Monday, June 2, 2008

It's Leave Your Office Early Day

That's what it is today. Bet you didn't know that!

Weekend updates & some random thoughts.

Genting Weekend
Was at Genting for a quick getaway and caught the G9BT finals. Awesome stuff, pool. Will update more with pictures tomorrow. Hate that everything in Genting is so bloody expensive. Dinner plate at KFC costs RM18.90++. And an ala cart pizza from pizza hut was 35++ bucks. Argh. Damn regret not getting anything at the petrol station before coming up. But for some odd reason, coffee at starbucks was only 2 bucks more expensive than normal (for a small hot choc) and to open a bottle of chivas/jack was RM250 at the club. No, I didn't go clubbing - saw the poster somewhere. There were too many kids running and screaming around. Kids were still lining up for rides at 10.30pm. Shouldn't they be freaking sleeping already? Hulkrage crush them all. Apart from the expensive everything and the kids, it was a great weekend. :) I want to do it again!

National Service
I'm surprised at the rate of kids dying and getting their ass raped and shit at National Service, why hasn't anybody started crying out for blood? Wtf? How many kids have died or kena maltreated already? You know what conspiracy theory I have? Have you seen Battle Royale? This could be the government's scheme of selecting random kids to kill them off as a form of population control. No? Then you think of a better reason why nobody's screamed their head off for the NS to be killed off, yet. Or why haven't parents formed a coalition against NS. IMHO, NS is stupid. If I were a parent, I would BAR my child from joining NS. What good does it do for the kid to delay his further education and be dumped into a godforsaken jungle for 3 months only to expose the child to unknown illness that could lead to death? Look lah, everybody and their fishes know that it's just an alternate channel for somebody to siphon out a whole lot of money into their own pockets. And have you seen the website? Go check it out lah. It's so bad it looks as if somebody hired a retard to do it. And instead of suspending the legal genocide, this morning, I actually heard on the radio some lame advertisement encouraging kids to go sign up for NS. WTF? Is that how they fix things? Hello my dear opposition. Wouldn't this be something you guys should be jumping and screaming at?

Random Rant
Read TheStar paper over the weekends and came across something that really, really vexed me. I think it goes to show that to make it anywhere in the real world, it's never what you know, it's who you know...... and how much are you willing to bend over to suck cock for it. No, I won't apologise for being vulgar. I'm still very vexed by it. It's nothing personal lah, just emoing abit. It reminded of this movie I watched on Friday, 10 things I hate about you - have you seen that? It's my first watch, btw. Anyway - you know that character Bianca? That is such a typical real-life character. The pretty, self-absorbed one who uses her good looks to manipulate people into getting what she wants. And what really sucks is that people will ALWAYS. FALL. FOR IT. I hate these sort of girls 20 years ago, and I still hate them now. Hate is not the correct word. I loathe them, look down them on them. They really disgust me. Yet, they are everywhere. In schools, in the office, in the clubs, at restaurants..... stealing my damn oxygen. You know what the irony is? I'm worried my sister would grow up like that. If she does, all I'm saying is that I'll personally see to it that she gets enrolled for NS. No I'm not jealous. I'm just being self-righteous and angsty. I liked the movie though. Heath was kinda cute in that. Minus the hair. The hair was horrid.

Kylie Minogue
Watched a bit of Kylie Minogue's live performance on DVD. I never knew that she actually sings throughout the entire concert, did you? She did put up a really decent performance at the Showgirls-Homecoming concert, which was the concert right after she recovered from cancer. I'm beginning to really like her. She's still damn hot and fit for somebody that age and in that condition. I would kill for that ass and legs. You know when I watch her concert, I'm thinking, this is something you would enthusiastically wake up for in the mornings. Being on stage. With the lights. Performing. The crowd chanting your name. Applause. The adrenaline rush. It's crazy. I'd love it!

I'm scratching my head over a birthday present. Contrary to what some of you might believe, it's damn hard to get a guy anything, and with a limited budget. For girls, it's so much easier kan. You can just get anything, just make sure it comes wrapped in a nice little box. For guys, omg WHAT? I really don't have the money and time to compile a whole terabyte of porn okay.

