Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday Post

No Monday post because I was on a business trip yesterday... sorry?

Business Trip. Cheh. Macam glamour, but really it's not. It's fucking tiring that's what. Especially when you are on the plane to start the day, and on another flight to end it.


I was in Singapore for a day.

How do you know you're in Singapore?
The policemen are mostly Chinese (hahaha).

And the airport still looks clean and new. Am I being biased? The grass is always greener. But they do offer you mint sweets at the immigration checkpoint. The office took my passport and ticket, looked at me all sternly with a curt "morning", then suddenly breaks into a smile and asks "would you like a sweet?". I thought that was a nice touch and really thoughtful.

The taxi guy from Singapore was complaining how everything is so expensive in Singapore and that we Malaysians shouldn't be complaining so much.

But what he doesn't realise is that their fresh graduate's pay in the finance industry is about SGD4k, whereas ours is like RM2,500. Their average price of a small starbucks drink is SGD5.40 while ours is RM10. And THEIR petrol price is SGD2.33 while ours is now RM2.70. And that their MRT is really terrific. Sigh.

Skyline of the Singapore's business centre looks awesome. It's as if I'm in the middle of Wall Street straight out of the movies, with less Caucasians and more Asians.

Have mad fear of jaywalking. Kept thinking that there will be policemen hiding behind the bushes just waiting to ambush me with a ticket when I do. Jaywalked anyway. Hehe.

Haha their ferries wheel is bigger than ours. hahahahahAHhaHAhahahAhaha.

Took the Mercedes taxi back to the airport and it costs only 20 cents extra! I didn't want to hop into the car when he stopped at the taxi stop but he was like "don't worry! no extra charge! only 20 sen flat extra! So not like in Malaysia where they charge you almost RM1 more per km or some ridiculous rate like that.

Learned that if you're in an overseas location for less than 72 hours you're not entitled to buy duty free stuff. Sniff. I really wanted my Bailey's. :(

Burger King in Singapore is halal and the quality is as bad as the ones we have in Malaysia - very, very disappointed. I was looking forward to some lard-filled BK bacon cheeseburger but they obviously didn't have that. :( BK used to be so good when they first came back, weren't they? Now they taste mostly like nuked melted plastic shit.

Traveling for work is not all that fun. Especially if you're on your own. A bit lonely, actually.

And I didn't even consume a single drop of alcohol. Was giving a serious thought about buying a humongous can of Asahi (SGD9.50) from the airport's 7-11, but looked at my watch and realised that I only had 15 minutes to check in. Didn't want to rush-drink my Asahi, that is no way to treat it. :(

Met somebody in the plane who wanted to chat. Was a nice guy and everything but all I wanted to do was to sleep, so tired. If only that mildly obese (the size of a baby elephant) woman sitting behind me would stop snoring like she has phlegm in her entire nasal passage. Bitch bitch bitch. Choke on your phlegm.

10% cut on entertainment allowance is not enough. Make it 50%. If that guy can meet somebody at Mcdonald's, everybody else can too.

Shit. I only have 100 bucks left in my bank account, wtf. It's only the 10th. Donations for the poor and needy?

Fuck lah. Feels like a Monday. Fucking tired like you wouldn't believe.


  1. well said. tastes like "melted plastic shit".
    well, they don't allow you to buy duty free stuff if you come from M'sia to S'pore... unless from east Malaysia...

    hope u had a good rest ;)

  2. You work!!!!!!!! Im happy....

  3. Hey, in Hong Kong almost all police are Chinese :p
    OMG, I kissed a guy.

  4. Same here. Only RM 100 left wtf.

  5. Well, get yourself sent to Hong Kong for business trip. Not only is it worth an overnight visit (cuz it's 3 hr flight), they have BK over there. Chances are, they got BACON!

    In fact, if you ever step into a McD's for brekkie, the most awesome-est brekkie sandwich ever invented (AKA the Sausage McMuffin with egg), tastes and looks just right. Why? It has a pork sausage! The SMcMwEgg is NOT halal in Hong Kong! I always wondered why it tasted different in Singapore and KL...

    Also got Free Duty at HKG and I've seen yr Bailey's there.

  6. but how many bank accounts do you have? :D

  7. Simon,
    Stop spamming every other blog with your own fucking link, it's fucking disgusting.

  8. Darn! I only have AUD$**,*** left in bank account. I better not mention the other two bank accounts either.

    Melted Plastic Shit ... that's what Barbie does in her plastic toilet and puts in her plastic microwave and then feeds to Ken, isn't it???? I bet it's pink too!!!

  9. Hi FA. Finance graduate in Singapore doesnt get $4k. If he/she does, probably pull string, or some scholar. An average finance graduate probably earn between $2.4k to $3k. It really depends on luck.

    The MRT is great, but not the train commuters :P Not only the commuters are inconsiderate, banyak orang tak mandi pagi :(

  10. WHAT?!?? A fresh graduate earns RM 2,500 nowadays in Malaysia? I was getting RM 1,500 in KL with a degree from Australia while local grads were getting RM 1,000.

    Over here in Sibu, it's about RM 3,500 for someone with work experience (not in IT - I know a position for 4k that I turned down coz I heard the boss is a bitch and I hope she doesn't read your blog - I took a position in Corporate Communications, which is just a fancy term for A&P and Events Management but I like the job).

    SGD 4,000 for a fresh graduate is amazing. I will consider moving if they're offering that amount to me!

  11. guess i am not the first to comment abt the salary scale you mentioned....last i heard...in SG...person with abt 3 yrs work experience in IT gets less than SGD4k/month.

  12. just wait, another election send this mofo up to the moon. statistic says msia still has 17 years of oil to dig. so just tolerate max few more years. maybe still have another 10-ish year to save the country after that.

    meanwhile just continue our cursing.

    anyone want to donate to my "bomoh cursing government fund"?

  13. It is comforting to know that Burger King sucks all over the world.

  14. eventually the pay in msia will be up to par.. as workers leave their current jobs, the pay will increase. just have to wait out the storm.
    hmmm... anyone know how much will a finance guy with an mba from a top 10 business school in the US with 10yrs experience will be making in SG?


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