Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Have A Couple of Questions For All You Car Enthusiasts.

1. Why does the damn Myvi 1.3 auto guzzle so much petrol? I spend like 50 bucks in LESS than a week basically just driving back and forth work... and making pit stops at surrounding mega malls for a bite or kaikai.

2. Is there a way to make the car guzzle LESS petrol? I heard something about changing the air filter? That true? Any others?

I need specifics. Am a complete noob with car-ry jargons and lingos.

Thank you!

P/s: Yes, am guilty of speeding. The myvi IS knows to be draggy when changing gears, right? So stepping on it won't make it any better yeah?


  1. Sounds about normal for a Myvi automatic - but need to find out how many km are you getting out of 50 bucks?

  2. the air filter won't help with your fuel consumption.

  3. Check driving habits: Do u accelerate and brake hard unnecessarily? Engine left running unnecessarily? Etc etc etc.

    Regular servicing keeps the engine efficient and hence burn less fuel too.

    Enough air in the tyres? Sufficient air in tyres equals less drag equals less effort for car equals less fuel consumed.

  4. Fuel savings steps:
    1. Check and correct tyre pressure frequently
    2. Like Colin said, don't be too heavy on the accelerator and braking. Anticipate in advance.
    3. Keeping a steady speed whenever possible (related to 2.)

    But 50 bucks doesn't sound too bad, depending on the miles or kms you travel.

  5. Best way to make sure your myVi does NOT guzzle petrol is to leave it at home and cycle to work instead. :D :D

  6. It is fine for 13km/liters for Myvi. RM50 only give you 25.7 liters of oil, ~334km.

    Mark the fuel meter before refuel. Reset you odometer reading after refueling. If the odometer reach 334 and near the previous refuel mark, it is because you drive a lot. If otherwise, better check the following.

    1. Tyres pressure. Girl normally neglect this.

    2. Use synthetic engine Oil. No matter how those MF mechanic convince you, do not settle for cheapo stuff-recycle mineral engine oil. Don't be stingy about this. because good engine oil give "lighter load" to the engine and save you lots of $$$$ compare to the initial cost you pay. And if you don't trust the mechanic, watch them when they pour the engine oil. Spending RM80 bucks(Myvi small engine) extra on synthetic oil will save you more than RM200 before next oil change.

    3. Get a good mechanic.

    FA: Thanks for the tip! Kept meaning to reset the odometer but always forget! Will make conscious effort to remember next round!

  7. How about you lose some weight ?

    FA: How about you drop dead, dipshit?

  8. actually i wanna know how do you actually step on your accelerator??? from there all the answers will be revealed!!!

  9. survey from most friends driving myvi confirm myvi especially auto is a fuel guzzling queen. ur out of luck. all the tips/tricks will only save so much.

    get ur friends/colleagues to pick u up instead. definitely save fuel!

  10. It's also the way you drive, girl. Don't la pedal to the metal all the time.

  11. coz u never let ur Myvi 1.3 try out your Vodka. :p

    anyway, it drills down to maintenance of the car, the way u drive, the amount of time its stalling, distance and numerous factors to be accounted for.

  12. Myvi memang well-known as a petrol guzzler among 1.3 liter cars. Myvi little brother, Viva is marketed as the petrol saver compared to Myvi.

  13. take the dead babies out of the boot.

    or get a volvo.

  14. Simple, baby.
    1. Tyre pressure .
    2. Nothing to do with air filter, baby. Just drive without heavy breaking. Slow and steady. max speed 80 km / hr, baby, and you are there.

  15. Try losing some weight and take out the soft toys in the car.. better still, drill two holes beside yr pedals so u can move the car using yr legs.

    FA: Lose some weight? Sure, right after you bend over and let me shove my exhaust pipe up your ass, you fucking idiot. And I hardly think that 2 freaking throw cushions on my backseat would add ANY bloody weight onto the car, dumbfuck. Nothing constructive to say? Here's an advice - Just shut the fuck up.

  16. my kelisa (automatic) can take me 450km on a good day.


  17. 1. RM50 for full tank make sense actually
    2. house to work - if it is like me from PD to KL everyday. then what do u expect..... actual EFFECTIVE millage counts, not from where to where.

    - how to calculate fuel efficiency:-
    > press the millage meeter there set it to ZERO
    > drive say until 1/2 tank
    > pump petrol until full tank - let say = RM 35.75
    > then look at your millage meter - say sudah jalan 257km
    > your FUEL efficiency = $35.75 / 257km = $0.139/km
    > walla , sounds familiar ???

    rule of thumb:

    if you can get $0.14/km to $0.16/km then its very good, VIOS and CITY typically can achieve this

    if you get $0.16/km to $0.18/km then it is not that bad . considering a local made junk. typically Wira / MyVi should able to do this no problem

    if you get $0.18/km - $0.25/km, then i suspect your Myvi is having a Jeep Cherokee or Chevolette ThunderBird V12 twin turbo charge with intercooler attached to Mugen mushroom filter tuned by hachiroku driven by Tok Hai from the toufu shop.

