Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sex And The City - The Movie


Honestly, which urban girl and her mother has NOT heard of SATC?

When I popped in the first DVD and the moment the SATC jingle was on I was hooked.

The glam, the glitter, the glitz, the girls, the talk, the issues, the boys, the sex, the clothes, the shoes, the envying them for everything they have you can only dream of having.

Some guy friends even had the cheek to say that “SATC is every girl’s porn”.


How can it even be in the same category as porn? Production costs are much higher, songs are catchier, people are better looking, there’s more clothes, there’s a proper storyline and most importantly girls don’t quite jerk-off to it. It’s NOTHING like porn. SATC is more like every girl’s comic book.

Well, after 6 seasons the girls had to get together one last time to milk it to the bone.

Good? Well if you liked it to begin with, it shouldn’t disappoint. It’s like an entire season compressed into a 2 hour film. It’s bigger. It’s louder. It’s cornier. It’s sure as hell longer.

At first I wasn’t sure. I’m not a huge die-hard fan. The last time I watched SATC was 3-4 years back and I had only watched Season 1 & 2. I remembered enjoying the series, but that was so long ago. What if it was totally different from what I remembered it to be? What if it didn’t meet my expectations? What if I hate it? It’s like, having to meet with an old and dear friend you haven’t been in touch with for years and not quite sure what to expect. But the moment you sit down and start chatting, a wave of familiarity hits you and you realize that everything about the person was exactly the same as you remembered. That was what The Movie felt like for me.

I smiled and gushed and my eyes glazed over. I still wanted the clothes, the shoes, the bags, the lifestyle, the people, the rooms, their lives, the fairytales.

The Questions were also answered.

Will Charlotte ever lose her peppiness? How many times do we see Samantha’s exposed boobs? Will they ever give Miranda something else to wear besides homeless people’s rags? And of course, the most important, will that Mr. Big ever marry Carrie?

One major gripe though, I thought there were too many shameless product placements. Names were dropped and products were flashed every 5 minutes – very irritating.

Other than that, it’s SATC on the big screen! It’s fun, fluff and entertaining! I expected it to be fun and it was and I really enjoyed myself (no, not at all like how one would enjoy porn)!

What WOULD be unexpected is if we actually get to catch it at our local cinemas. I mean, we’re talking about the country where they even censored the word “girl” in that Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl” song on radio. So what do you think? Will it ever come to Malaysia as "Empat Gadis di Bandar"? Only time will tell.

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  1. Latest Update. Sex and the City The Movie as you know it will NOT be comign to Malaysia.

    Instead, some cut-rate production ('cut', geddit? hehe, I'm too clever for my own good) called 'And The City' will be opening sometime in July, apparently. :D

  2. My sis dig SATC too. And she's lucky, she can watch it in Singapore.

  3. Eyeris - I don't know, Leaving the City bit in might be too risque as well. It'll just be called. And The. And will be a giant infomercial on the products the girls use, as that's the only bits not cut. :-)

    Dialogue will go something like this:
    Scene One - New York Fancy Restaurant.
    Samantha - ***CENSORED*** Diet Coke Please ***CENSORED***
    Charlotte - ***CENSORED*** Armani bag? ***CENSORED***
    Samantha - ***CENSORED***
    Charlotte - ***CENSORED***
    Samantha - ***CENSORED***
    Charlotte - ***CENSORED***
    Samantha - ***CENSORED*** Paris ***CENSORED***
    Miranda - Paris? ***CENSORED***
    Samantha - ***CENSORED***
    Charlotte - ***CENSORED***
    ROle Credits

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