Monday, June 30, 2008

Euphoria by Ministry of Sound

Was lucky enough to attend their preview last Thursday.

This club is going to be FANTASTIC.

Let me tell you why.

First of all, it’s in P freaking J. A hundred gajillian points for that. Granted we’ve always had clubs in the PJ area, but none of it can ever be quite like this one. Euphoria is like Zouk and Velvet, only so much BETTER. Let me count the ways.

1.Proper ventilation
This if the first time I could actually breathe without choking in here. Plus the higher ceiling makes the place look humongous and spacious. Actually the main reason why people can breathe in here most probably because….


Smoking is only allowed in the outdoor lounge area and Designated Smoking Areas, which is basically a room for smokers to hang out and smoke each other to death. I find it very difficult to describe to you in any language how insanely ecstatic I was when I found out about this. If I’m not mistaken, this brilliant concept was brought over from Singapore, where they had recently banned people from smoking inside clubs. Clubs in Singapore had to either build a special room for smokers, or smokers had to take their dirty business outside. This is seriously the best damn thing that could happen to all non-smokers who love to club and would like to be able to keep breathing.

3. Excellent music
But what about the music I hear you cry? Well if you’re anything like me, you are fed up over the fact that the clubs in Malaysia only spin you three types of music. 1) Overplayed RnB & rap. 2 ) Old cheesy Retro. 3) Hard feng tau trance and techno. Who can forget those annoying wannabe-Timbaland DJs who like to scratch their CDs badly? Ugh. Do local clubs share the same CDs? If I’m going to pay a cover charge of RM40 and one stupid drink just to listen to you playing Ice-Ice Baby or Bon Jovi or the fucking Umbrella song I might as well just stay home and listen to the radio FOR FREE. Euphoria plays PROPER dance music. They do play RnB and retro but they REMIX it with infectious dance back beats which makes you want to get up and DANCE. Euphoria actually feels like a proper London Dance Club. Unfortunately, the dance music greatness isn’t very consistent because they do bring in the local DJs to spin, and when that happens, oh hello same old boring overplayed shitty songs. But when it’s good, it’s GOOD.

4. Tasteful, classy interior
It definitely looks better than a cave or a blob of cement. Everything is like a “wow” or “woah” or “holy wtf”. The deco is really amazing. Chain-mail curtains. Custom-made chairs and tables. Cozy sofa and pillows. Carpeted floors. Ambient lighting. Five-star hotel looking toilets. Running-water wall decos. Glass-floor bridge (A must try! But not when drunk, or when wearing skirts or dresses, seriously girls what were you thinking?). Every part of the club looks different, it gives you the illusion of your “own little space”. I absolutely love that they put in so much effort to make this place look so pretty and not make it look like just another regular dance club.

5. Two dancefloors
Wooden dance floors, Seriously, who makes them like that anymore? Everybody’s into cutting-costs and cement these days. And as if making them wooden isn’t wonderful enough, it VIBRATES to the beat of the music.

6. Premium
This is the ouch part. Somebody’s gotta pay for all the expensive, classy deco, awesome systems and good music isn't going to play by itself so it's obviously going to be you and me. I heard that it’s going to be a bit more expensive than your usual Velvet to open a regular bottle of whiskey. But Cover charge as follows: RM50 on Fridays and Saturdays, RM40 on Wednesdays and Thursdays, RM20 on Sundays to Tuesdays. Admission is inclusive of 1 drink.

But if you're younger than 21, don't bother trying to get in. ;)

This place is seriously going to ROCK it big time.
Official Opening's on 2 July. Guess where I'd like to be then?

Official Website
Write-up on Klue


  1. I especially like the fact that we went clubbing and didn't come out smelling like cigarette smoke. I'm Euphoric. When we going again? :D

  2. I'm also against smoking on the dance floor in clubs despite being a smoker myself for practical reasons - the lit cigarettes tend to burn other people and/or clothes. You know what I mean, when a cigarette comes into contact with fabric at a certain velocity, the lit end is completely broken off and stuck on the fabric, which causes a burn hole.

  3. no smoking.... in a club... that's like no oral sex in sex, puulllleeeeze. For those cannot stand it go dance in your own room. I .. do.. not.. believe ... this. They should have created 2 floors.. one is smoking.. another non.. not one small room for smokers. Ppl's gonna smoke soon, when TAIKO comes in, they're gonna go mental when they know about this, then they is gonna say "nei chi tou ngor hai pin kor pinkor moh! kaninah eh!" then boucer comes out.. then things get shitty .... taikor is embarrassed. Then next round they come in start to spread pills and they be making a mess. Then cops come... and infd Mr.A seeking reuge there instead of turkish embassy as earlier told in the news. Hell break lose, its a gay club. end of story. I give it tops 6 months. Am taking bets. Who's game?

  4. FA jie jie... i never go club b4... can bring me go ah ??

  5. Heard a lot of hype about this new club. Sorry la, I'm very stingy when it comes to clubbing. Maybe will try the RM 20 Tuesday night package, LOL.

  6. Save us a night when we come home to go clubbin here kay?! Be prepared to call in sick on Wednesday!! ;) And Thursday too!!! Jim and I are totally into this music. And of course for me, if it's new and hip I gotta go poser. yeaaaa!!!

  7. no smoking in a club is definitely a plus point for many to frequent this place. what with the music which i can only assume would be awesome.

    this joint will definitely go up the pecking order. it'd be interesting to see how long it'll last as one of the top clubs. they've been working on the interior design for's finally ready to be unveiled

    honestly i'm more keen on the ID than the dancing...


    smokin'-free club? OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG...!!
    die-die muz go (at least once la)..
    mane ni?
    sori abit outdated, being overseas too long time edi, n long-looooong time (i mean, years) neva clubbin' edi..

  9. It'll be damn freaking pack right on the 2nd of July? Everyone would want to be there.

  10. Nothing sez pathetic like seeing a bunch of geezers trying to dance it out on the techno disco, cause only the geezers can pay RM50 to get in so they can drink RM20 cocktails on their fancy creditcards. posers! LOL

  11. Thank you!

    I've been waiting for someone to review it, only then i would decide if i will check it out or not. Cause usually Sunway area is gila babeng ci-naaaa.

    But now, i want to gooooo!

    And i want to go with you one day, woman! eheheheee... :)

  12. was there during the construction, remember saw a glass bridge where can see thru from bottom. it's there right?

  13. [...] Wednesday and Thursday, in FA’s words, we were lucky to attend the preview of Euphoria by Ministry of Sound. I didn’t even know [...]

  14. theuselessbastardJuly 3, 2008 at 12:31 AM

    back in 2004 when i visited sydney, some of the big clubs are non smoking club, have to go backalley or street curb to smoke leh.

    good approach...ur shirt/underwear smells reasonable so can re-wear again tomorrow..........

  15. It would be nice if Penang had a club of that quality.

  16. pls left a mess on my mail, if u interesting on me. 200 no problem

  17. Argghh..i miss out..
    Should have gone there..
    Wanna cry now
    But.. thanks for the review.. a must go eh

  18. Din go for the preview...hehe, know it'll be jam packed
    definitely will be there soon.
    and like u said....something nice in PJ...and sunway is closer than mardigras in 1U, or sanctuary in the curve. hehe

    when's the next time u're going??

  19. I LOVE MOS!!! ANd love the way u describe about MOS!!!!!!

  20. I was 16 when I first went there. It was ladies night and I was early. ;)

  21. thanks for the review. wanna go there but driving from setiawangsa to pj seems a long way to go and my partner complaint abt the non-smoking environment. but i like what i read, no smoking means no ciggie smell on my hair or dress.


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