Friday, November 30, 2007

Booze Parties For The Soul

Carlsberg invited a few of us to the launch of their sibling, Tuborg. Obviously the only way I get to go for any of this kind of good stuff is because I know femes bloggers like Suanie - yeay!

VIP okay, don't play play!

Kudos to Tuborg for bringing in the pull-off bottle cap! No more waiting for the damn bartender to pop open your bottle again! No more having to lug around a fancy shaped bottle opener for emergency drinking sessions ever again! And the pop sound it makes when you pull off the cap sounds like a deeper version of the pop sounds bubble wraps make when you pop it! It makes me want to pull off caps for everybody just to hear it go POP! Brilliant!

girls lineup
Which guy wouldn't want to be the GM marketing for Tuborg right now?

The highlight of the night for me was the dance performances. There were 2 groups performing. The first one was by a local b-boy group called GBC - Gila Battle Crew. I'm so proud to say that we actually have some fairly decent local breakdance groups in Malaysia! All those crazy outstanding stunts you think you can only catch on Youtube? The walking on the hands, the turning ON their head, the hand stand..... we saw it ALL and MORE that night.

GBC tengah posing gila.

And the second group were imports from Australia called The Next Step.

Please, let me first digree. Anybody who knows me well enough would know that when I was 10 I wanted to run away from home to join the Russian ballet troupe, or how I go crazy when I see any sort of synchronised group dancing (that's why I heart N'sync), or how my eyes glaze over when I watch figure skating and ballroom dancing competitions on tv, or how I HAVE TO HAVE TO catch movies with dancing themes in it, or how I stop breathing when I watch the wade robson project on mtv...... etc etc.

What I'm strying to say is, The Next Step took my breathe away, stopped my heart from beating, and made me breakout in cold sweat. Awesome does NOT even being to describe how fucking fantastic their performance was. What is so unique about this group is on that night, they seamlessly fuse together 3 styles of dancing in their performance - tap dancing, hip-hop AND breakdance to the music orgy of which includes everything from pop to house to latino.

And it didn't hurt that the tap dancers were bleeding hot too.

I really wanted to sneak them home as a door gift, but I'm sure the organisers wouldn't be too happy with that.

Camwhoring with ST, Suanie and my very high forehead!

This is where I end my post with a thank you for the invites and a shameless plea to everybody to take me along for more booze parties, kthx!

(pictures brought to you by Suanie whom shall not be linked here only because she is linked basically everywhere else! :P Muaks!)

Photos by Mike Yip
Obviously, Suanie was there too!
About The Next Step (thanks Suanie!)

P/s: On a totally unrelated note : MY STUPID BABY CANON DIGICAM IS FIXED! FOR FREE! Thank you so much all you nice people at Canon YOU ROCK! Eventhough I was secretly hoping for a brand spanking newer, slimmer camera model in exchange but HEY! I HAVE A CAMERA NOW! EVERYTHING IS A-OKAY! YEAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! COMING SOON! More shameless self-portraits of MEMEME to haunt you in your sleep, while you brush your teeth, when you pay your taxes.....

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

WJS 5122

Yeah you. The cockfag driving that champagne coloured Honda who SUDDENLY cut into my lane at a TURNING without signalling.

I hope you die of the most embarrassing most painful venereal disease known to mankind which rots your slimy smelly puss covered dick until it falls off. Your mother should've left you to the wolves when she could, what was she thinking?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Real Life Fairytale.

I'm tired and not well rested. Apart from it being a dreaded Monday, today feels like nothing went right over the weekend.

I like fairytales. I wish I was living in one. Except, I don't want to be THAT useless, dependent, skanky, damsel in distress princess who sits around and wait for some stupid rich handsome prince in his majestic white steed to save me from a tall tower guarded by a fire-breathing dragon where we will then ride into the sunset, back to his castle and live happily ever after.

In my fairytale, I want a stupid stable 9-5 job I actually don't hate which pays me enough money to live my current lifestyle comfortably without my having to worry about budgeting, or when is the next price revision of EVERYTHING and perhaps fall in love with a simple, sensible, guy with a 9-5 job who shares some similar interests and loves me back like I love him, and if I'm lucky, maybe he won't give me too much trouble, or have me worry about him too much... Then once we're both financially comfortable, maybe we'll get married, open a joint account (apart from our own personal accounts; where we'll contribute a percentage of our pay into it every month) and get a cozy place for ourselves - with a dog please. On the weekdays we'll just chill out at home after work, sipping at our drinks to wind down while we catch our favourite tv series. We'll have our fights. We'll make up. We'll have our trips and holidays in faraway places, we'll indulge in good food when we like to, buy that toy or pretty thing we want, take a drive to a local island on long weekends, catch the movies we want to catch, hit the gym. Then maybe we'll have kids.