    FA: Been meaning to do that, but kept forgetting. Next round when I top up petrol I WILL do it! Thanks!

  18. a diesel engine car.....2.0 turbo a combined consumption of abt 6liter/, 4.Xl/100km....

    i am definitely going for a diesel...

  19. Here are some consumption figures of Myvi owners:
    1) Model : 1.3 Auto Premium
    2) Petrol Used : Shell super
    3) Engine Oil Used : Perodua
    4) Fuel Consumption :355.3 11.5km/L
    5) Driving Condition : 10% long distance 40% city 30% jam 20% highway
    6) Average Speed : 130km/h
    7) Max rpm : 3500
    8) Modification : 195/55/15
    9) A/C : most of the time
    1) Model : 1.3 Auto Premium
    2) Petrol Used : shell super
    3) Engine Oil Used : Perodua
    4) Fuel Consumption :366.5/ 32.67 11.2km/L
    5) Driving Condition : 10% highway 40% city 50% jam
    6) Average Speed : 120km/h
    7) Max rpm : 3100rpm
    8) Modification : 195/55/15
    9) A/C : most of the time
    1) Model : 1.3 Auto Premium
    2) Petrol Used : BHP
    3) Engine Oil Used : Perodua
    4) Fuel Consumption :RM60/400km/RM0.15/km
    5) Driving Condition : 98% highway 1% city 1% jam
    6) Average Speed : 100 - 160km/h
    7) Max rpm : 7000rpm
    8) Modification : 195/55/15 , Blitz Air Filter
    9) A/C : 40%
    10) Latest Milage : 14000++ km
    1) Model : 1.3 auto premium
    2) Petrol Used : shell (RM1.92/L)
    3) Engine Oil Used : perodua
    4) Fuel Consumption : 11.96km/L
    5) Driving Condition : 30% highway(MRR2) 40% city 30% jam
    6) Average Speed/Max rpm : 130km/h @ 3500rpm
    7) Latest mileage :10k km
    8) Modification : 195/55/15
    9) No. occupants : 1 ppl 50% 2 ppl 50%
    10) Air-cond usage : 90%

    For more, go to:

    Hope that helps.


    FA: Thanks! I suppose the "L" in "Fuel Consumption :355.3 11.5km/L" means Litre?

  20. Yes, FA/E :--) L means litre. To work out what your petrol usage has been:

    1. Note the mileage on your odometer when u next go to gas up. Fill til full (pump wont go any more).
    2. When u next return to the gas station, again note your mileage on your odometer, Now fill the tank again and note exactly how many litres you needed to bring the tank back up to full.
    3. Now you have how many kilometres (second odo reading minus first odo reading) you have travlled and how many litres you have consumed for that distance. Divide Km by L and u have your fuel efficiency in km/L.

    Happy driving. Easy on the little pedal on the right now!


  21. And yea ... keeping your foot on the accelerator wont make the car change gears efficiently with an auto gearbox. Try this instead ... step on the gas and bring the engine up to rev as you drive along (you can listen to the engine noise) and to make the gearbox shift gears faster you actually need to lift your foot OFF the pedal momentarily instead of keeping the foot depressed on it. The lifting off should make the gear shift to the next one. Unless there is something extra special about the Myvi gearbox, this trick should work.


  22. "I suppose the “L” in “Fuel Consumption :355.3 11.5km/L” means Litre?"

    No. It means "Later", as in "11.5 kilometers LATER, your petrol will go down to zero". hee hee

  23. I drive a myvi 1.3 EZI for over 2 years. Mileage nearly 50,000km.

    So far so good. Typically RM50 will give me around 330-350km.

    Sometimes on the highway I like to drive over 130km/h and revving the engine over 6k RPM. So that will eat my petrol fast.

    Normally for town driving I would speed up and let the car glide till I reach a stop. I do like to on and off my aircon to save some petrol and it gets too cold sometimes . It gives a slight power boost too.

    Check tyre pressure every 2 weeks. I usually pump 225 instead of 220.

    And always remember to service the car every 5,000KM.


  24. easy. sell your myvi and get a foreign car.

  25. My myvi consumes RM55 for 400km for driving in KL city, i think this is aceptable. Except not comfortable for long distance drive and a bit more blind spots. Basically, myvi is a nice car...

