Thursday, July 31, 2008


Some days I just don't feel like waking up.

Like a 7 year old kid who refuses to go to school.

Maaaaaa... I dun wanna go to workkk.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Great Oreo Tasting Experiment


Oreo remains to me, one of my favourite cookies simply because:

1. It's super duper tasty (Oh how the crunchiness of the dark outer biscuits complements the smooth velvet sweet filling in the middle, YUM!) and
2. A single roll retails for oh what an amazing price of..... less than RM3.

What about Timtams I hear you cry?

No doubt TimTams are divine food bestowed upon us by the gods but with Oreos, you can have your cookie and eat it too. Without feeling empty inside. Your wallet.

Well today's post is actually NOT about how wonderful Oreos is.

No sir.

It's about finding out what is THE best way of devouring the ebony circles of joy.

The packaging recommends a trick:

Twist. Lick. Dunk.

Wikihow also showcases a few popular methods.

So many ways! But which way is THE best way?


Cleverly using Oreos as bait, I managed to lure a group of housemates to conduct a very simple experiment. An experiment which would change their lives as they know it, FOREVER!

The guinea pigs were questioned about their preferred methods of eating the cookies. Responses were mostly, "Just eat it lah". A little shy perhaps?


Instructions were given to the willing participants to it eat the cookies using 3 most popular prescribed methods. Why just 3? Because I said so and besides 4 would be overkill. The 3 methods were:

1. Twist. Lick. Eat
2. Dunk in cold milk. Eat.
3. Pop the cookie in mouth. Eat.

Then comes the taste test itself. Everybody was of course more than happy to stuff their faces with delicious Oreo cookies! Shy? No. Shy was nowhere to be found, hehe!


Each participant then finally notes down his or her favourite method of the 3, citing reasons.

Out of the 3, dunking the Oreo in milk first before eating it is the best way of eating an Oreo.


When the Oreo is consumed by itself, the biscuit is a little dry in the mouth, and the creamy filling a little too sweet. But when an Oreo is dunk into milk, it softens the cookie, thus making it easier to consume. Also, the taste of the milk on the Oreo cookie develops and enhances the taste of the cookie. It tastes like.... a handful of fluffy clouds mixed with a few drops of sunshine, blue skies and a spot of rainbow. No, seriously.

Argh. Excuse me, I have this sudden crazy urge to stuff my face with Oreos and milk.... bai!


Monday, July 28, 2008

Cova Beer Buffet

It took me too long but I finally did it.

I went for that Cova's Beer Buffet.

We must be there on time, I told Eyeris. We must be there on time and early so we can pace ourselves throughout the four hours and make the most of our money!

We entered Cova at about 5.15pm. Sat down. Ordered our Kilkenny. The Beer Buffet please.

Oh it's not a pint! It's a glass! No matter. It's a buffet anyway, we can order as many as our livers and bellies can take. Woah! It's actually not too watered down like most places, excellent!

First glass. Down easy. Thirsty, man.

Second glass comes. It's weird man. Let's order some finger food. We need to eat anyway, we're staying for dinner!

Second glass down. Hey are we getting loud? That couple didn't want to sit anywhere near us. But it can't be because we were loud. It's only our second glass, kan?

Need to pee.

MMmmm. The sauteed mushroom is finally here! Delicious! Everything tastes great when your tastebuds are covered in ale.

Third glass down. Er, people are looking at us wei. What? Never see people drinking before dark is it? Pffft fuggoff. Let's order something else... har? Scones? Set.

Scones come! Yum yum yum! Is the food here ACTUALLY good or is it because we are already high? Whatever! Yum yum yum!

Fourth glass... eh. Need to pee.

Look at that! Some loser finished his dinner but didn't even finish his pint of Kilkenny! Almost 1/3 left! Wtf is wrong with him! Loser loser loser loser!

Need to pee.

Fifth glass... Fries! Fries would be SO excellent now. Omg I'm feeling it already whee! My tummy so bloated lah I hate this feeling. The only reason why I can't drink too many of this lovely thing is because my tummy capacity is too limited. I bet they were counting on that. You! Keep drinking! Don't let me down! Okok I still drink lah. slowly Slowly. Fifth glass mah! Fifth glass more than make back our money already!

