Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Haven't been updating like I should have.

Busy no time always tired etcetc.

New year new changes new headaches man.

Need a new job.

You know, something which allows me to have MORE REAL LIFE HUMAN INTERACTION PLEASE OMG.

I was NOT made to stare at monitors all day long. 24-7-365.

Heard of any vacancies or not?

I give you resume.

What? You think I'm kidding ar.

Think I so free nothing to do ar?

I'm being fucking serious balls.

So serious that I'm even putting on a serious face right now.

-_- < --- See? Serious face. On.

I can offer you a lot. So offer me something, bitches.

Er, wait, that was rude. Let me rephrase myself.

Please offer me something, bitches.



  1. Wat kin'd of job u looking for..excluding jobs that pays good and let u do nothing but drink. Wat u doing staring the monitor 24/7? you bookie ke or doing the accounts one?

    FA: What kinda job do you see me doing?

  2. haiya FA, wat the headache... quick quick find a mate, arrange for dating...etc... get married and thats it, no need to headache liao loh... rite??? another options, why dun u get some partner, those alcoholic ones, gather some $$$ and than open up a lounge or watsoever that is related, cause i see u are very familiar in this field... wat u say bout it???

  3. am not sure any potential employers would appreciate being called 'bitches'. unless they really are, in which case, you wouldn't want to work with them anyway, would you? gyahaha

    FA: Dude. I'm asking for a job. On my BLOG. I mean. You know. Dude.

  4. Crossroads... hmm... for most generation of people, Titney Spears come to mind. "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman"

    For those from ah pek generation of mine, Steve Vai and Ralph Macchio's 1986 Crossroads movie comes to mind.

    As for your job advert on your blog, it helps if you state what you're looking for. Nobody's gonna offer you anything if they don't know what you do.

    Real life human interaction ? Go into sales, sell insurance, or be a baby sitter, can interact with all the babies you want.(Can eat them up too when nobody's looking) :-P

  5. good luck! get a car first laaa

  6. Greetings from Bangkok. Faster give me your resume la. I going to Genting office tomorrow.

    FA: I send to you gmail. Your office mail sucks ass hehe

  7. she get a car also STILL have to learn how to drive first. hhhahhaahha


  8. Chen: wanna get a car also must have a job first mah.

    No job and having to service car loans, worse off than before.

    Maybe get a bike. FireRempit.

  9. what's wrong with staring at the monitor 24/7? that's what we bloggers do ler... err.. ok, maybe 24/7 is a bit too much... make it 15/5.

    what kinda freaking job u looking for la? no free booze job out there though.

    FA: HAhaha dunno. Why would anybody in their right minds seriously ask for jobs on their blog lah.

  10. staring at monitors 24/7???
    isn't that what investment bankers do? lol
    i suggest u go to bar school and then get a job in a cocktail bar... some of them pay really well...
    or maybe just go into investment banking and get paid 100k a year in bonuses but then still have to stare at screen 24/7 :P

  11. the most suitable job for you. GRO. how bout that? can find u a place easily. wan?

    FA: Can. But you explain to my mother okay?

  12. Hey FA,
    if you're in Investment Banking, could share some of your experience about how the job is like? I'm a soon graduating undergrad :)

    FA: I'm not. Sorry.

  13. You DO NOT want more human interaction, FA. Trust me on this. Humans suck.

    FA: Ooh. But some suck good. :P

  14. 1. Blog full time.

    2. Pose naked.

    3. Sell your underwear.

    4. Pose naked and sell your underwear. On this blog.

    FA: ERm. Nooooooo.

  15. Hmm, seriously, what kind of jobs are you looking for?
    Wouldn't mind keeping a lookout for you if you can say what you are looking for.

    FA: Gonna email you.

  16. Hai, a bit late in replying. So, seriously, what do you do so I could gauge which position or job offers I could pass on to ya.

    If too private, can email me first. Then we can move on from there.

    FA: I'm gonna write you an email instead. :)

  17. Frankly, with your rhetoric, you can try working in mass media. Article writer?

  18. comment didn't seem to go thru last time..

    So what do you do in the first place? Go into event management or advertising or something, at least a job that brings you out of the office more often..

    Can always be a full time blogger though :P

  19. Description: Imma looking for a Cam Ho for my posse.

    Profile: We called Da Kuchai Lama Mad Mamak Motorcycle Manga-connoiseur Gangsta Collective (DKL3MGC). We bout dat, BOUT DAT.

    Scope: Cam Ho will pose all sexy wid our bitchin rides. Take photo for da website. (But must promise not to tell our parents). Bonus if willing to cosplay.

    Contact: Show us a headshot and legshot first. Include a/s/l and MSN nick.

    FA: "pose all sexy" ?!?!?!? Kthxbai.

  20. wanna become a teacher in singapore? starting pay is about SG$2200. alot of human interaction. :)

    FA: I'll EAT the children

  21. this is not an update sohai!


    FA: This weekend will camwhore. But erm. Will need your help with something. Will buy you coffee. IM you later.

  22. Paul - 'Ceci n'est pas une pipe' - Magrisse.

  23. Hey there!

    Found the link to your blog thru patrick teoh's. Feeling damn stressed out, so thought I'd chill and browse Malaysian blogs... Hmmm... will definitely revisit ur blog.

  24. blog full time la... pose some competition to kenny sia or something.

    FA: Siau meh.

  25. my bank looking for people i think (i advise you to call OCBC Bank and speak to the HR department)

    not sure whether vacancy still open

    you meet people, but not that many people.
    but when you meet them you usually get to have very good food if it's lunch or dinner.

    investment banking will ask for your soul
    but it pays well

    fuck. if you're going into banking, you may as well go into investment banking. if you don't, there's no point about being in banking.

    especially investment banking overseas.

  26. Does event management company suits you ? If yes, email me.

  27. wassup gal...wow...i know the feeling of staring at PC screen 24x7 at work..i've got 3 freaking screens to stare at daily..hehe..anyway..my uncle has a job agency..email me ur resume if u not kidding abt changing jobs..hehe


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