Monday, June 30, 2008

Euphoria by Ministry of Sound

Was lucky enough to attend their preview last Thursday.

This club is going to be FANTASTIC.

Let me tell you why.

First of all, it’s in P freaking J. A hundred gajillian points for that. Granted we’ve always had clubs in the PJ area, but none of it can ever be quite like this one. Euphoria is like Zouk and Velvet, only so much BETTER. Let me count the ways.

1.Proper ventilation
This if the first time I could actually breathe without choking in here. Plus the higher ceiling makes the place look humongous and spacious. Actually the main reason why people can breathe in here most probably because….


Smoking is only allowed in the outdoor lounge area and Designated Smoking Areas, which is basically a room for smokers to hang out and smoke each other to death. I find it very difficult to describe to you in any language how insanely ecstatic I was when I found out about this. If I’m not mistaken, this brilliant concept was brought over from Singapore, where they had recently banned people from smoking inside clubs. Clubs in Singapore had to either build a special room for smokers, or smokers had to take their dirty business outside. This is seriously the best damn thing that could happen to all non-smokers who love to club and would like to be able to keep breathing.

3. Excellent music
But what about the music I hear you cry? Well if you’re anything like me, you are fed up over the fact that the clubs in Malaysia only spin you three types of music. 1) Overplayed RnB & rap. 2 ) Old cheesy Retro. 3) Hard feng tau trance and techno. Who can forget those annoying wannabe-Timbaland DJs who like to scratch their CDs badly? Ugh. Do local clubs share the same CDs? If I’m going to pay a cover charge of RM40 and one stupid drink just to listen to you playing Ice-Ice Baby or Bon Jovi or the fucking Umbrella song I might as well just stay home and listen to the radio FOR FREE. Euphoria plays PROPER dance music. They do play RnB and retro but they REMIX it with infectious dance back beats which makes you want to get up and DANCE. Euphoria actually feels like a proper London Dance Club. Unfortunately, the dance music greatness isn’t very consistent because they do bring in the local DJs to spin, and when that happens, oh hello same old boring overplayed shitty songs. But when it’s good, it’s GOOD.

4. Tasteful, classy interior
It definitely looks better than a cave or a blob of cement. Everything is like a “wow” or “woah” or “holy wtf”. The deco is really amazing. Chain-mail curtains. Custom-made chairs and tables. Cozy sofa and pillows. Carpeted floors. Ambient lighting. Five-star hotel looking toilets. Running-water wall decos. Glass-floor bridge (A must try! But not when drunk, or when wearing skirts or dresses, seriously girls what were you thinking?). Every part of the club looks different, it gives you the illusion of your “own little space”. I absolutely love that they put in so much effort to make this place look so pretty and not make it look like just another regular dance club.

5. Two dancefloors
Wooden dance floors, Seriously, who makes them like that anymore? Everybody’s into cutting-costs and cement these days. And as if making them wooden isn’t wonderful enough, it VIBRATES to the beat of the music.

6. Premium
This is the ouch part. Somebody’s gotta pay for all the expensive, classy deco, awesome systems and good music isn't going to play by itself so it's obviously going to be you and me. I heard that it’s going to be a bit more expensive than your usual Velvet to open a regular bottle of whiskey. But Cover charge as follows: RM50 on Fridays and Saturdays, RM40 on Wednesdays and Thursdays, RM20 on Sundays to Tuesdays. Admission is inclusive of 1 drink.

But if you're younger than 21, don't bother trying to get in. ;)

This place is seriously going to ROCK it big time.
Official Opening's on 2 July. Guess where I'd like to be then?

Official Website
Write-up on Klue

Friday, June 27, 2008

Is This Why I Don't See Many Stray Dogs Anymore?

Foreign workers eating dog meat

KLANG: Stray puppies are ending up as meals for foreign construction workers keen on reducing their food bills.




Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Girls Don't Have All the Fun

Whoever said that being a girl was more fun? Bring the bugger to me. I’ll hang that idiot upside down by his toes while a rat feeds on his/her feet.

While I’m trying to balance my chequebook, be a filial daughter, a decent friend, a loving companion, a productive employee, booze and find time to blog in between everything else, do I really WANT to spend time taking care unwanted hair growth on my legs, underarms, face and god knows where else? No, I don’t. But now and again I still find myself tangled up in some yoga lotus position trying to reach hard-to-reach places of my underarm, or having to through the time-consuming process of cold waxing my legs, or forcing to drive out to some dodgy shop to get my upper lip trimmed for a price of excruciating PAIN.

