Thursday, November 15, 2007

Party Like A Blogger.

@ Heineken Extra Cold Beer Launch

Heineken just launched their extra cold (less than 0 degrees!! ZOMG! Can. Not. Resist. Novelty.) beer. Some of us were invited for this event because they know we'll take loads and loads of shameless pictures and everybody knows that shameless pictures make great product placements.

It's fantastic that brewers are finally realising that beer can only be consumed ONE way - COLD… else it tastes like cowpiss.

BUT! You can only get Heineken Extra Cold Beer ONLY through:
1. Selected merchants with the special super duper canggih extra cold tap
2. Selected merchants with the special super duper canggih extra cold freezer.

If I'm not mistaken, Velvet Underground is one of the selected merchants... I don't know where else and I wished I was paying attention, but I was too busy guzzling free beer (I'd sell my soul for free stuff) and listening to the awesome music that was being spun by some awesome DJs.... whom I've sadly forgotten their names.

The bottle was so cold that if you left it by itself the surface of the liquid actually turns into ICE. It's so cold that if you drink it too fast your tongue gets numb and your brains freezes over.

I like it. Except for the part where I NEED to wear gloves to drink this thing.

And the following show illustrate how a typical blogger might party:

1. Get free beer from some random hotchick (grr)

2. Camwhore with fellow bloggers. Pay special attention to a) Show how much fun you're having b) Display name of free stuff prominently.

3. Yum Seng. Consume. Repeat Step #1.

4. Repeat Step #2.

5. Repeat step #4 over and over. Take a break by repeating step #1 periodically.

6. So long and thanks for all the booze!

7. Dread the next WORKING day. (I really wished people will NOT hold free flow booze events on a weekday. In KL. Most of us losers actually HAVE dayjobs.)

Pictures were brought to you by Suanie & ShaolinTiger. Many thanks from a poor blogger who can’t afford to buy herself a new digicam.



  1. isnt this the same baju u posted earlier? or its the same posts.... (let me check again)

    if the darn things is so chilly, how to hold it? and doesnt ur lips get stuck to the bottle? - argh.. that would look funny!

    ps: after u mabuk. do u get stuck in jam.. lately the assholic traffic is doomed

  2. Hey, who makes that cooler? it's pretty cool.

  3. That looks like regular Heineken, just a little colder. btw, I happen to like warm beer. I never have to worry about refrigeration or any of that modern-day stuff.

  4. me. wants. beer. screw. novelty.

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  8. Warm or frozen, Heineken is still cow piss. How come it's not a beer-ice lolly? Must put antifreeze in it or something. Hmmm, doesn't that make it not beer? Something about purity laws and only four ingredients.

    Anyway, warm beer is nice to drink if it's good beer. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Enjoy more.

  9. P.S. In the photos on your blog, you are not drinking the stuff. I know, you just can't bring yourself to do it. It's like eating macaroni and cheese after acquiring a taste for gourmet pasta. Or like stopping yourself before you do something really stupid that you'll regret.

  10. I hate Heineken because it tastes watered down even from a bottle.

  11. temperature dulls the sense of taste. that's why most white wines are "agreeable". good beer can be had very successfully at room temp.

  12. Hi, my name is disman-kl, i like your site and i ll be back ;)


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