Need to pee.

The fries are yum! Wah! Four types of sauce! In soup spoons! Wah check out the presentation!

Half of fifth... wah you so fast finish. Here finish my half want to order fresh glass hehe nyeh!

....... I dowan d. *HiC*hIc*HIc*hiC* *bUrP*

Total damage = over RM200 spent in 4 hours. 3 types of finger food. Kilkenny beer buffet for 2.

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. :(

The beer buffet was worth it.. but I think everything else on their menu is pretty much daylight robbery. I mean, even a CAN of COKE costs RM8.

I heard this offer lasts until the end of the year.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Dark Knight


It's hard to imagine that an overused, overquoted cheesy line from a soppy romance comedy would make its appearance in a dark, action-packed comic film.

But it did.

And it appeared in one of the most tensed scenes in the movie no less. Where Batman was just about to plummel the Joker into a pulp.

The Joker, in all his clown make-up glory, staring Batman straight to his face, uttered these 3 words with such earnest and innocence, as if they were star-crossed lovers.

"You complete me"

So contradicting and ironic, you can't help but giggle. What? Did he really say that? Did he mean what he said, or was he just... joking?

But how can the good co-exist with the evil? How are they dependant on each other when they are polar opposites?

Day and night. Fire and water. Moon and the sun. Ying and Yang.

And yet when you think about it, one wouldn't have been able to exist without the existence of the other.

Like 2 sides of a coin.

A balance.

"You complete me"

Every beginning has an ending. Every good time ends. Every bad time ends.

A never-ending cycle.

With The Dark Knight reigning over Gotham and single handedly becoming the icon of ultimate good, the birth of the ultimate evil was bound to happen. And it happened in the form of The Joker.

The Clown Prince of Crime.

No DNA, no fingerprints. Custom clothing, no tags or brand labels. No name, no other alias. Nothing in his pockets but knives and lint.

His motive?
Not money. Not pleasure. Not revenge.

But just because.

Like the Devil is to God. You can't blame the devil for being evil. He's just doing his job. And just like Bruce Wayne is doing his job to keep the city free from crime, it is the Joker's job to keep it filled with crime.

The perfect criminal. With no other motives except to be the epitome of and to create evil.

"You complete me"

We don't usually root for the bad guy because it's wrong, because the bad guy is always so hateful. But this bad guy is so good, you can't help but respect him for his utter and complete devotion to his craft. He has only one goal and he goes all out to achieve it. His purpose is clear. His intent is pure. How do you loathe someone like that?

TDK is the type of movie every producers and directors can only dream of making. They set out with good intentions to make the best movie ever, but more often than not, they miss the point by a mile because they tried too hard.

With TDK, execution was just right.

Clever lines which will be re-quoted again and again for years to come. Real and memorable characters. Impeccable timing. Elaborate set. Ass-kicking storyline. Action sequences which blow your mind away. Emotions that it stirs within you.

It was perfect.

Heath Ledger did more than play a character.

He brought it to life.

TDK was not just a superhero film.

It was storytelling at its finest.

Official website
Rotten Tomatoes

Monday, July 21, 2008

Don't Call Me a Blogger

I haven't been updating as much as I would like to. Then again, I'm not sure whether I want to update as much anymore. Blogs and blogging was once fun. It doesn't feel so fun anymore. It was an avenue for me to rant freely. To read other people's writings and vicariously live through them. A place where I met creatures with the same interests and forged friendships.

Yes I own a blog. But please, don't call me a blogger.

I have no authority over any subject matter.

Owning a blog does not make me more superior than you.

My real life does not revolve around blog-related activities or the blogging community.

I don't know many bloggers, let alone hang out with all of them.

I don't really give a shit about the circus we call politics, blogwise or in real-life.

I don't update my blog daily about every single mundane shit that happens in my offline life.

I can't be bothered to tag along like a lost puppy or actively hang with the elite few JUST for favours. Or fame. Or traffic.

I don't introduce myself using "Hi, I'm FA of Fireangelism".

