Sunday, June 1, 2008



This is fireangel. live from genting.

Came across Guiness's 9 ball tour that's going on at the convention centre.

Just watched an exciting match taipei vs korea. awesome match. The taipei guy, Chang is really ass-kicking. People like him make pool look so easy, when it actual fact it is one of the most frustrating games know to mankind ever. Okay maybe it's just me. But really, watching Chang play takes my breath away. He crushes his opponents with his bare hands without even breaking a sweat. It is fast and brutal. Like a tiger on a rabbit.

He just got into the finals. which is at 3pm. i have to watch him play. but wtf am i going to do in the next 50 minutes?

oooooohhhh...... there's a bar here.

it's calling my name

ta! :P


  1. I jeles. I want free Guinness also.

  2. do they serve guinness to audience too? :P

  3. I was at genting, should have called you =/

    FA: Yar some more you KNEW I was going to Genting wtf.

  4. Oh, that's why didn't see you in Aloha on Saturday night.


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