  26. "making pit stops at surrounding mega malls for a bite or kaikai"? no wonder la! u know how much traffic at lunchtime or kaikai time? over 1000 other myvi owners are fighting to eat and kaikai with u at that time la...i estimate losing a couple of bucks along with patience going round n round trying to find a parking space each time. ok, maybe not true :)

    just remember to use higher gears sometime and don't touch the black pump at the station. but really seriously, just in case u'r using v-power, ur car n money go faster.

  27. try being lighter on the pedal..

  28. That's very good fuel economic aujes. My Kia Spectra can only do 280KM max for RM 50 driving in KL. Sometimes not even up to 260KM.

  29. OK, like everyone else says, tire pressure. If you stick to stock tires and do not change, then its ok but go easy on speeding and cornering.

    The air filter helps the MyVi to breathe better. If you change it every 5,000KM, then its OK. Performance air filter lets it breath much better and also makes the car go vroom faster. But at the cost of fuel consumption.

    Another factor is how you press on the paddle. If yo do this lightly (and drive like a snail), you could save a lot. In other words, try to cruise the car. Not only that, because its auto, fuel consumption would use 30% more than a manual. Its confort of the leg versus fuel consumption.

    Experiment and use the odo to determine the results

    And I am sure my comments on this would be lost again.

  30. ya lar dear..wat ur gettin is normal for town driving...i get abt 400km with full tank of town driving in penang..dats like 16-18/cents per km...but highway driving u can get up to 500km/ full tank..;)

    btw like the comments alwiz drinks more than it's a price we pay but it's worth the comfort of driving..:)

  31. Heheh. RM 50 worth of petrol will last me two weeks. Sometimes three.

    But my drive to work takes three minutes and a bit. :P

  32. Acherly..

    Filters do play a role. Change them when required. Dirty filters messes up combustion efficiency. That said, the effect should be minimal.

    Concentrate more on the driving style and tyre pressure.

  33. As a car fanatic myself, I would have to disagree with the comment about using synthetic oil adding to significant fuel savings. And I mean disagree STRONGLY.

    Mineral (normal) oil is abt RM60. Fully synthetic is anywhere from RM120-RM200+, which is double to triple the cost.

    You might argue that synthetic oil lasts longer. But the more often you go in for a service, the more often your air filters are cleaned, tire pressure checked and any fuel-sapping problems identified. And one important point: it is now proven that it is not really the oil that contributes to engine longevity, it's how often you change it - it is the build-up and loose particles that cause damage. This has to be removed.

    There are some engine oils that causes less measurable drag. For example, Royal Purple that has been dyno'ed for up to 1-2 horsepower gains. But it's so expensive that it's no use for saving money on fuel, is it.

    Fully synthetic oil is for high-demand situations such as in racing where the revs are high and the engine runs very hot and long.

    If you like to race your car on the highway every now and then, go for semi-synthetic.

    Honestly, mineral oil is the most logical option for most cars. It will not make any noticeable difference. Some claim that fully synthetic oils make their engine feels "smoother". I say to that, "It's probably psychological. And makes no difference to how long your engine lasts, if properly serviced and all other factors constant."

  34. BTW, let me qualify that by saying that I have used mineral oils, semi-synthetic oils and fully-synthetic oils from Mobil, Castrol, Shell, Eneos Japan and now Q8.

  35. Lastly, fuel economy depends firstly on the the car: the engine characteristics including ECU (the computer that controls the fuel/air mixture) and exhaust, the gear ratios, the air resistance of the shape and the weight of the car.

    Secondly, it depends hugely on how fast you accelerate and your speed. If you accelerate slower, brake less, and travel ard 80-100 km/h max, you WILL notice quite an increase in your km per liter! Accelerating from a standstill can take 6 times more fuel than accelerating while moving. Every time you accelerate, it takes more fuel. Force = mass x acceleration. For most cars, travel faster than 100-120 km/h and it guzzles fuel like a pirate guzzles beer. Which is a lot.

  36. Yo, a couple of basic tips;

    1) Go easy on the accelerator
    2) Studies show that an average speed of 90km/h will be optimum on the highway, but unfortunately you are doing mainly town driving.
    3) Air filter doesn't really contribute to lower gas mileage
    4) Driving later in the evening will also help because of the cooler air that helps in better air/fuel mix combustion on your inline 4 engine.


  37. Hi, hope it's not too late to try this out.

    I don't own a MyVi, I have a Kelisa so I don't have the OD button. Apparently if you're driving in the city, try having the OD button off (the orange light is suppose to light up on your dash board. I get confused. If it's off why got light, right? But apparently off means got light)...then if you're on the highway, turn OD on (orange lights off on dashboard).

    Try it for a month and see? This is what the agent told my friend who recently got her MyVi.


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