The wall behind the greeting counter

So when I heard the Bella centre offered a hair removal treatment via their Depilux Permanent Hair Removal system, I jumped on it! Serena C is the ambassador for this treatment and I saw their ad in The Star just the other day!

What really attracted me to this was when I heard that the treatment will be 1) Almost painless and 2) Almost permanent. “Almost” painless because there is some slight pain which feels like a quick prick of a sharp needle. “Almost” permanent because while they promise a 95% chance of your hair never growing back, there is still a 5% chance that it could due to hormonal changes in our body as you age.

Almost painless! Almost permanent! I’ll put my money on the table with that kind of odds in my favour, wouldn’t you? Almost immediately, I made an appointment to check the treatment out at their Midvalley branch.

I arrived fashionably late (thank you, dear job and traffic jam) and was instantly whisked away into a private consultation room for a chat.

The ambient consultation room

The Depilux Permenant Hair Removal System employs a machine that utilizes this technology called Intense Pulse Light System.

The thingy which flashes lights which kills your hair root

What it does basically is that it emits a very bright, high density light (not a laser) to burn the root of your hair. This kills the root, or retarding it to the point where you can actually use your fingers to gently nudge the hair out of its root. Yup, I couldn’t believe it either.

The walls upstairs were adorned with pretty wall paintings

The treatment takes place in a different room located upstairs.

I was made to take off my top and given a robe to put on. Then I was made to lie down and a pair of goggles were put on me to shield my eyes from the intense light emitted from the machine.

The treatment room

The center manager offered to give me her hand to hold, in case I got scared of the pain. This really freaked me out because I was starting to anticipate a really long, grueling session of, well, PAIN and my mind was promptly filled with mental images of PAIN and torture devices.
To my surprise, the entire treatment lasted no longer than 3 minutes! What happens is that they take this light-emitting rod and flash it on various parts of your chosen area. Place. Flash. Place. Flash. Place. Flash. It was as quick as switching the torchlight on and off. What pain? It was just tiny micro quick little pricks, hah!

I really like the wall paintings!

To end the treatment they applied a gel-like substance on the treated area for a cooling effect.

It’s been almost a full month since my first treatment I must say this: it works! It really works! Hair growth on the treated area (if you must know, it was my underarm) has deteriorated substantially. You see, I usually trim that area by plucking. After less than one week it grows back all thick and stubbly. However AFTER this treatment, I noticed that I hardly had any new hair growth in that area! Even after a whole month! It was practically as clean as the day after the treatment!


This sounds gross but I’m so amazed by how smooth it feels these days I keep touching it! So smooth! SO HAPPY!!!

I was recommended to come for follow-up treatments to complete the treatment. For RM2,999 I would receive 5 sessions Hair Removal and 5 touch up sessions.


It sounds a bit expensive, right? Well if you’re just curious and want a sampling session I understand that trial sessions are available at RM258 (for underarms), which is quite affordable because facial treatments these days costs about that much anyway right? If you’re interested to make an appointment, you could keep in touch with the good people from Bella Skin Care Centre at 03-2284 8088.

Okay now I’m going to go and celebrate my freedom from fuzz, bye! :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Had a good eventful day yesterday. Not a real update but I need to get a couple things of my... *looks down* uh, chest first.

1. Kung Fu Panda is damn cute and epic. "Review" to follow.
2. THIS Hulk was so much better than THAT hulk. "Review" to follow.
3. Get Smart was silly and cheesy but I thought it was a great fun watch! "Review" to follow.
4. Steak in Jake's is still awesome - but after finishing 200g it feels damn jelak. Maybe they could consider including a 180g as an option.
5. I think Eagle's Nest is closed. Been trying to contact them since last week but no one picks up the phone. Can anybody confirm this?
6. My sister's hamster escaped yesterday morning. I saw the furry critter run pass me as I was walking out of the house. Tried to catch the fella but he was too fast. Or rather, I hesitated a little too long because I was scared of being bitten. I HATE being bitten. It ran into a tiny dark store room in the toilet. So all I did was left some food outside the toilet and smsed my sister. "YOUR HAMSTER HAS ESCAPED. IT'S IN THE TOILET. CATCH IT" kthxbai. It is now SEP. The other dying monster hamster is still alive and kicking but extremely skinny. Sigh.
7. I like to drive, actually. If there's no traffic and stupid drivers on the road, I enjoy driving. Well just because I'm not great at it doesn't mean I can't enjoy it, right?
8. There is no point number eight. I just wanted to put an extra point because number 8 is such an auspicious number! Back to work!

