Friday, July 18, 2008


still headachey and vomitey though.

Some updates while I still can manage

1. TDK is THE movie of the year.
2. did an Oreo experiment which I will post up next week
3. Why is that annoying bitch from that annoying Grey's Anatomy starring in yet another stupid doctor series. Why why why why why why my tiny sick brain just simply cannot understand why the producers would think that we'd enjoy having her butt ugly face on tv.
4. i'm going to go buy myself a baseball bat. and i will not hesitate to use it when appropriate.
5. can't work. why am i even in the office? stupid.



  1. yeah i dont get kate walsh too! i dont even watch grey's anatomy

  2. kate walsh is le hot kthxbai

  3. 1. TDK = The Dumb Kids??? Thought it was a dumb movie! The Dark Knight however! Wow! What a movie! [Or so everyone says!]
    2. Poor Oreo! They didn't deserve it you know!
    3. I read the book Grey's Anatomy, and it was all about anatomy. Doesn't seem to resemble anything to do with the series ... and which bitch are you talking about? I thought everyone in Grey's anatomy is ugly. Well, at least the book version. All their insides hanging out!
    4. *trembles in fear*
    5. Being at work when you can't work is THE BEST! You can save your sick days for when you're well enough to do stuff! :-)

  4. Yeah, I loved The Dark Knight too. Amazing, gonna watch it again. Why so serious?

  5. Yay, FA is back. Well, sort of. The Oreo experiment sounds, um, kinky.

  6. Glad you can make it to Hennessy Artistry yesterday. If not, all the free booze will be wasted. Hennessy Miami still rocks lol. That's the area we're at too lol. Will send you the pics soon.


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