nice!
    I finished 2 litres of Absolut in the first week of December :D yumm!

    And I've finally figured out why I've been drinking so much recently:
    1. I'm more thristy than usual at the moment (colder, dryer weather).
    2. I always have several litres of alcohol in the fridge and/or freezer.
    3. Drinking also makes me thirsty. X_X
    I should probably drink water instead... :P

    Anyway... on a semi-detox now... drinking lots of chinese tea and been laying off the vodka!

  41. 2+ years. Been THAT long since I’ve been attached. Woah.

    Who was it?

  42. Make sure it's a golden cocker spaniel puppy ar. Cutest in teh universe. Then you can take it for walks in the park and soon you'll bump into your dream guy who's also walking his dog. This totally worked in 101 Dalmations.

  43. considering i've been drinking since last tuesday sure! whats another inch after six feet.

  44. Hey, I just read this in FEB, on Valentine's Day, made me sad-ish. I was single for a year plus after being in consistent serious relationships for 9 years. I was loving singlehood, jaded, or as I liked to call it cautious when it came to new relationships(and there wasn't a shortage of suitors, I was just scared and picky).

    Then it happened, the love of my life. Happens when you least expect it, happens when you dont even think you want it to happen.

    And you know what? I am still an alcoholic!



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