Guinness 9 Ball Tour @ Genting

I'm actually quite a big fan of pool. The game with cue and balls, not the tank that holds a lot of water for people and animals to swim in. I took up the game during my college days, and I would actually practice on the snooker table because once you get the hang of snooker, pool is nothing. Do you have any idea how frustrating snooker is? Everytime I missed I swear it puts me into a murderous hulkrage.

Wait, before you happily challenge me for a game I have to admit that my game now really suck. Haven’t been playing for about 5-6 years already. These days my aiming is always off and most of the time I will miss the damn pocket. Gaya ada lah, mutu takde. I wished I was better at this game though. It’s one game I thoroughly enjoy. Especially with drinks.

Anyway, I was in Genting and was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Guinness 9 Ball Pool Tour tournament which boasts the participation of some of Asia’s best pool players.

Camwhoring opportunity. Cannot resist.

Watching a pool game in real life is so much more exciting than watching it in on the telly (I used to enjoy catching snooker tourneys on Astro - more balls, lengthier game). Being part of the live audience, you actually get to FEEL the atmosphere, see the whole table and watch the player’s facial reactions in REAL TIME without the cameraman mucking things up for you at the most crucial moment.

Live commentator, commentating

These people really make pool look so easy and are lightning fast man. As if it’s not stressful enough that they pot in the balls, there’s also a 40 second time limit for every shot they take.

In less than one rack, I was already rooting for this Taipei player, Chang Jung-Lin. He won 2 other previous legs before (in Taipei and Penang) and it looks as if he is set on bagging this one with his eyes closed.

My Asian pool hero!

He’s really brilliant. When I saw the first match (this was in the quarterfinals already) between him and some other guy, I saw him tearing apart his opponent apart 9-0. It’s like watching a giant stomping an ant. One small mistake and he is all over you like a bull with his balls tied up let loose in a china shop. And he’s only 23 years old.

What Chang endearing were his facial expressions. He makes the funniest facial expressions when he is studying the table, or after he takes a particularly difficult shot. By default, he puts on this serious, stern, poker-face which makes him look 10 years older than he really is. But on the rare occasion when the opponent makes a blunder, that stern looking face breaks into the cheekiest grin you ever saw on a young boy, a reminder that he’s still only 23. There were also times when he’s analyzing the table where he’ll suck in the air on hold it in his mouth – making him look like a chimpanzee, hehehe!

Monkey face!

I tried to watch the other matches without him playing but lost interest after one rack. It lacked the brutal killer spirit that Chang’s games possess.

The most interesting match I saw was the one between him and a Korean player, Ryu. They were both out-snooking each other and this actually went on for a few turns. The game was pretty intense until both the players broke into a giggle and candidly high-fived each other, much to the audiences’ glee.

Ryu in action. He put up a good fight but lost to Chang 9-2

Chang breezed through the semis without breaking a sweat and was matched against a Filipino player nicknamed Gaga in the finals. It was the most exciting match to me because unlike the other games I saw, Gaga managed to actually put up a decent fight. Chang had to earn every point. Any mistakes he made were severely punished by Gaga who promptly cleaned up the table. Boy that Gaga was lightning fast. So fast that sometimes he place himself even before the cue ball stops. Unlike Chang who likes to take his time between shots, Gaga gets into the game and just shoots - speedy and almost effortless (almost like O' Sullivan for snooker). But in the end, Chang was the better player, beating Gaga with a pretty comfortable 11-8.

Gaga in action. Notice his leg up, hehe.


Chang taking his final winning shot.

To pass the time in between games I hung out at the hospitality area.

Pretty tables

Pretty Warhol-like wall

Complete with a pool table...

The Black Challenge semi-finals were held here too!

….. and a Guinness bar.

Reason for happy!

Needless to say, I was quite happy. :p

Glug glug glug

There also another tournament going on at the same time - the Guinness Black Challenge finals, a 9 ball speed pool challenge for amateurs that were picked up from all over the country.

Congratulations to the winners!

Sigh. Watching this tournament really made me feel inadequate. I now have a strong urge to brush up my lack of skills and take up pool again.

And to end this post, here’s a shot of hot chicks for your viewing pleasure….

A booze event is never complete without its harem of hot young things

… and an old, not so hot one for your viewing displeasure. :P

FA, signing out

Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Post

Very busy week last week. There wasn't a single night which passed by where these wasn't an event or a dinner to go for. Can't get used to it, maybe because I'm getting older. Mum's already making noise for not seeing me at home long enough, even over the weekends. I think I'll have to cut down my weekend outings already and save Sunday for family. Terrible child tsk tsk.




