Friday, November 9, 2007

I Love Parties.


There's nothing like a party with unlimited supply of free booze to make me happier than Pooh swimming in a pool of honey.

So please invite me to more events and ply me with LOTS of free alcohol, thanks.

More after the weekend.

Happy weekend! :)


  1. *gasp*

    is that goat piss you're drinking fa? LMAO

    FA: It's actually quite drinkable when FROZEN! hahahaha.. free mar. :P

  2. mahai. the one event i decided not to go to, EVERYONE ELSE went. bah. haha

  3. Oh You Are Alchoholic.
    Then its NO surprise with all of the profanity blogs from you!

    Dont Drink and Drive!

  4. finally u blogged!

    you looked great in those, the scarf is cool.

    but the sling bag is little bit aunty. unless u ready to move on to the next phase of ur life "fire-auntism", smaller party bag would be just nice.

  5. You would have liked my Birthday then. AUD$1000 alcohol ... hardly any drunk at all! lol


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