Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Naruto Shippuden The Movie!

I just watched it!

Yeah I know I’m probably the one person on earth to watch it but STILL! I WATCHED IT!

I haven't been following the series though. :( Bad girl.

To get a few things of my chest.

1. Almost lol-ed at the scene where Naruto’s in his shampoo advertisement moment. Fan service? You bet. But it sure made him look pretty! Haha.
2. Probably better than the first 3 movies, but it still feels rushed, fragmented and incomplete
3. The last scene AFTER the credits was hilarious because Naruto was being his usual blur self with his normal gung-ho response when the protagonist hinted that they should “do something together”. “CALL ME ANYTIME YOU NEED ME!” LOL
4. The subtitle was so shit, that it got me confused. Some of the English words, I swear, they made it up
5. Lee and his super chocolate bean. HAHAHA. It took me a few minutes but it suddenly occurred to me that it was LIQUOUR CHOCOLATE.
6. I keep fast-forwarding the fight scenes against the terracotta army because it felt too long and unnecessary.

Should I look forward to the Second Shippuden movie?

The one which is due to be released on my BIRTHDAY?

The one which features SASUKE?

Oh well, why not.


  1. wow. haven't heard or read the words 'Naruto' and 'Sasuke' for AGES. time to go pinjam some of the manga again. :D

  2. Naruto and Sasuke will probably have buttsecks...

  3. Hey there Fireangel.. this is PaulOS here we met at Dr Vagus' wedding that nite.. nice to met ya... see ya around sometime..
    God Bless

    FA: Were you on the same table kah?

  4. ohh.. the one that u'v watched izit so called "the death of naruto"? when is the nex one release?
    well, i do hav the series, burnt into DVDs.. maybe i can borrow u someday.. latest one is ep277-278..
    but comics one also damn kan-jiong.. i read it online every friday nite.. glad 2 find that u'r fans of naruto too~!!

    FA: Must be lah. it starts with him dying one. hehe


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