My sister's hamsters (the one which I bought for her) are really fighting. The previous hamsters never fought. Is it because they are both males and male animals are usually territorial? We always thought that they were play fighting until last weekend. Where this one hamster got his shit kicked out of him. I was checking out them hamsters when I saw that the furry fella was in bad shape and bleeding, but not sure where. Had to separate those two. It was really in bad shape. Could see that there were patches of dried blood all over the fella. And its coat of fur wasn't healthy. My first thought was "shit. this guy is not going to make it, better sent to a vet", but it's a little ridiculous to want to send a hamster to a vet isn't it? Then my sister put them back together again, only having to separate them right after she saw them fighting again. The same hamster got more thrashing and you could actually see the claw/teeth marks on him. Shit. Don't know what to do with them anymore except to keep them apart for the time being.


I need to go back to the gym. Getting flabby lo. Doesn't look very nice.


OooOOoOoo. Somebody's birthday is coming up, Mr Gemini. You're one year older, mows! ;P


Balik kampung this weekend because my brother has to pour tea for our paternal side of the family. That's going to be one helluva headache and loads of tired.


I thought 21 would be an awesome movie because it had Kevin Spacey in it. The movies I've watched with Kevin Spacey in it have been awesome. Unfortunately I wasn't so impressed with this movie. I liked the idea of it. Kevin was being his great bad ass self. But the storyline... not very gripping. Not quite worth watching in the cinemas. I thought Kate Bosworth was quite hot, but she was boring. Like a pretty mannequin. Oh well. Watching The Hulk and Kung Fu Panda this week! YEAY! *excited*


I thought I had more random stuff to say. I was actually reminding myself this morning what I would post about but now I've forgotten everything. Oh well. Happy Monday!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Made of Honour


Disclaimer: This movie was viewed under the influence. Quality of review is suspect. I disclaim everything. Proceed at your own risk

I’ll be honest. I cannot stand watching Grey’s Anatomy and I think this Patrick Dampsey fellow is way overrated. Neither can I stand fan girls who faint at the mere sound of his name. However, I do understand his need to milk this fanatical popularity he has going on for him and what better way to cash on it than to star in a chick flick?

Plot? Well, if you’re not too much of a dunce the poster is pretty much self-explanatory. This is actually just another version of My Best Friend’s Wedding, except the role of the” Julia “big mouth, unshaven armpits, sparkling white teeth” Roberts is played by Patrick “thank god for grey's anatomy otherwise I'll just be another unemployed bum” Dampsey who manages to pull it off without causing any major inflictions.

It’s no profound heart-felt drama. There are no self-righteous messages embedded in it. It will not be life changing. This movie will win no Oscars. But if you’re looking for some mindless, cute and fun-loving movie for a girly outing or a (not first) date, then this is the perfect movie for your needs.

But would YOU like it? Well it really depends on who you are.

Dampsey fangirl:
It's a movie. With Dampsey in it. Need I elaborate? You’ll watch this a few times in the theatre, get your hands on all the paraphernalia, buy your own original DVD, watch it until it breaks then go out to buy another one, catch it on Astro in 2 years time and you’ll still love it.

Chick flick fans
It’s another chick flick. Can’t find a reason to not like it. I’m waiting for those idiots who love making movie spoofs to come out with “Not Another chick Flick” movie. I can smell it. It’s coming. And I'm staying a hundred miles away from it.

The main girl is really cute. She looks like a cross between Liv Tyler and Selma Blair. Eventhough you hate (or secretly pretend to hate) chick flicks and the only reason why you’ll be watching this in public is because your girlfriend wants to, you’ll still enjoy the girl. It helps to ease the pain.

NOT Chick flick fans
It’s got CHICK FLICK WRITTEN ALL OVER IT IN BOLD AND FLASHING HOT PINK FLUORESCENT LIGHTING. Why on earth would you want to go watch it if you hate chick flicks in the first place? Masochist.

Okay, I’m a sucker for chick flicks lah. I’m just a girl afterall, can you really blame me? I like the fairytales. The happy endings. The cheesiness. The classic “jerk turns good guy just for the girl” formula. I can’t help smiling when I see the cute self-sacrificial stuff the protagonist would do just for the girl he truly loves. Eventhough it’s idiotic, cheesy and done to death, chick flicks are like comfort junk food for my soul.