Neither do I leverage on my blog to gain favours, be recognised, gain entries, or get laid.

I do not stop you from eating your meal just to whip out a camera, take a picture, and blog about how awesome it is on my blog.

I hardly read blogs anymore, save for a couple - mostly because they are friends.

I'm not a money/fame/ad whore who churns posts after posts of advertorials which are completely irrelevant to what I am or what my blog is about or I simply hate just because I want the money or keep the network or too scared to just fucking say no.

I delete all your stupid spam invites and press releases.

I will not watch my language and my image just because you tell me to because I KNOW that there more fucked-up publications out there which are accessible to just about anyone with a click of a mouse button.

On the other hand, I don't say whatever the fuck I want without any form of self-censorship or responsibility JUST because I plaster my face all over the internet and have a pseudonym.

I do not live for ALL your free stuff. Just some of it. :P

We're NOT automatically friends, just because you have a blog too.

I do not consistently have more pictures than words in my posts.

I'm not in my tweens, glamorous or hot.

What you read or see or hear about bloggers in any form of media does NOT apply to me, or have any association with me, and it does NOT represent me at all.

I don't want to have anything to do with the so-called "icons" which represent the "community".

In fact, if anything, I detest what the blogging community has festered into and I am not proud to be associated with it in any way.

I have a real life and it does not revolve around blogs and blogging. A real (crummy) day job. Real friends (who also happen to blog too and I get asked to tag along for their parties. Go me!).

I'm a terrible blogger. I loathe being called one.

So please, don't call me a blogger.

I'm a random somebody who enjoys her drinks and parties and who enjoys jotting down her thoughts in an online journal just because she thinks it's fun.

But I still love free stuff. :P

Please Get Me This Tshirt, Kthx

One in every colour.

Stolen from a Wikipedia entry, here

My birthday is coming.

Friday, July 18, 2008


still headachey and vomitey though.

Some updates while I still can manage

1. TDK is THE movie of the year.
2. did an Oreo experiment which I will post up next week
3. Why is that annoying bitch from that annoying Grey's Anatomy starring in yet another stupid doctor series. Why why why why why why my tiny sick brain just simply cannot understand why the producers would think that we'd enjoy having her butt ugly face on tv.
4. i'm going to go buy myself a baseball bat. and i will not hesitate to use it when appropriate.
5. can't work. why am i even in the office? stupid.


Thursday, July 17, 2008


Food poisoning.


Not available for work, blogging, socialising, or even booze.

see you next week.


Friday, July 11, 2008


Data entrying. We hates its.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

WJY 3832

While 10-15 cars were impatiently piling up in a line to take a right turning, our hero of the day decided to drive all the way to the start of the line, nonchalantly looked over at me, ate into my space, and casually took the turning.

Bastard animal go die and rot in the 47th circle of hell where armies of 7 feet lustful sodomisers with spiked dicks the size of a sea cucumber await for assholes like him to drop by for an eternity of back-door fun.

@(#*$(@#*$(@#$ Argh. Too stressed and busy and tired to curse and swear further.

I'll leave it up to you guys. Kthx.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Naruto Shippuden The Movie!

I just watched it!

Yeah I know I’m probably the one person on earth to watch it but STILL! I WATCHED IT!

I haven't been following the series though. :( Bad girl.

To get a few things of my chest.

1. Almost lol-ed at the scene where Naruto’s in his shampoo advertisement moment. Fan service? You bet. But it sure made him look pretty! Haha.
2. Probably better than the first 3 movies, but it still feels rushed, fragmented and incomplete
3. The last scene AFTER the credits was hilarious because Naruto was being his usual blur self with his normal gung-ho response when the protagonist hinted that they should “do something together”. “CALL ME ANYTIME YOU NEED ME!” LOL
4. The subtitle was so shit, that it got me confused. Some of the English words, I swear, they made it up
5. Lee and his super chocolate bean. HAHAHA. It took me a few minutes but it suddenly occurred to me that it was LIQUOUR CHOCOLATE.
6. I keep fast-forwarding the fight scenes against the terracotta army because it felt too long and unnecessary.

