Friday, June 13, 2008

Made of Honour


Disclaimer: This movie was viewed under the influence. Quality of review is suspect. I disclaim everything. Proceed at your own risk

I’ll be honest. I cannot stand watching Grey’s Anatomy and I think this Patrick Dampsey fellow is way overrated. Neither can I stand fan girls who faint at the mere sound of his name. However, I do understand his need to milk this fanatical popularity he has going on for him and what better way to cash on it than to star in a chick flick?

Plot? Well, if you’re not too much of a dunce the poster is pretty much self-explanatory. This is actually just another version of My Best Friend’s Wedding, except the role of the” Julia “big mouth, unshaven armpits, sparkling white teeth” Roberts is played by Patrick “thank god for grey's anatomy otherwise I'll just be another unemployed bum” Dampsey who manages to pull it off without causing any major inflictions.

It’s no profound heart-felt drama. There are no self-righteous messages embedded in it. It will not be life changing. This movie will win no Oscars. But if you’re looking for some mindless, cute and fun-loving movie for a girly outing or a (not first) date, then this is the perfect movie for your needs.

But would YOU like it? Well it really depends on who you are.

Dampsey fangirl:
It's a movie. With Dampsey in it. Need I elaborate? You’ll watch this a few times in the theatre, get your hands on all the paraphernalia, buy your own original DVD, watch it until it breaks then go out to buy another one, catch it on Astro in 2 years time and you’ll still love it.

Chick flick fans
It’s another chick flick. Can’t find a reason to not like it. I’m waiting for those idiots who love making movie spoofs to come out with “Not Another chick Flick” movie. I can smell it. It’s coming. And I'm staying a hundred miles away from it.

The main girl is really cute. She looks like a cross between Liv Tyler and Selma Blair. Eventhough you hate (or secretly pretend to hate) chick flicks and the only reason why you’ll be watching this in public is because your girlfriend wants to, you’ll still enjoy the girl. It helps to ease the pain.

NOT Chick flick fans
It’s got CHICK FLICK WRITTEN ALL OVER IT IN BOLD AND FLASHING HOT PINK FLUORESCENT LIGHTING. Why on earth would you want to go watch it if you hate chick flicks in the first place? Masochist.

Okay, I’m a sucker for chick flicks lah. I’m just a girl afterall, can you really blame me? I like the fairytales. The happy endings. The cheesiness. The classic “jerk turns good guy just for the girl” formula. I can’t help smiling when I see the cute self-sacrificial stuff the protagonist would do just for the girl he truly loves. Eventhough it’s idiotic, cheesy and done to death, chick flicks are like comfort junk food for my soul.

I really enjoyed it. I wasn't even annoyed seeing Dampsey's face flashing all over the screen. I think being imbibed played a huge role in my enjoyment. A drunk brain makes everybody and everything seem clever and funny.

I watch this movie expecting a chick flick and I GET a chick flick. Expectations met. Pass go. Collect 200 bucks.

By the way, I wasted half the movie trying to figure out where I’ve seen the other guy before and it really distracted me a lot. Because I’m nice and don’t wish for you to go through the same fate as I did, I’ll let you know first hand that he is that general from Rome from the HBO series. You’re welcome!

Thanks Nuffnang!

I am looking forward to watch Kungfu Panda and The Hulk next week! After that I want to watch Hancock! Can’t wait can’t wait! Review will follow shortly after, of course!

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  1. How come Nuffnang don't want to give me free wan :P And I'm so happy someone else detests Patrick Dempsey because I think part of the reason I don't watch Grey's is because of him and that other whiny girl :P

  2. and the best part is someone actually gave you free food to bribe you to go watch it! :D

  3. Wow, the movies are just as crappy over there as over here. Oh yeah, right, most of them come from over here. So sorry!

  4. well... the HULK is FANTASTIC~! ^_^

    nice to see you that day during the dinner ya

  5. Watched The Incredible Hulk yesterday. Way better than Hulk.

  6. Kung Fu Panda is alright, but Jackie Chan barely has two words as the voice actor. I didn't even know he was one of the voices! Kinda cliche, but definitely worth watching.

    I have yet to watch Hulk 2 and The Happening. Those are the two I'm gonna watch this week.

  7. "By the way, I wasted half the movie trying to figure out where I’ve seen the other guy before and it really distracted me a lot."

    SAME THING happened to me in Indie Jones.
    An officer in the beginning looked damn bloody familiar. I knew he was from a comedy. And a comedy that i followed.

    Halfway in the movie... "OHHHH... The janitor in Scrubs." -_-


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