Monday, July 21, 2008

Don't Call Me a Blogger

I haven't been updating as much as I would like to. Then again, I'm not sure whether I want to update as much anymore. Blogs and blogging was once fun. It doesn't feel so fun anymore. It was an avenue for me to rant freely. To read other people's writings and vicariously live through them. A place where I met creatures with the same interests and forged friendships.

Yes I own a blog. But please, don't call me a blogger.

I have no authority over any subject matter.

Owning a blog does not make me more superior than you.

My real life does not revolve around blog-related activities or the blogging community.

I don't know many bloggers, let alone hang out with all of them.

I don't really give a shit about the circus we call politics, blogwise or in real-life.

I don't update my blog daily about every single mundane shit that happens in my offline life.

I can't be bothered to tag along like a lost puppy or actively hang with the elite few JUST for favours. Or fame. Or traffic.

I don't introduce myself using "Hi, I'm FA of Fireangelism".

Neither do I leverage on my blog to gain favours, be recognised, gain entries, or get laid.

I do not stop you from eating your meal just to whip out a camera, take a picture, and blog about how awesome it is on my blog.

I hardly read blogs anymore, save for a couple - mostly because they are friends.

I'm not a money/fame/ad whore who churns posts after posts of advertorials which are completely irrelevant to what I am or what my blog is about or I simply hate just because I want the money or keep the network or too scared to just fucking say no.

I delete all your stupid spam invites and press releases.

I will not watch my language and my image just because you tell me to because I KNOW that there more fucked-up publications out there which are accessible to just about anyone with a click of a mouse button.

On the other hand, I don't say whatever the fuck I want without any form of self-censorship or responsibility JUST because I plaster my face all over the internet and have a pseudonym.

I do not live for ALL your free stuff. Just some of it. :P

We're NOT automatically friends, just because you have a blog too.

I do not consistently have more pictures than words in my posts.

I'm not in my tweens, glamorous or hot.

What you read or see or hear about bloggers in any form of media does NOT apply to me, or have any association with me, and it does NOT represent me at all.

I don't want to have anything to do with the so-called "icons" which represent the "community".

In fact, if anything, I detest what the blogging community has festered into and I am not proud to be associated with it in any way.

I have a real life and it does not revolve around blogs and blogging. A real (crummy) day job. Real friends (who also happen to blog too and I get asked to tag along for their parties. Go me!).

I'm a terrible blogger. I loathe being called one.

So please, don't call me a blogger.

I'm a random somebody who enjoys her drinks and parties and who enjoys jotting down her thoughts in an online journal just because she thinks it's fun.

But I still love free stuff. :P


  1. reminds me of the song by madison avenue 'don't call me baby'

    FA: I liked it! Luckily it didn't make it into your Torture List

  2. Oh, and bloggers also have no business being in a press conference asking stupid questions when we journalists are there trying to get our jobs done.

    FA: eh shaddap. "we" are the "new media" okay. dont play play. hehe

  3. Hmmm tagging along wtf.

    bow wow wow wtf.

  4. ur ad for ur booze fits! its Guiness :D

    FA: That's right, damnit!

  5. "ur ad for ur booze fits! its Guiness"

    of course it fits... bcos at least she drinks.

  6. You are SO CUTE!! :p

    FA: Haha. I now hide in fear. Just waiting for people to start throwing rotten perishables at me.

  7. eyeris: that's quite funny actually, because at some car-related press conferences/inteviews i think the same thing, but replace "bloggers" with journalists and "us journalists" with ME. :P

  8. maybe u master bat too muchi

  9. Popular blogs people visit are a reflection of their mental framework and personal interests.

    Which makes it all the more worrying considering the popular blogs in Malaysia consistently feature banal content and excessive self promotion photography.

    I personally detest blog owners who opine that they are "writers". Blasphemy.


  10. A lot of so called bloggers are pretentious fucks anyway.

    What they claimed in their blog is not what they truly are in real life.

    Some dare to fuck other women while in a relationship but declare to the world they're a one woman man.


    FA: Wah! Who are you talking about! spit it out!

  11. I second that. I'm aghast at the influx of new "bloggers" especially the ones that just got into high school. Jesus H. Christ. Now that really makes entertaining reading. Oops...sarcasm tags not in.

    FA: This post was partly inspired by them.

  12. Spunky lill' bitch ain't you? Nice

  13. I think you're an interesting read and the world would be a sad and tragic place for me if I couldn't read your blog. Your posts inspire me!! :D

    FA: Heh, thanks! :)

  14. u r right. u r absolutely right

    in fact, i am agree with u.
    i wont call u a blogger
    but rather a Celebrity Blogger. :p

    and influential one too.