I really enjoyed it. I wasn't even annoyed seeing Dampsey's face flashing all over the screen. I think being imbibed played a huge role in my enjoyment. A drunk brain makes everybody and everything seem clever and funny.

I watch this movie expecting a chick flick and I GET a chick flick. Expectations met. Pass go. Collect 200 bucks.

By the way, I wasted half the movie trying to figure out where I’ve seen the other guy before and it really distracted me a lot. Because I’m nice and don’t wish for you to go through the same fate as I did, I’ll let you know first hand that he is that general from Rome from the HBO series. You’re welcome!

Thanks Nuffnang!

I am looking forward to watch Kungfu Panda and The Hulk next week! After that I want to watch Hancock! Can’t wait can’t wait! Review will follow shortly after, of course!

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hot Anniversary Party @ Pulse

Please the deadline, extend it.
I’m sorry I’ve tried my best but they really can’t extend anymore.
Back and forth back and forth.
Please extend it.
Please approve it now.
One last email to end it all.
Please approve urgently. Bai.
Ring ring!
OHAI Eyeris! Oh now? Okay coming!
Eh, where are you? WHAT! Didn’t I tell you? No? Shit. No no, I'm here now!!
Guess I’ll read a book and wait.
Tired. Tired. Sleepy. Think I’m getting old.
Ring ring!
OHAI! You’re here already? GREAT!
Okay let’s go!
EH, suddenly don’t feel like going anymore lah. Eyes cannot stay open.
Hehe, ok just kidding. It's free booze!
Oh where is it? Oh here! Why do they hide the entrance!
Oooh. Nice. Wah so many celebrities!
Eh, that’s Harith Iskandar.
Oh shit, but I haven’t had dinner yet.
Ooh! Elaine Daly!
Amber Chia!
Ooh this looks like a nice place to hang out!
Let’s park here!
Miss Malaysia World, Dawn!
Finger food! GRAB IT!
Oh wait, that’s Serena C’s voice wasn’t it…
Backstreet boys!
M2M Pretty Boy!
Eh what’s that weird song, I don’t know the anwer lah.
Holy shit Beverly Hills 90210!
Angus? MacGyver’s last name was ANGUS?
Oooh. Hot CyberRed! Fooh!
Pose! Click! Pose! Click! Pose! Click!
Wah! 45 bottles of Smirnoff sponsored!
Can I tarpau one home please?
WHAT! Party’s over? NOOO!!
Oh well, let’s go.
Wah, got rubber inside the goody bag. Hmm.
Whee! I so high! I so happy! Woo woo woo!
Oh no, I haven’t had dinner yet wtf, I forgot!
Ah fuck it I’m not hungr..zzzzzz……..

Gah. Do I really have to work today? :(

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday Post

No Monday post because I was on a business trip yesterday... sorry?

Business Trip. Cheh. Macam glamour, but really it's not. It's fucking tiring that's what. Especially when you are on the plane to start the day, and on another flight to end it.


I was in Singapore for a day.

How do you know you're in Singapore?
The policemen are mostly Chinese (hahaha).

And the airport still looks clean and new. Am I being biased? The grass is always greener. But they do offer you mint sweets at the immigration checkpoint. The office took my passport and ticket, looked at me all sternly with a curt "morning", then suddenly breaks into a smile and asks "would you like a sweet?". I thought that was a nice touch and really thoughtful.

The taxi guy from Singapore was complaining how everything is so expensive in Singapore and that we Malaysians shouldn't be complaining so much.

But what he doesn't realise is that their fresh graduate's pay in the finance industry is about SGD4k, whereas ours is like RM2,500. Their average price of a small starbucks drink is SGD5.40 while ours is RM10. And THEIR petrol price is SGD2.33 while ours is now RM2.70. And that their MRT is really terrific. Sigh.

Skyline of the Singapore's business centre looks awesome. It's as if I'm in the middle of Wall Street straight out of the movies, with less Caucasians and more Asians.

Have mad fear of jaywalking. Kept thinking that there will be policemen hiding behind the bushes just waiting to ambush me with a ticket when I do. Jaywalked anyway. Hehe.

Haha their ferries wheel is bigger than ours. hahahahahAHhaHAhahahAhaha.

Took the Mercedes taxi back to the airport and it costs only 20 cents extra! I didn't want to hop into the car when he stopped at the taxi stop but he was like "don't worry! no extra charge! only 20 sen flat extra! So not like in Malaysia where they charge you almost RM1 more per km or some ridiculous rate like that.