Should I look forward to the Second Shippuden movie?

The one which is due to be released on my BIRTHDAY?

The one which features SASUKE?

Oh well, why not.

Monday, July 7, 2008



So, I have two tickets sponsored by Nokia up for grabs.

Just because I am awesome.

You know you want the tickets. I can see you salivating.

But how? How will you ever get your grubby little hands on them?

Only if you win the contest of course.

Ohgod. Why another contest?

Because life’s a bitch and you have to earn something to appreciate it.

To participate, follow these simple steps:

1. Create a new Batman villain.
2. Describe the villain in one paragraph of no less than 100 words.
3. Email it to aphroditus(at) (only email submissions accepted)
4. By Sunday, 13th July 2008
5. Please provide your name and your valid contact number
6. If you receive an email from me – CONGRATS! YOU WON!

And NO. You can not recycle other superhero’s villains and pass it off as a new Batman villain.

But how will I know?

Let’s just say I have a legion of comic book fanboys who know EVERYTHING there is to know. If we catch you passing off an unoriginal villain my ninjas WILL track you down and cut your toes off. With a rusty spoon.

Did I mention that you’ll be fed before the premier? There’ll be dinner!

Details of premier:

Date: 15th July 2008
Time: 7:30pm (dinner) 8.45pm (movie)
Dinner Venue: Paradiso, 4th floor, The Gardens, Midvalley
Movie Venue: GSC Signature cinemas, 4th floor, The Gardens, Midvalley

AND if that’s not fantastic enough, if you come dressed as any of the Batman characters for the premier you stand a chance to win the amazing Nokia N95 8GB!

So what are you waiting for! Send in your emails already!!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sex And The City - The Movie


Honestly, which urban girl and her mother has NOT heard of SATC?

When I popped in the first DVD and the moment the SATC jingle was on I was hooked.

The glam, the glitter, the glitz, the girls, the talk, the issues, the boys, the sex, the clothes, the shoes, the envying them for everything they have you can only dream of having.

Some guy friends even had the cheek to say that “SATC is every girl’s porn”.


How can it even be in the same category as porn? Production costs are much higher, songs are catchier, people are better looking, there’s more clothes, there’s a proper storyline and most importantly girls don’t quite jerk-off to it. It’s NOTHING like porn. SATC is more like every girl’s comic book.

Well, after 6 seasons the girls had to get together one last time to milk it to the bone.

Good? Well if you liked it to begin with, it shouldn’t disappoint. It’s like an entire season compressed into a 2 hour film. It’s bigger. It’s louder. It’s cornier. It’s sure as hell longer.

At first I wasn’t sure. I’m not a huge die-hard fan. The last time I watched SATC was 3-4 years back and I had only watched Season 1 & 2. I remembered enjoying the series, but that was so long ago. What if it was totally different from what I remembered it to be? What if it didn’t meet my expectations? What if I hate it? It’s like, having to meet with an old and dear friend you haven’t been in touch with for years and not quite sure what to expect. But the moment you sit down and start chatting, a wave of familiarity hits you and you realize that everything about the person was exactly the same as you remembered. That was what The Movie felt like for me.

I smiled and gushed and my eyes glazed over. I still wanted the clothes, the shoes, the bags, the lifestyle, the people, the rooms, their lives, the fairytales.

The Questions were also answered.

Will Charlotte ever lose her peppiness? How many times do we see Samantha’s exposed boobs? Will they ever give Miranda something else to wear besides homeless people’s rags? And of course, the most important, will that Mr. Big ever marry Carrie?

One major gripe though, I thought there were too many shameless product placements. Names were dropped and products were flashed every 5 minutes – very irritating.

Other than that, it’s SATC on the big screen! It’s fun, fluff and entertaining! I expected it to be fun and it was and I really enjoyed myself (no, not at all like how one would enjoy porn)!

What WOULD be unexpected is if we actually get to catch it at our local cinemas. I mean, we’re talking about the country where they even censored the word “girl” in that Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl” song on radio. So what do you think? Will it ever come to Malaysia as "Empat Gadis di Bandar"? Only time will tell.

Rotten Tomatoes
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