    FA: My foot lah. My traffic is almost non-existant lah.

  15. now, to me, bloggers are just people who have a blog. like the term 'cyclists' for people on a bike.

    blogging is not special. and people who claim to be 'journalists' or think they're frigging gods for having a blogspot account.. here. my middle finger.

    FA: Hear hear

  16. Your head is really stuck up your own arse, isn't it?

    FA: lol nice one

  17. ok.
    nah.. bubur ayam mc D

  18. Ok, I'll call myself sogger. Sucks in blogging.

  19. oh well... true to the point and yet i find it meaningful... haven't read your blog before but do think your traffic is existing or else where would all these comment come from? let's not compare to the apparent giant bloggers, shall we? :)

    anyway... it's thought prompting post you have here... but then again... it's just a term... bloggers are just somewhat a term use as something in common in which we use to talk or mingle together... it's just like going to a gym... you meet some friends who happen to work out there... might be different hour of the day but still you're in the same gym and therefore if ever you meet his stranger in this total foreign land... he would just be the closest thing you have when you found out that he works out in the same gym as you... :)

    smiles.... great post by the way... and i would say my traffic is the one who's non-existent

  20. Who said you're not hot? Hmmph and who says you're not a blogger? double hhmmph..=))

    ..Hi..remember me? Lynda? your 'fan' who got all mad and stuff and left a comment at Suanie's blog coz' some stupid MNC blocked your site. It's up and running now. You know what? I think you're hilarious. i like reading your blogs and the reason i like reading your blog is because you write true to your heart. true enough you don't 'cam-whore' (honestly dear, i despise that word) for the sake of 'cam-whoring' (there it is again..bleh)..and you write very well. You're hilarious!

    Neeways..i could go on and on how much i like reading your blogs etc..but lest you find me getting tad too creepy, i think i'd btter stop. lolz! keep going, girl..puh dont need pictures to entertain us fans..your wise/ witty/ bitter/ angry words entertain us all..sheer brillance!

  21. Good post.

    I understand where your point is coming from. There are days when I feel that the local blogging scene has sold out and lost its soul somehow...

  22. Which is why I really hate blogs which are all ad content and little content. Thus, no ads on my site. It's all banal content by me, me, me! hee hee! :-)

    Alone...listless...cold keyboard in an otherwise empty blog
    Young of her own attention
    The mother reads her blog tries to understand it
    Shocked by the camwhore

    The shades go down it's in her head
    Commentators...can't spell a word between them...

    Don't call me blogger not fit to
    The camwhore pic will remind me
    Don't call me blogger not fit to
    The camwhore pic will remind me
    Don't call me...

    She types the post that gets her down
    She will...rise above
    Don't call me blogger,
    Not fit to be,
    A camwhore pic will remind me.


    B.H. - I am a writer. :-)

    Shadowfox - I am pretentious. What cha gonna do? :-)
    Of course, I'm a ZERO woman man. Can't seem to run fast enough to catch them. :-)

    ElfieJane - Stop being so sensible. That's like calling people who drive cars ... DRIVERS!!! Look at how many still can't drive! :-)


    Seriously though [don't have a heart attack, I am really being serious], I think most contentless bloggers usually either run out of readers or run out of oomph very quickly. There are some pretentious ones out there [after all, they can hide behind anonymity or even develop an outward persona different to their real selves], but most people see through that after a while. It is nice to rant about them every now and then, but at the end of the day, the only person we need to be better than is who we are today. So, there is no real competition with these hollow bloggers! :-)

    Okay, back to being my normal silly self! :-)

  23. FA, do you really wanna know ? *wink* *wink*

    I think you probably know how to find out who without asking me.

    *wink* *wink*

  24. Dabido: you actually went through the trouble to rewrite Pearl Jam just for a comment?

    You truly ARE the king of commenters. haha

  25. Eueris - That was Pearl Jam? I thought it was Blog Jam! Darn it! :-)
    And Yes, I did! More than once have I rewritten the lyrics to songs just for comments. Thank you! Thank you! :-)

  26. Hey...should be the first time I leave a comment here..but you and your bro seriusly talk alike!!! :) Agree with you totally about being called a blogger...just write when you want to and feel like it..afterall I believe a normal social life actually comes first before your blog..:)

    btw how's your family doing?

  27. But sweetie, you called yourself a 'blogger' here:
    Having second tots???

  28. very subtle... very subtle...

  29. Hmm..why my comment not here already?


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