Learned that if you're in an overseas location for less than 72 hours you're not entitled to buy duty free stuff. Sniff. I really wanted my Bailey's. :(

Burger King in Singapore is halal and the quality is as bad as the ones we have in Malaysia - very, very disappointed. I was looking forward to some lard-filled BK bacon cheeseburger but they obviously didn't have that. :( BK used to be so good when they first came back, weren't they? Now they taste mostly like nuked melted plastic shit.

Traveling for work is not all that fun. Especially if you're on your own. A bit lonely, actually.

And I didn't even consume a single drop of alcohol. Was giving a serious thought about buying a humongous can of Asahi (SGD9.50) from the airport's 7-11, but looked at my watch and realised that I only had 15 minutes to check in. Didn't want to rush-drink my Asahi, that is no way to treat it. :(

Met somebody in the plane who wanted to chat. Was a nice guy and everything but all I wanted to do was to sleep, so tired. If only that mildly obese (the size of a baby elephant) woman sitting behind me would stop snoring like she has phlegm in her entire nasal passage. Bitch bitch bitch. Choke on your phlegm.

10% cut on entertainment allowance is not enough. Make it 50%. If that guy can meet somebody at Mcdonald's, everybody else can too.

Shit. I only have 100 bucks left in my bank account, wtf. It's only the 10th. Donations for the poor and needy?

Fuck lah. Feels like a Monday. Fucking tired like you wouldn't believe.

Friday, June 6, 2008

You Change Your Lifestyle First Lah.

sell your personal planes.

sell all your cars and keep one only. make sure it is a proton. Must be patriotic.

why don't you sometimes TAKE the fucking public transport too?

sell all the properties you have, and keep just one house which you live in.

make it a double story link house in rawang lah.

then all your branded stuff you stop buying. go parkson sale. stop making custom-fitted suits with gold trimmings.

fire your 100 maids, personal help, car washers, drivers, whatever. do everything yourself.

be faithful to your wife so breakup with all the other women to cut cost.

want to dine go mamak.

want to have meeting, meet in house.

want to holiday, pergi cuti-cuti malaysia

stop flying first class on airplanes. go on economy and air asia.

You think what? I pay my taxes every year so you can simply burn it for your personal luxuries? Fuck you understand. You tax me and then you make me pay SOME more for everything I need to SURVIVE on via indirect taxes on my car, my food, my drink, my assets.

ALL the extravagances that YOU are affording right now is coming out from MY OWN BLOODY POCKET. WHY MUST I BE PAYING THROUGH MY NOSE SO YOU CAN LIVE THE GOOD LIFE? and then have the bloody NERVE to tell ME to change MY fucking lifestyle? I actually WORK for a living. What the fuck do you fuckers do besides sit on your well-fed FAT asses spinning bullshit until the cows come home? WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO STOP WASTING IT ON YOUR PERSONAL ORGY PARTIES AND START GIVING SOMETHING BACK TO ME YOU FUCKING BLOOD SUCKING SHIT EATING CORPSE FUCKING HAMKAHCHANS.

I am not declaring my taxes next year, fuckfaces. Feel free to eat my shit and die.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Price Hikes Will Spark Hyperinflation

My friend wrote an opinion for today's MalayMail but we're not sure if it will be published. I thought the article was brilliant, so here it is in its entirety for your reading pleasure.

By U-En Ng

According to preliminary estimates, the revised fuel subsidy scheme will save the government some RM4bil annually. This involves raising the price of RON 97 petrol from RM1.92 to RM2.70 per litre and diesel by one ringgit to RM2.58 per litre (there has been no word yet on RON 95).

This is a courageous step towards the principles of trade liberalisation that underlie the all government’s latest economic initiatives, but the new increases have caught many by surprise.

Senior Ministers had been sending out mixed signals over the weekend: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi denied there would be a review of petrol prices until September, while Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abd Samad sought to prepare the public for eventual parity with world market prices by August at the earliest.

Few therefore expected an immediate review--fewer still the enormous margin over the old prices (petrol by 41 per cent, diesel 63.3 per cent) that the revised scheme entailed—and, immediately after the announcement of the new rates, long queues formed at petrol stations throughout the country from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching.

Comparisons will undoubtedly be made between the estimated RM4bil savings and the RM46bil net profit Petronas posted for the financial year ending March 2007--a figure that is likely to rise even higher this year as the oil and gas corporation capitalises on high world prices.

While Malaysia is still a net oil exporter--at least until 2011-- the government will be asked why it is unable to detach a small percentage of the oil and gas producer’s profits to hold down retail prices at least until the world oil market stabilises enough to support a free-floating price model.

