Friday, June 6, 2008

You Change Your Lifestyle First Lah.

sell your personal planes.

sell all your cars and keep one only. make sure it is a proton. Must be patriotic.

why don't you sometimes TAKE the fucking public transport too?

sell all the properties you have, and keep just one house which you live in.

make it a double story link house in rawang lah.

then all your branded stuff you stop buying. go parkson sale. stop making custom-fitted suits with gold trimmings.

fire your 100 maids, personal help, car washers, drivers, whatever. do everything yourself.

be faithful to your wife so breakup with all the other women to cut cost.

want to dine go mamak.

want to have meeting, meet in house.

want to holiday, pergi cuti-cuti malaysia

stop flying first class on airplanes. go on economy and air asia.

You think what? I pay my taxes every year so you can simply burn it for your personal luxuries? Fuck you understand. You tax me and then you make me pay SOME more for everything I need to SURVIVE on via indirect taxes on my car, my food, my drink, my assets.

ALL the extravagances that YOU are affording right now is coming out from MY OWN BLOODY POCKET. WHY MUST I BE PAYING THROUGH MY NOSE SO YOU CAN LIVE THE GOOD LIFE? and then have the bloody NERVE to tell ME to change MY fucking lifestyle? I actually WORK for a living. What the fuck do you fuckers do besides sit on your well-fed FAT asses spinning bullshit until the cows come home? WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO STOP WASTING IT ON YOUR PERSONAL ORGY PARTIES AND START GIVING SOMETHING BACK TO ME YOU FUCKING BLOOD SUCKING SHIT EATING CORPSE FUCKING HAMKAHCHANS.

I am not declaring my taxes next year, fuckfaces. Feel free to eat my shit and die.


  1. this year i sent a letter instead of a tax return. it said:

    "by divine right of sovereign independence i have no intention of declaring anything until you idiots take some responsibility for governing. i have no intention of declaring next year either and will be pleased to discuss the matter in court.

    Saya yg mengikut perintah Tuhan,

    U-En Ng

    etc etc."

  2. LMAO!!! If they sold everything like you said, then they will live like Kings and Queens ledi!!

    FA: oh i forgot, sell already then give the money back to rakyat. lol

  3. Cool down, cool down, you're about to pop a vein!

  4. I wonder we can make this deal, why don't we stop paying taxes and the petrol goes Rm4 per liter. Which one better? pay taxes or not but petrol at market price. Em....

  5. Yeah, right... ask them to sell their stuff.

    I think the malaysian colonial mentality have to go. The government are OUR SERVANTS! we pay for them we hire them, it is our bloody money that they are burning everyday.

    And most of the people out there are like datuk here datuk there... fuck them! so what if the guy is an MP, he work for us, if he does not do a good job, he deserve to be pulled down! Not only during ellection.

    They are accountable to us, start acting like their boss and stop kissing their ass. CIBAI!

  6. eh, dinner at mamak already consider good worr. A lot of people now need to eat maggi mee and roti. still not as cheap as it was a few years ago but better then nasi & kicap.

    Living in Penang, I pay more tax that petrol (there is only so far you can drive before you run out of road), so No Tax = me happy!

  7. these fuckers keep wasting our money on dumbass projects like sending more monkeys to space, building more skyscrapers and other clusterfucks like that when they cant even subsidise our petrol. we are an oil producer for crying out loud!! meanwhile that shit for brains says we need to change our lifestyle??!! what the fuck?!! living off the fat of the land and we need to change our lifestyle?? which genius came up with that idea? would book a 1 way ticket out of this shit hole if i could afford it!

  8. u should see how many planes they got :P got a missile? i can show u where to stand :D

  9. heaheahehaee
    *too many secrets*

    FA: huh

  10. I love the end word of the title :D

  11. And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.


  12. I guess someone is just taking revenge because of the marginal win in the elections. Especially when the party lost both their cashcows in SELANGOR & PENANG...Or he just decides to raise prices becuz he has no more cashcows? Hmm...Or maybe he din milk enough the last 4 years.

  13. Hiyo. Hulkrage like mad. And this is not yet RM4 for petrol.

  14. I guess someone is just taking revenge over the marginal elections win. Especially when losing cashcows in Selangor & Penang. Or he just decides to raise prices of something becuz he has no more cashcows? Hmm... Mayb milking the last 4 years wasnt enough?

  15. Don't pay tax ... dun pump at Petronas ...

    but we need the whole country to make it works ...

    is kinda hard though ...

  16. i guess just have to suck it up.. and the citizens will know what to do in the next election..

    check and balances, check and balances.. this money wasting shit occurs when you have one party in the helm too long...

  17. one sad reality that we gotta accept is this - the tax that we the rakyat pay to the government, esp the Chinese and Indians, we never get much things back from the government. not to mention that the funds has become the source where 'they can burn for their luxuries', it's also all being spent on their own ppl - 'ketuanan Melayu' as they called it.

    alrite. we dun get to use our rakyat money for education cuz our local public uni accept students base on ratio of race instead of merit. then, we hafta pay toll for almost each and every fucking highway we go. our roads are bumpy. the crime rate is rising at an alarming rate which get me ponder what our police force is doing at the moment. and now, the bloody petrol price rise... and the ringgit is dropping day by day.

    And i still wonder, where the fuck did the tax my parents paid with their hard earn money go?

  18. I understand that the Prime Minister of the UK actually has to pay a small rent for the tiny flat he/she stays in above No. 10 Downing Street (most of the house is office and official space; only a tiny portion is for living quarters). And if he/she would like a personal domestic helper, he/she has to pay for one as well. Thatcher felt that her hours were too erratic and that she would have burdened the poor maid too much by coming home at 3am all the time. So she didn't hire one, did some of the housework herself and ta-pau from downstairs sometimes (the kitchen and staff in the official part of No. 10 was paid for by the government). Shocking?

  19. that very angry guy againJune 8, 2008 at 3:57 AM

    Nice suggestions. I would like to add to that list:

    Pull your stupid children out of school.

    Eat Twisties and Cheezels instead of rice.

    Go jump into a crocodile-infested river instead of hiring a boatman.

    Next election campaign: Use crayons and mahjong paper only.

    Retards... I feel like cutting them up into nice little pieces.

  20. haha...

    up yours mr pink lips... hehe

  21. Really not declaring your income next year?

  22. Yeah baby yeaaa.....
    Fuck them 9 9!!!

  23. i jus dont understand the logic

    1 billion - spend on 1 sohai to the space
    30 billion - spend on 27 million people for better life

    what the fuck are these people thinking....

  24. What would life be without the little people?

  25. in response to ur post, and in the good faith of those.. make me!
    haha. I am the ruling and u r my minion.

  26. The following are the figures for how much ministers get for ENTERTAINMENT ALLOWANCE per month, this is on top of salary and other benefits.

    Prime minister RM18,865; deputy prime minister RM15,015; minister RM12,320; deputy minister RM6,000.

  27. lol.
    you are a thousand times funnier than kenny sia..
    and i'm serious


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