Other random stuff
Happy new month by the way. It's the second week of school holidays. My family's up on Genting today. So nice to still be in school. :(

Joke of the Day
I'll share a joke with you to perk up your Monday morning. Overhead it on the radio. It was an introduction to a song, and no prizes if you guessed what song it was.

"Doctor, doctor, I can't seem to stop singing Green, Green Grass of Home. Can you tell me what's wrong with me"
"Don't worry. You've just got the Tom Jones syndrome."
"What is that? Is it common?"
"Well, it's not unusual"

It's damn lame I know, but I laughed out loud anyway.


  1. what? my birthday not here yet leh...

  2. Mine's coming up in a few months!

  3. bring him to a toy shop, tell him your budget and get him to pick something out. mission accopmlished. hahaha

    FA: I know what he wants, and I can't afford it. Unfortunately the ones that I CAN afford are not what he wants. lol

  4. so.... who actually did you mean in the Random Rant ?

  5. I actually know who you mean and what you mean in the random rant....

    Sigh...sick of papers featuring 20-30 something year olds as great entrepreneurs blablabla only to mention in a teenyweeny sentence that they know 'someone' or it's their daddy's company or they are connected to dunno-which-grapefruit-sitting-dunno-where...

    *rant over*

  6. 'It’s Leave Your Office Early Day'

    It is? I didn't even go to work today as it was a public holiday on Perth on account of my birthday falling on a Saturday! Yes, in Perth we get my birthday off ... well, actually it's usually the day AFTER my birthday to recover from the parties.

    'Have you seen Battle Royale? This could be the government’s scheme of selecting random kids to kill them off as a form of population control. No?'

    No. I've seen Battle Royale, and they were killing them off as they were frightened of the kids, not as a form of population control. If they want population control, they'd just chop off every horny guys ... sunbear bits.

    'She’s still damn hot and fit for somebody that age and in that condition.'

    You can say that about me too! :-)

    'I’m scratching my head over a birthday present. Contrary to what some of you might believe, it’s damn hard to get a guy anything,'

    No need for a present, you missed it. It was on Saturday!

    Not hard to get a guy a present. How much does a threesome at the local brothel cost?
    Just kidding ... free sex might do ... I mean three sox ... I mean three pair of sox! Phew! Saved myself a bashing! :-)

    My joke today was lamer. We were talking about the bogens who live in Gosnells, and adrenaline pens ... and I said the Bogens can't write using a pen so they need an adrenaline crayon.
    Yes, no one laughed when I told it today either ... or when I retold it to my family after I got home! *sigh*

  7. Be careful, your facts on NS can become VALID seditions. BTW,even a cat poo can consider seditions. ;)

  8. To quote:

    Hello my dear opposition. Wouldn’t this be something you guys should be jumping and screaming at?

    Which opposition do you mean though - Federal Parliament or Selangor State Assembly? It's very easy to get confused these days. LOL

    By the way, where is the announcement on free water in the Democratic Republic of Selangor? Already 2nd of June dey.

  9. to buy a gift for a guy...

    Come on, guys don't really appreciate gifts like girls do. Seriously, to buy a guy something, is a total waste of money. really... really...

  10. Mine coming 15 days after yours. Shit, does this mean I have to buy birthday present for you first?

    Just buy a nice tie, if he wears tie to work. If not, a T-shirt will do.

  11. HAHAHAHAHA. *imagines N wearing a tie*. HAHHAHAHAHA.

    Oh wait, do you actually wear ties to work, dude? :D

    BTW, I'll sell you some of MY LEGO, you go make him a multi-coloured Millenium Falcon yourself lah. hahahaha.

    FA: Actually yes does! And he looks damn good in a tie too :) i'm not going to build the damn thing myself are you out of our mind bluek!

  12. hello I read your blog occassionally (with increasing frequency these days, with this week being swotvacc and all hrmmm). anyhoo, ns is fun lah not all bad! :)

    FA: Okay, tell that to the parents of dead NS trainees.

  13. What men really wants... hee hee hee ;) he wants you le... what for buy anything at all? hee hee... if you really want to get something, get a teritorial marking item... like a cute car deco thing... or wallet with pre inserted your pic... or bracelet.... or something he don't usually wear... mark your teritory

  14. hmm who's bday??? huh huh huh?? i jeles...

    eyeris: i look damm good in a tie :P
    almost like clark kent hahahahhhahahahahhahh ....almost....:P


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