Monday, July 28, 2008

Cova Beer Buffet

It took me too long but I finally did it.

I went for that Cova's Beer Buffet.

We must be there on time, I told Eyeris. We must be there on time and early so we can pace ourselves throughout the four hours and make the most of our money!

We entered Cova at about 5.15pm. Sat down. Ordered our Kilkenny. The Beer Buffet please.

Oh it's not a pint! It's a glass! No matter. It's a buffet anyway, we can order as many as our livers and bellies can take. Woah! It's actually not too watered down like most places, excellent!

First glass. Down easy. Thirsty, man.

Second glass comes. It's weird man. Let's order some finger food. We need to eat anyway, we're staying for dinner!

Second glass down. Hey are we getting loud? That couple didn't want to sit anywhere near us. But it can't be because we were loud. It's only our second glass, kan?

Need to pee.

MMmmm. The sauteed mushroom is finally here! Delicious! Everything tastes great when your tastebuds are covered in ale.

Third glass down. Er, people are looking at us wei. What? Never see people drinking before dark is it? Pffft fuggoff. Let's order something else... har? Scones? Set.

Scones come! Yum yum yum! Is the food here ACTUALLY good or is it because we are already high? Whatever! Yum yum yum!

Fourth glass... eh. Need to pee.

Look at that! Some loser finished his dinner but didn't even finish his pint of Kilkenny! Almost 1/3 left! Wtf is wrong with him! Loser loser loser loser!

Need to pee.

Fifth glass... Fries! Fries would be SO excellent now. Omg I'm feeling it already whee! My tummy so bloated lah I hate this feeling. The only reason why I can't drink too many of this lovely thing is because my tummy capacity is too limited. I bet they were counting on that. You! Keep drinking! Don't let me down! Okok I still drink lah. slowly Slowly. Fifth glass mah! Fifth glass more than make back our money already!

Need to pee.

The fries are yum! Wah! Four types of sauce! In soup spoons! Wah check out the presentation!

Half of fifth... wah you so fast finish. Here finish my half want to order fresh glass hehe nyeh!

....... I dowan d. *HiC*hIc*HIc*hiC* *bUrP*

Total damage = over RM200 spent in 4 hours. 3 types of finger food. Kilkenny beer buffet for 2.

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. :(

The beer buffet was worth it.. but I think everything else on their menu is pretty much daylight robbery. I mean, even a CAN of COKE costs RM8.

I heard this offer lasts until the end of the year.



  1. (Imagining the couple's expression when avoiding seats near you...) ROFL!!!

    Interesting to know Kilkenny in fact, are smoother than most beer.

    Can you spot sinking bubbles?

  3. I like the lunch set there. Quite value for money. Come come, I treat you to the beer buffet again as your birthday present.

  4. KilKenny.


  5. hmm... next time if you are at a bar and you like dark beer, try shiner bock or smithwick's..

    as for the beer buffet... sure! but no bar food please. i prefer street food... yums! i have a craving for street food. =)

  6. You do realize the beer buffet is there to drive kitchen orders?

    After all, what kind of Malaysian sits around for 4 hours and not eat something. LOL

  7. TJ: I think we realised that AFTER we paid RM200 for the beer AND the food we ordered while under the influence... hahaha

  8. tigerjoe,
    poor drinker can sit for 12 hours just for the beer.

  9. Methinks its time to repay Cova a visit. Or three.


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