Friday, November 30, 2007

Booze Parties For The Soul

Carlsberg invited a few of us to the launch of their sibling, Tuborg. Obviously the only way I get to go for any of this kind of good stuff is because I know femes bloggers like Suanie - yeay!

VIP okay, don't play play!

Kudos to Tuborg for bringing in the pull-off bottle cap! No more waiting for the damn bartender to pop open your bottle again! No more having to lug around a fancy shaped bottle opener for emergency drinking sessions ever again! And the pop sound it makes when you pull off the cap sounds like a deeper version of the pop sounds bubble wraps make when you pop it! It makes me want to pull off caps for everybody just to hear it go POP! Brilliant!

girls lineup
Which guy wouldn't want to be the GM marketing for Tuborg right now?

The highlight of the night for me was the dance performances. There were 2 groups performing. The first one was by a local b-boy group called GBC - Gila Battle Crew. I'm so proud to say that we actually have some fairly decent local breakdance groups in Malaysia! All those crazy outstanding stunts you think you can only catch on Youtube? The walking on the hands, the turning ON their head, the hand stand..... we saw it ALL and MORE that night.

GBC tengah posing gila.

And the second group were imports from Australia called The Next Step.

Please, let me first digree. Anybody who knows me well enough would know that when I was 10 I wanted to run away from home to join the Russian ballet troupe, or how I go crazy when I see any sort of synchronised group dancing (that's why I heart N'sync), or how my eyes glaze over when I watch figure skating and ballroom dancing competitions on tv, or how I HAVE TO HAVE TO catch movies with dancing themes in it, or how I stop breathing when I watch the wade robson project on mtv...... etc etc.

What I'm strying to say is, The Next Step took my breathe away, stopped my heart from beating, and made me breakout in cold sweat. Awesome does NOT even being to describe how fucking fantastic their performance was. What is so unique about this group is on that night, they seamlessly fuse together 3 styles of dancing in their performance - tap dancing, hip-hop AND breakdance to the music orgy of which includes everything from pop to house to latino.

And it didn't hurt that the tap dancers were bleeding hot too.

I really wanted to sneak them home as a door gift, but I'm sure the organisers wouldn't be too happy with that.

Camwhoring with ST, Suanie and my very high forehead!

This is where I end my post with a thank you for the invites and a shameless plea to everybody to take me along for more booze parties, kthx!

(pictures brought to you by Suanie whom shall not be linked here only because she is linked basically everywhere else! :P Muaks!)

Photos by Mike Yip
Obviously, Suanie was there too!
About The Next Step (thanks Suanie!)

P/s: On a totally unrelated note : MY STUPID BABY CANON DIGICAM IS FIXED! FOR FREE! Thank you so much all you nice people at Canon YOU ROCK! Eventhough I was secretly hoping for a brand spanking newer, slimmer camera model in exchange but HEY! I HAVE A CAMERA NOW! EVERYTHING IS A-OKAY! YEAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! COMING SOON! More shameless self-portraits of MEMEME to haunt you in your sleep, while you brush your teeth, when you pay your taxes.....


  1. Yay! Shameless Camwhoring pics to come!!! Yay!

  2. how abt ur harddisk? not gonna crash?

  3. Hmmm. Your face looks a little more evil nowadays. Eat more babies!

  4. u know... your site is blocked by this fortiguard thingy by our campus.... and i got this crap..

    You have tried to access a web page which is in violation of your internet usage policy.

    Category: Phishing

    ... i had to use this proxy avoidance thingy to view your page... fuck fortiguard... fuck the campus dumbass internet admin ppl

  5. the $ For The Booze headline seems SO apt for the ad you're having now

  6. forehead nowhere near as large as ShaolinTiger so don't feel bad :D

  7. Is the hairline receding? By the way, I know just the guy u are taking about in your previous entries but u need to cross the long bridge to the tiny red dot ....

  8. Hiyoh! Tuborg is a shitty beer la. No shame la you all. Hee hee hee...Carlsberg makes good Carlsberg. And then sometimes good SKOL and good Ginseng Stout. That's it. Anything else coming out of their is Danish/Malaysian crap.
    This is my 2 sen ok. Free country right? Hee hee hee.

  9. The fuking tuborg gm. feichai he has got like ten mather langlui. I would like to join him as a marketig exec.

  10. That's a very impressive forehead. Don't be ashamed. I think it means you have a giant brain or something.


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