Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Great Oreo Tasting Experiment


Oreo remains to me, one of my favourite cookies simply because:

1. It's super duper tasty (Oh how the crunchiness of the dark outer biscuits complements the smooth velvet sweet filling in the middle, YUM!) and
2. A single roll retails for oh what an amazing price of..... less than RM3.

What about Timtams I hear you cry?

No doubt TimTams are divine food bestowed upon us by the gods but with Oreos, you can have your cookie and eat it too. Without feeling empty inside. Your wallet.

Well today's post is actually NOT about how wonderful Oreos is.

No sir.

It's about finding out what is THE best way of devouring the ebony circles of joy.

The packaging recommends a trick:

Twist. Lick. Dunk.

Wikihow also showcases a few popular methods.

So many ways! But which way is THE best way?


Cleverly using Oreos as bait, I managed to lure a group of housemates to conduct a very simple experiment. An experiment which would change their lives as they know it, FOREVER!

The guinea pigs were questioned about their preferred methods of eating the cookies. Responses were mostly, "Just eat it lah". A little shy perhaps?


Instructions were given to the willing participants to it eat the cookies using 3 most popular prescribed methods. Why just 3? Because I said so and besides 4 would be overkill. The 3 methods were:

1. Twist. Lick. Eat
2. Dunk in cold milk. Eat.
3. Pop the cookie in mouth. Eat.

Then comes the taste test itself. Everybody was of course more than happy to stuff their faces with delicious Oreo cookies! Shy? No. Shy was nowhere to be found, hehe!


Each participant then finally notes down his or her favourite method of the 3, citing reasons.

Out of the 3, dunking the Oreo in milk first before eating it is the best way of eating an Oreo.


When the Oreo is consumed by itself, the biscuit is a little dry in the mouth, and the creamy filling a little too sweet. But when an Oreo is dunk into milk, it softens the cookie, thus making it easier to consume. Also, the taste of the milk on the Oreo cookie develops and enhances the taste of the cookie. It tastes like.... a handful of fluffy clouds mixed with a few drops of sunshine, blue skies and a spot of rainbow. No, seriously.

Argh. Excuse me, I have this sudden crazy urge to stuff my face with Oreos and milk.... bai!



  1. What about FREE TIM TAMS from Aussie? I hear me cry!!! :-)
    Surely they don't hurt the wallet in any way shape or form.

    I probably should ask if you've eaten Cadbury Triple Chocs!?

  2. i'm surprised you didn't dunk the oreos into baileys hehehhe :P

  3. It's a dilemma. Actually, I prefer eating just the biscuit without milk or anything. The white stuff is too sweet for me. I have some relatives who have bought a pack of Oreo Double Stuff and then separate the biscuit from the goo and then put all the goo aside and then... have eaten just the goo. Tremendously overweight relatives, but still - that's just not how to do it.

  4. don't overdose on Oreos! Gummy bears are on the way!!!! :D

  5. yeah. how come no liquor induced oreo's experiments??

  6. Have experiment on more food !!hehe!!Loved the oreo!


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