Monday, July 7, 2008



So, I have two tickets sponsored by Nokia up for grabs.

Just because I am awesome.

You know you want the tickets. I can see you salivating.

But how? How will you ever get your grubby little hands on them?

Only if you win the contest of course.

Ohgod. Why another contest?

Because life’s a bitch and you have to earn something to appreciate it.

To participate, follow these simple steps:

1. Create a new Batman villain.
2. Describe the villain in one paragraph of no less than 100 words.
3. Email it to aphroditus(at) (only email submissions accepted)
4. By Sunday, 13th July 2008
5. Please provide your name and your valid contact number
6. If you receive an email from me – CONGRATS! YOU WON!

And NO. You can not recycle other superhero’s villains and pass it off as a new Batman villain.

But how will I know?

Let’s just say I have a legion of comic book fanboys who know EVERYTHING there is to know. If we catch you passing off an unoriginal villain my ninjas WILL track you down and cut your toes off. With a rusty spoon.

Did I mention that you’ll be fed before the premier? There’ll be dinner!

Details of premier:

Date: 15th July 2008
Time: 7:30pm (dinner) 8.45pm (movie)
Dinner Venue: Paradiso, 4th floor, The Gardens, Midvalley
Movie Venue: GSC Signature cinemas, 4th floor, The Gardens, Midvalley

AND if that’s not fantastic enough, if you come dressed as any of the Batman characters for the premier you stand a chance to win the amazing Nokia N95 8GB!

So what are you waiting for! Send in your emails already!!!!


  1. In keeping with our current political climate, Buttman would be a good villain (or hero!!).


  2. Then can I post my villain as Hancock? A superhero from other movie, he looks cool and strong as well. ^^ And you're awesome for getting yourself movie tickets.

  3. Fireangel, the new villain.

  4. You have..only 2 tickets to offer?
    It's gonna be deadly competitive..

  5. Sounds like fun! I'd participate but...

    A: My idea of a villain is Michelle Pfiffer's Catwoman and I dun think FA would don PVC for us...and

    B: I can't fly over there to watch the movie if I did win! Guess I'll have to see it here at home...!

    Movie Premiere night is always fun!

    FA: -_- create a villian. not create a suit for me to wear wtf

  6. My entry rocks. Now give me my ticket. =P


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