Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Had a good eventful day yesterday. Not a real update but I need to get a couple things of my... *looks down* uh, chest first.

1. Kung Fu Panda is damn cute and epic. "Review" to follow.
2. THIS Hulk was so much better than THAT hulk. "Review" to follow.
3. Get Smart was silly and cheesy but I thought it was a great fun watch! "Review" to follow.
4. Steak in Jake's is still awesome - but after finishing 200g it feels damn jelak. Maybe they could consider including a 180g as an option.
5. I think Eagle's Nest is closed. Been trying to contact them since last week but no one picks up the phone. Can anybody confirm this?
6. My sister's hamster escaped yesterday morning. I saw the furry critter run pass me as I was walking out of the house. Tried to catch the fella but he was too fast. Or rather, I hesitated a little too long because I was scared of being bitten. I HATE being bitten. It ran into a tiny dark store room in the toilet. So all I did was left some food outside the toilet and smsed my sister. "YOUR HAMSTER HAS ESCAPED. IT'S IN THE TOILET. CATCH IT" kthxbai. It is now SEP. The other dying monster hamster is still alive and kicking but extremely skinny. Sigh.
7. I like to drive, actually. If there's no traffic and stupid drivers on the road, I enjoy driving. Well just because I'm not great at it doesn't mean I can't enjoy it, right?
8. There is no point number eight. I just wanted to put an extra point because number 8 is such an auspicious number! Back to work!


  1. wah, such and awesome and innovative spoiler hiding technique! :D

    FA: HEY are you DISSING the simple powers of WHITE FONT??

  2. That 'old man' was STAN LEE. And STAN LEE doesn't need no subplot to explain what happened to him! :D

  3. and the security guard at Uni is the original TV HULK!!

    he's the best HULK!

  4. 1. My mother keeps telling me I'm the Kung Fu Panda cause I'm so fat.
    2. I didn't think the first hulk had much substance. [Even if it did star an Aussie].
    3. The original Get Smart was cheesy. So, is good it's still the same old thing. I loved the old Get Smart TV series. Is the Chief still called Thadeus?
    4. Don't care, I don't eat stake.
    5. Eagle's Nest was Hitlers Vacation spot. Glad they shut it down ... but I'm sure you can still visit there as a tourist.
    6. Yours is the second blog I've seen to use the term SEP after my own! :-)
    7. I like to go on long drives with music blaring ... and I mean LONG, like across the Nullabour plains type LONG. :-)
    8. Statistically, Friday the 13ths are the safest Fridays.

  5. technically hamster is rat, mouse, tikus, although they looked like rabbit. so u have to use traditional way to catch these breeds of species..... mouse trap or glue board.....


  6. i think your (sis's) hamster sudah mati lah... RIP .

    if not then he prolly found a cute hamster chick and decided to make the run for it. her. him. whatever.

  7. eyeris: OMG! Stan Lee did a cameo in Hulk 2? I didn't even recognize him!

    Anyway, just got back from watching Get Smart. Have been watching a lot of movies recently. Steve Carell does a better performance here than in Evan Almighty (and his minor part in Bruce Almighty). It's kinda cheesy, but in a good way. It's worth a watch, got a couple of laughs out of the audience. No spoilers this time. Sorry about that, FA.

  8. Hi FA,

    Long time reader, first time writer. Your posts are great, always amusing and devoid of pretense. I can't say I agree wth you about the merits of the latest Hulk movie over the previous version but I suppose this effort has captured the vox populi through a glut of action scenes, special effects and basically louder sounds.

    Pls visit my site:

    A satirical list of everything Malaysian!

  9. Hi Fireanglism,

    I have been reading your blog for a while now but has never made the effort to put in a comment.

    I must say that you are one interesting lady with all your comments and i esp like the one on Change Your Lifestyle firstlah.

    Do continue the good work !

  10. I think it's a good time to drive now, less traffic on the road now that most ppl takes public transport because of the fuel price hike.

  11. zomg i loved the lines in Get Smart. "i have trained my body to be impervious to pain!!!" ok i realize that i dunno how to press enter on the n82 so there will be no line break between the previous thought and this one- hahaha fa you left food outside for the hamster! Why you so cute!


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