I'm not asking for any fucking 10,000 dollar handbag. I don't need a pretentious overpriced fast car. I don't need that stupid holiday villa at venice. I don't want Karl Lagerfield to design my clothes. I don't want a private jet. I don't need a diamond mine. I don't even want a stupid large stone on my finger. I don't want 10 maids to bring up my children. I don't need a brad pitt. I don't want to quit my job and live the life of a tai tai. I don't need to be famous. I don't need that latest most expensive electronic gadget. I don't need a guy who can afford to buy me everything and anything I might ever want, or don't want.

I want an average life, with some niceties sprinkled here and there, that'll be perfect. I know this world is some tough shit. I don't need an extravagant happily ever after. I just want my happily ONCE in a while.

Sure I dream about greater things. About shooting for the stars, and hoping to land among the clouds. Then I wake up to this... real life. And in the real life, if you're not born into the right family, even the simplest dreams are so hard to achieve. That is, if it that dream doesn't involve a plan trying to snare some rich, loaded "prince" to cater for your every whim and fancy, unlike a lot of girls I know and heard about, which disgusts me to no end. That's just not right lah, imho. Coz at the end of the day don't you want to look back and know that you achieved something for myself with yourown two hands? I do.

What's wrong with not expecting for too much? What's wrong with not dreaming big? What's wrong with being happy with just the simple things? Be the best daughter, sibling, friend, employee, companion, or (maybe) parent one can possibly be. Fuck when you think about it, that's no simple feat, okay.

In the end, I'm just an average person, who looks forward to simple pleasures like sleeping-in on a rainy day and catching a good movie. Trying to live my life the best I can. It's not SUPER - but it's so very stable and reliable. Realistic. Constant and comfortable. I like it.

I don't mind being mediocre. What's with the inflated price of everything and the almost no power of purchase with our shitty $$$ - today's world is so tough that even average is just so hard to BE.

I'm happy leaving being super to the cartoons.

Besides, the guy I fall in love with should treat me like a princess and pamper me once in a while. :)

But hey, that's just me!

Happy Monday.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Milo Replied!

Remember this?

Milo replied! But the response was damn boring lah... standard issue template. Called me "sir" some more. So disappointing.

Anyway, because sharing is caring, here it is, just for you!

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for contacting MILO website. There is no secret.........Just prepare MILO according to the instructions on our label to get that perfect drink. Should you have further clarifications, please call our Free phone 1800-88-3433 during office hours and our representative will be happy to assist you.


Nestlé Consumer Services


Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Like plays?
Like Patrick Teoh?

Then you'll like this:


A chockfull of Patrick Teoh goodness for an ENTIRE HOUR for what an amazing price of only RM30!!!!!11one

I paid a good RM30 to watch this last night, so you KNOW this is not just any "helping out a friend to advertise it because I watched it for free" shit.

Take heed though, it IS a play directed by Gavin Yap, which means.... well if you don't know what it means then there's no point for me to tell you anything more than LEAVE YOUR UNDERAGED KIDS AT HOME.

Hurry! Last 2 days!

Ok, back to work.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Party Like A Blogger.

@ Heineken Extra Cold Beer Launch

Heineken just launched their extra cold (less than 0 degrees!! ZOMG! Can. Not. Resist. Novelty.) beer. Some of us were invited for this event because they know we'll take loads and loads of shameless pictures and everybody knows that shameless pictures make great product placements.

It's fantastic that brewers are finally realising that beer can only be consumed ONE way - COLD… else it tastes like cowpiss.

BUT! You can only get Heineken Extra Cold Beer ONLY through:
1. Selected merchants with the special super duper canggih extra cold tap
2. Selected merchants with the special super duper canggih extra cold freezer.

If I'm not mistaken, Velvet Underground is one of the selected merchants... I don't know where else and I wished I was paying attention, but I was too busy guzzling free beer (I'd sell my soul for free stuff) and listening to the awesome music that was being spun by some awesome DJs.... whom I've sadly forgotten their names.

The bottle was so cold that if you left it by itself the surface of the liquid actually turns into ICE. It's so cold that if you drink it too fast your tongue gets numb and your brains freezes over.

