Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Girls Don't Have All the Fun

Whoever said that being a girl was more fun? Bring the bugger to me. I’ll hang that idiot upside down by his toes while a rat feeds on his/her feet.

While I’m trying to balance my chequebook, be a filial daughter, a decent friend, a loving companion, a productive employee, booze and find time to blog in between everything else, do I really WANT to spend time taking care unwanted hair growth on my legs, underarms, face and god knows where else? No, I don’t. But now and again I still find myself tangled up in some yoga lotus position trying to reach hard-to-reach places of my underarm, or having to through the time-consuming process of cold waxing my legs, or forcing to drive out to some dodgy shop to get my upper lip trimmed for a price of excruciating PAIN.

The wall behind the greeting counter

So when I heard the Bella centre offered a hair removal treatment via their Depilux Permanent Hair Removal system, I jumped on it! Serena C is the ambassador for this treatment and I saw their ad in The Star just the other day!

What really attracted me to this was when I heard that the treatment will be 1) Almost painless and 2) Almost permanent. “Almost” painless because there is some slight pain which feels like a quick prick of a sharp needle. “Almost” permanent because while they promise a 95% chance of your hair never growing back, there is still a 5% chance that it could due to hormonal changes in our body as you age.

Almost painless! Almost permanent! I’ll put my money on the table with that kind of odds in my favour, wouldn’t you? Almost immediately, I made an appointment to check the treatment out at their Midvalley branch.

I arrived fashionably late (thank you, dear job and traffic jam) and was instantly whisked away into a private consultation room for a chat.

The ambient consultation room

The Depilux Permenant Hair Removal System employs a machine that utilizes this technology called Intense Pulse Light System.

The thingy which flashes lights which kills your hair root

What it does basically is that it emits a very bright, high density light (not a laser) to burn the root of your hair. This kills the root, or retarding it to the point where you can actually use your fingers to gently nudge the hair out of its root. Yup, I couldn’t believe it either.

The walls upstairs were adorned with pretty wall paintings

The treatment takes place in a different room located upstairs.

I was made to take off my top and given a robe to put on. Then I was made to lie down and a pair of goggles were put on me to shield my eyes from the intense light emitted from the machine.

The treatment room

The center manager offered to give me her hand to hold, in case I got scared of the pain. This really freaked me out because I was starting to anticipate a really long, grueling session of, well, PAIN and my mind was promptly filled with mental images of PAIN and torture devices.
To my surprise, the entire treatment lasted no longer than 3 minutes! What happens is that they take this light-emitting rod and flash it on various parts of your chosen area. Place. Flash. Place. Flash. Place. Flash. It was as quick as switching the torchlight on and off. What pain? It was just tiny micro quick little pricks, hah!

I really like the wall paintings!

To end the treatment they applied a gel-like substance on the treated area for a cooling effect.

It’s been almost a full month since my first treatment I must say this: it works! It really works! Hair growth on the treated area (if you must know, it was my underarm) has deteriorated substantially. You see, I usually trim that area by plucking. After less than one week it grows back all thick and stubbly. However AFTER this treatment, I noticed that I hardly had any new hair growth in that area! Even after a whole month! It was practically as clean as the day after the treatment!


This sounds gross but I’m so amazed by how smooth it feels these days I keep touching it! So smooth! SO HAPPY!!!

I was recommended to come for follow-up treatments to complete the treatment. For RM2,999 I would receive 5 sessions Hair Removal and 5 touch up sessions.


It sounds a bit expensive, right? Well if you’re just curious and want a sampling session I understand that trial sessions are available at RM258 (for underarms), which is quite affordable because facial treatments these days costs about that much anyway right? If you’re interested to make an appointment, you could keep in touch with the good people from Bella Skin Care Centre at 03-2284 8088.

Okay now I’m going to go and celebrate my freedom from fuzz, bye! :)


  1. Fireangel.... hairy no more!!!! LOL...

  2. you should show a before and after pic of your upper lip :P

  3. so now your armpit no hair liao lah
    tio boh ?

  4. oil price increase 41%..... $2999 to shave the muff......

    -_-" . . . . . . .

  5. it... turns things into peaches?

  6. You traded lots of tiny hairs for a single thick one?

  7. I saw a Star Trek episode like that, except they used the intense light to kill these creatures that looked like Jelly blubbers!
    I guess the treatment puts and end to your nickname FireRabutanLip! :-)

  8. Hey, you should go to Adonis!!! Bella one is so expensive. Adonis have the same treatment for less. Call them to enquire k? :)

  9. That's amazing...it would probably do wonders for my shaver consumption (shave twice a day to maintain my innocent look). But then I'll be worried about the hair not growing back should I want to have a bit of a stubble next time.

    Permanent Hair Removal System sounds scary.

  10. So does this depilux system work on pubes? And do they cater to gentlemen?

  11. If ever there was a more hair raising tale.

  12. here i am..bring it on! being a girl is so so much easier then men!

  13. Dugg for "tiny micro quick little pricks"!

    Oh wait.

  14. Guys wax too, so girls still have all the fun so to speak. I can't believe you used to pluck your armpits... ouch! Why cold wax anyway? Hot wax much better, especially on the legs.

  15. hair,
    nothing but hair
    all over the place.

  16. kilkenny half pint at changkat bukit bintang Rm 7.80

  17. Whoa!!! CHOI!! knnccb!
    girls with no hair is damn sway and unlucky one.
    if marry one sure no fatt tatt one.
    if meet one faster ran far far.

    *quickly run away*

  18. Just went for the same pulse light hair removal today and I saw your post -

    Bella very expensive oo ... The one I'm going to (MomoQueen - weird name, IMO) is charging RM800 for 10 times (armpit area).

    Have you signed up for it? If not, you might want to check out other alternatives. :)


  19. DON'T DO IT!!! About 10 yrs ago, my good friend and I spent thousands and thousands of dollars on this Depilux Hair Removal treatment. After over 6 months of treatment, I ended up with 98% regrowth of thicker hair, and 2% skin deep ingrowns. These type of hair removal are called electronic galvanic systems and they cause ingrowns and scarring! I had to spend several hundreds to see a dermetologist to treat my folliculitis. It took years for the scars to fade. I wanted to warn everyone about this that I went to Cleo Magarzine with my story. They published a feature write up on my story although they kept my identity confidential. Well now you know. BE WARNED!!!


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