Monday, December 10, 2007

Don't Do This.

I was at the club last Friday celebrating a friend's last few days of freedom as a bachelor (hahahaha).

So I though, let's experiment. I'll refrain from indulging myself - because I got flat out wasted the weekend before and the trauma was still too fresh in my mind. I'll stay sober, I thoughtl Might be fun to see what's THAT like.

When I first started out clubbing (I was what? 23?), I barely drank. It was like ALL dancing, and ALL coke. Whiskey and vodka tasted like shit to me. I got high on oxygen and the fumes of drunken people around me.

Then I started drinking bit by bit. One sip there. One chug here. In time, I became like everybody else - I'm drinking as much as if not more than I dance. One step further, I'm getting drunk. Another level up, I'm puking once I reach home. Another, I'm puking in the toilet of the club. Finally - I drink till I pass out at random places.

Every time I do that, the whole passing out thing, remorse inevitably follows. And I'm thinking to myself "Mygod I'm 27 can't even hold my drinks WTF happened last night anyway shit I shouldn't do this anymore ohmygod this is bad the ground is moving argh my stomach hurts no more this is the last time". Before I know it I'm back in the club, chugging at everything that's stuffed at my face faster than you can say "mahatma ghandi".

So that night I drank minimum, and by the end of the night I'm only drinking Coke. I realise that I see and feel things so differently when I'm not imbibed, it made me wonder omg, just how much does drinking contributes to the amount of fun once has? Everybody around me is drinking, laughing, making friends with strangers, drinking some more, breaking glasses, spilling drinks, drinking some more, talking inaudibly, smiling, flirting, dancing like a brazen whore, hooking up - all those drunk happy faces! My god!

And there I was, sitting down, watching everybody, sober as mahatma ghandi - feeling downright BORED, bitching in my head about the bloody overplayed songs (UMBRELLA? FUCK YOU MR DJ), about the smoke getting into my eyes, smoke suffocating me, the damn whiskey being so bitter, and what is it so fucking dark? wtf people puking everywhere, watching other people "trying" to dance and wondering if I looked like THAT when I'm drunkdancing, and if I did then maybe I should NEVER drink again, and omg the toilet is so fucking disgusting wtf are they doing puking on the walls, oh god no more whiskey for me that shit's disgusting, please don't make me dance the songs suck, no no don't touch me like that - I don't know you that well omg stay away please.

Needless to say, I didn't quite enjoyed myself as much as I would've liked.

Being sober at a party sucks.

I'm NEVER doing this again.


  1. my neck is still aching, and I've definitely lost my voice.
    Eh, this is not My Chemical Romance post? :P

  2. You're a hardocre wino. Pity. The whiff of puke on oneself must have its attractions to some.

  3. dear FA: i tink u of all ppl shud realize that clubbing/partying without drinking is like eating plain rice for dont worry abt not being able 2 hold ur drinks...4 what it's worth trying drinking a glass of water after each pack of alcohol u consume..helps me stay high yet sober at the same puking n waking up 2 strangers the next day..;)

  4. you so right!, umbrella sux over played.... they should put on "rain coat".. safer..

    honestly, intention to go to club is to get high. if want to go there and regret, may as well stay home and write to pan pal and exchange stamps.

    rule of thumb, at least get 1 fella stay alert to drive everyone home safe.

  5. One should not stay sober at parties if one intends to have fun.

    One does not need to get wasted at said parties to have fun either.

    There's always a moment when you've had juuuust enough alcohol. When you're having the time of your life, you're funny and friendly and attractive to everyone around you, whatever music they're playing sounds awesome, and the moves you're busting are better than the moves being busted by anyone else.

    It's around that moment that one should therefore STOP DRINKING. (Or at least, slow down.)

    Experienced drinkers know this.

  6. that's aint look like u at all being SOBER.

    u looks funny when drunk.

  7. I'll have enough alcohol this x'mas eve, worry not. :D

  8. I guess the generation gap might make a diff. Years ago I suffered from peptic ulcers. I had 3 of those nasties in my stomach which meant I couldn't eat anything spicy, drink coffee, tea or any form of alcohol. This went on for about 18 months. I was sober all the time. At parties, dinner events, clubs. Everything. But I found that I enjoyed the sobriety quite a bit. Unlike you I had just as much fun and the best thing was I could remember the fun the next day. Don't know why I went back to drinking actually. Had 3/4's of this litre bottle of this crap called Johnnie Walker Pure Malt with a friend last night. Remember the name. It is PURE CRAP. And expensive too judging from the packaging. Hangover today is like DEATH man.

    FA: Actually I started out liking being sober at everything too coz I didn't like the taste of liqour at all!

  9. Precisely why I don't go to clubs. I don't drink, and thus find the whole party experience quite disgusting/demeaning/senseless/etc etc. I suppose I lack some gene or other, but I see no point in doing something I don't like to fool myself into enjoying something I like even less when I'm quite happy doing other things [while in my right mind].

    Then again, I'm younger than you were when you began, so who knows eh? I'd hate myself though.

  10. ps: I just reread my comment and I see it may seem a little insulting. My apologies; I don't mean any offence, really.

  11. this is call maturing, slowly you learn more to enjoy life (party) at a different level just like your previous post of having a stable simple life.....

    it is cool and ok to stay sober and you might get to know a nice potential "husband"

  12. Your language is fill with profanities such as "F... u". Yes Fuck U!


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