And if, as some analysts like George Soros predict, oil prices have been driven to stratospheric levels partly as a result of futures market speculation, this bubble will eventually burst. Surely Petronas alone yields enough more than cash to sustain a temporary defence of the current regime?

Instead, the government intends to mitigate the price rise by issuing a RM625 cash rebate to owners of any vehicle with an engine capacity at or below 2,000cc (2,500cc for trucks). The annual handout translates into RM52 a month, but this turns into a negligible sum when a full 60-litre tank will now cost RM162 to fill.

Abdullah hoped that Malaysians would not “demonstrate over this”, but the government’s attempts to assist lower-income earners via the cash payout has the true effect keeping it in the status quo, while middle- and upper-income earners will see a drastic erosion of their purchasing power.

And consumer prices were a key issue at the recent general elections that saw the Barisan Nasional lose its two-thirds majority.

If fuel alone were the problem, Malaysian consumers would likely absorb the impact with moderate grumbling. The latest measures, however, were announced together with a review of electricity tariffs that will see household rates rise by 18 per cent and businesses by 26 per cent by July.

Fuel and electricity are Malaysia’s two principle sources of energy (as is also the case with the rest of the world), and price increases at source will undoubtedly lift downstream prices beyond levels acceptable to a society already reeling from high food costs and the hyperinflationary effects of earlier increases.

The entire supply chain, from manufacturers, to distributors and retailers will now face the prospect of a “double-whammy”--paying a quarter more on their electricity bills as well as bearing the drastically higher price of fuel.

The resulting cost increases will undoubtedly be passed on to the consumer, and might in turn precipitate a crisis in domestic production as demand for some goods falls through the floor with the diminution of real income.

The effects of inflation, let alone hyperinflation, are unpredictable at best in a country that recently avoided paying a RM900 minimum monthly wage. At worst the combined effect of these latest developments will set a match to the powder keg of social discontent.




Wednesday June 4, 2008 MYT 5:59:01 PM
Petrol to cost RM2.70 from midnight

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Wednesday announced the new price for petrol is RM2.70 a litre, effective midnight tonight.

He announced that the price of petrol would be increased by 78sen and diesel by RM1.

The 40% increase in petrol price is part of the new fuel subsidy plan the Prime Minister announced at 5pm Wednesday.

The price of diesel goes up to RM2.58 from RM1.58.


Wednesday June 4, 2008 MYT 5:59:01 PM
Petrol to cost RM2.70 from midnight

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on Wednesday announced the new price for petrol is RM2.70 a litre, effective midnight tonight.

He announced that the price of petrol would be increased by 78sen and diesel by RM1.

The 40% increase in petrol price is part of the new fuel subsidy plan the Prime Minister announced at 5pm Wednesday.

The price of diesel goes up to RM2.58 from RM1.58.

Beer Buffet!

I was walking around in Midvalley's The Garden with my family, and we were heading towards that Little Penang place for dinner when I came across this huge ass beautiful sign which was screaming at me:




Let me do the maths for you.

Usually, 1 pint of Killkenny = RM30 nett.
So to break-even, all you need is 3 pints of Kilkenny.
You are given 4 hours. Within 4 hours an average person can drink 4-5 pints of Kilkenny.
So the average price of a pint is RM16-RM19 nett.


And apparently the promotion will be going on indefinitely.

Guess where I'll be heading soon? :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fishing My Way To Made Of Honour

Please bear with me for a bit while I try my luck at earning myself a free dinner at JW Marriott. Yumyumyum.


Okay now give me passes please thanks! :D

Monday, June 2, 2008

It's Leave Your Office Early Day

That's what it is today. Bet you didn't know that!

Weekend updates & some random thoughts.

Genting Weekend
Was at Genting for a quick getaway and caught the G9BT finals. Awesome stuff, pool. Will update more with pictures tomorrow. Hate that everything in Genting is so bloody expensive. Dinner plate at KFC costs RM18.90++. And an ala cart pizza from pizza hut was 35++ bucks. Argh. Damn regret not getting anything at the petrol station before coming up. But for some odd reason, coffee at starbucks was only 2 bucks more expensive than normal (for a small hot choc) and to open a bottle of chivas/jack was RM250 at the club. No, I didn't go clubbing - saw the poster somewhere. There were too many kids running and screaming around. Kids were still lining up for rides at 10.30pm. Shouldn't they be freaking sleeping already? Hulkrage crush them all. Apart from the expensive everything and the kids, it was a great weekend. :) I want to do it again!