I like it. Except for the part where I NEED to wear gloves to drink this thing.

And the following show illustrate how a typical blogger might party:

1. Get free beer from some random hotchick (grr)

2. Camwhore with fellow bloggers. Pay special attention to a) Show how much fun you're having b) Display name of free stuff prominently.

3. Yum Seng. Consume. Repeat Step #1.

4. Repeat Step #2.

5. Repeat step #4 over and over. Take a break by repeating step #1 periodically.

6. So long and thanks for all the booze!

7. Dread the next WORKING day. (I really wished people will NOT hold free flow booze events on a weekday. In KL. Most of us losers actually HAVE dayjobs.)

Pictures were brought to you by Suanie & ShaolinTiger. Many thanks from a poor blogger who can’t afford to buy herself a new digicam.


Friday, November 9, 2007

Random Act Of The Day


"Hi there, I have been wondering for ages, how to recreate the milo drink to taste exactly like the ones which are distributed from the milo truck. This has been bugging me and all my friends since childhood. I would appreicate it very much if you could share the recipe, which I hope is not an industry secret. Please, please, please. Thanks! :)"

I hope they reply.

I Love Parties.


There's nothing like a party with unlimited supply of free booze to make me happier than Pooh swimming in a pool of honey.

So please invite me to more events and ply me with LOTS of free alcohol, thanks.

More after the weekend.

Happy weekend! :)

Friday, November 2, 2007

I Want. I Want. I Want.

I want more money. I want a better job. I want a bigger car. I want my own place. I want Ikea furnitures. I want to tour the world. I want to stop working. I want a diamond ring. I want a roomful of my favourite alcohol. I want more time. I want more sleep. I want to pamper myself with a nice long spa. I want to eventually marry a nice, rich handsome guy who loves me blindly and whole heartedly. I want to stop searching for happiness. I want more hair. I want bigger boobs. I want to be taller. I want bigger eyes. I want a better complexion. I want an elder brother. I want foreign brands to stop inflating their prices by 5 times. I want to work overseas. I want to migrate. I want to go back to Sydney one more time. I want people to blog not for money, but because they WANT to. I want to be in paris and venice for my honeymoon. I want to go Scotland. I want to celebrate saint patrick's day in Ireland. I want to club in London. I want to see the pretty people in New York. I want people to stop abusing their religion. I want all my high school gfs to come back and I want things to be as they were because I miss them so much. I want an awesome digital camera. I want justice for all and without prejudice. I want to eat lobster sashimi. I want to be born with crazy music talent. I want my sister to stop being a spoilt brat. I want all my friends to bloody stop getting married because I'm getting broke, running out of things to wear, and feeling left behind. I want to drink everyday for fun. I want to win a lottery. I want my water to be clean without having to filter it. I want to keep fit without having to go to the gym or watch my diet. I want to eat a good creme brulee. I want stupid MPs to die. I want you to just know what I'm thinking and feeling without me having to tell you. I want everybody to like me. I want to work in an MNC. I want to be famous. I want to go clubbing every weekend, for free. I want to act in a movie. I want my happily ever after. I want to be able to sing like an angel. I want to touch Brad Pitt and Takeshi. I want to be able to afford the things I like. I want to have my own bar at home. I want a stronger water pressure upstairs. I want endless legs. I want clubs to stop overcharging for watered down, shitty drinks. I want them to stop airing stupid mindless cartoons. I want my artists to come here and perform without restrictions. I want smaller thighs. I want to try wagyu beef. I want an Ipod touch. I want flowers. I want my brother to be home more often. I want a superfast computer with a the fastest internet connection. I want my family to always be happy and taken care of. I want to play the drums. I want a newer, better phone. I want longer eyelashes. I want more holidays. I want to kick Michael Jackson on his ass for fucking himself up. I want liquour to be cheaper. I want nicer shoes. I want a Labrador puppy. I want more bags. I want funkier earrings. I want our education system to stop sucking. I want to catch up on all the good movies I've missed. I want nicer clothes. I want to buy all the pretty cosmetics. I want the RM to be stronger. I want petrol to be cheaper. I want lower tax. I want higher wages. I want my RM2.50 fishball meehoon, chicken rice back. I want a home theatre system. I want our radio DJs to be less annoying. I want my government to do a better job. I want media to show real stories. I want 1% of Bill Gates wealth. I want all bartenders to be able to make a decent LIT and margarita. I want to go on a cruise. I want stupid people to die.

I want to stop wanting things and just be happy with what I've got.

But I'm only human.