National Service
I'm surprised at the rate of kids dying and getting their ass raped and shit at National Service, why hasn't anybody started crying out for blood? Wtf? How many kids have died or kena maltreated already? You know what conspiracy theory I have? Have you seen Battle Royale? This could be the government's scheme of selecting random kids to kill them off as a form of population control. No? Then you think of a better reason why nobody's screamed their head off for the NS to be killed off, yet. Or why haven't parents formed a coalition against NS. IMHO, NS is stupid. If I were a parent, I would BAR my child from joining NS. What good does it do for the kid to delay his further education and be dumped into a godforsaken jungle for 3 months only to expose the child to unknown illness that could lead to death? Look lah, everybody and their fishes know that it's just an alternate channel for somebody to siphon out a whole lot of money into their own pockets. And have you seen the website? Go check it out lah. It's so bad it looks as if somebody hired a retard to do it. And instead of suspending the legal genocide, this morning, I actually heard on the radio some lame advertisement encouraging kids to go sign up for NS. WTF? Is that how they fix things? Hello my dear opposition. Wouldn't this be something you guys should be jumping and screaming at?

Random Rant
Read TheStar paper over the weekends and came across something that really, really vexed me. I think it goes to show that to make it anywhere in the real world, it's never what you know, it's who you know...... and how much are you willing to bend over to suck cock for it. No, I won't apologise for being vulgar. I'm still very vexed by it. It's nothing personal lah, just emoing abit. It reminded of this movie I watched on Friday, 10 things I hate about you - have you seen that? It's my first watch, btw. Anyway - you know that character Bianca? That is such a typical real-life character. The pretty, self-absorbed one who uses her good looks to manipulate people into getting what she wants. And what really sucks is that people will ALWAYS. FALL. FOR IT. I hate these sort of girls 20 years ago, and I still hate them now. Hate is not the correct word. I loathe them, look down them on them. They really disgust me. Yet, they are everywhere. In schools, in the office, in the clubs, at restaurants..... stealing my damn oxygen. You know what the irony is? I'm worried my sister would grow up like that. If she does, all I'm saying is that I'll personally see to it that she gets enrolled for NS. No I'm not jealous. I'm just being self-righteous and angsty. I liked the movie though. Heath was kinda cute in that. Minus the hair. The hair was horrid.

Kylie Minogue
Watched a bit of Kylie Minogue's live performance on DVD. I never knew that she actually sings throughout the entire concert, did you? She did put up a really decent performance at the Showgirls-Homecoming concert, which was the concert right after she recovered from cancer. I'm beginning to really like her. She's still damn hot and fit for somebody that age and in that condition. I would kill for that ass and legs. You know when I watch her concert, I'm thinking, this is something you would enthusiastically wake up for in the mornings. Being on stage. With the lights. Performing. The crowd chanting your name. Applause. The adrenaline rush. It's crazy. I'd love it!

I'm scratching my head over a birthday present. Contrary to what some of you might believe, it's damn hard to get a guy anything, and with a limited budget. For girls, it's so much easier kan. You can just get anything, just make sure it comes wrapped in a nice little box. For guys, omg WHAT? I really don't have the money and time to compile a whole terabyte of porn okay.

Other random stuff
Happy new month by the way. It's the second week of school holidays. My family's up on Genting today. So nice to still be in school. :(

Joke of the Day
I'll share a joke with you to perk up your Monday morning. Overhead it on the radio. It was an introduction to a song, and no prizes if you guessed what song it was.

"Doctor, doctor, I can't seem to stop singing Green, Green Grass of Home. Can you tell me what's wrong with me"
"Don't worry. You've just got the Tom Jones syndrome."
"What is that? Is it common?"
"Well, it's not unusual"

It's damn lame I know, but I laughed out loud anyway.

Sunday, June 1, 2008



This is fireangel. live from genting.

Came across Guiness's 9 ball tour that's going on at the convention centre.

Just watched an exciting match taipei vs korea. awesome match. The taipei guy, Chang is really ass-kicking. People like him make pool look so easy, when it actual fact it is one of the most frustrating games know to mankind ever. Okay maybe it's just me. But really, watching Chang play takes my breath away. He crushes his opponents with his bare hands without even breaking a sweat. It is fast and brutal. Like a tiger on a rabbit.

He just got into the finals. which is at 3pm. i have to watch him play. but wtf am i going to do in the next 50 minutes?

oooooohhhh...... there's a bar here.

it's calling my name

ta! :P