Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Am Legend


I didn't read the book. So I didn't have the faintest clue what to expect from it. All I had was the trailer and it told me that Will Smith was the last man on earth, which faintly smells like "Castaway" IMHO. Yeah I know he isn't alone - he had a dog. Besides, how bad can a movie be with Will Smith AND a German Shepard in it? I love Will Smith. He rocks. I don't like ALL the movies he's been at, been in every movie he was in, he was good. Wah Luckily somebody spoiled the movie for me already so I was already expecting the er, unexpected. Can't go into details what it is but trust me, the first thought that may go through your mind AND your mouth out loud is "WHAT THE FUCK!!!?!?!?!?!" EH! Why is there a poster with the Superman & Batman logo merged together? WAH easter egg! For me, the pace of the movie a bit off. Beginning felt VERY LONG. Middle still felt like the beginning. Then when the end came... eh? Sudah habis cerita? Potong stim lah, all the slow ass build up towards it and THAT'S IT? SO SIMPLE? NO. SERIOUSLY. SOMETHING IS GONNA HAPPEN AFTER THIS RIGHT? WHAT??? THE CREDITS ARE ROLLING ALREADY? Mahai. Fucking anti-climax only. But watch it anyway because like very good wine, Mr Smith just gets better with age. And still bloody hot too.

AND I still have yet the watch Enchanted. :(

Tempted to catch The Golden Compass (I didn't read the book, so should be okay right, Eyeris?)

National Treasure 2? I dunno.. 1 wasn't that great, and pretty much forgettable.

I want to watch Warlords also. JET LI! TAKESHI! ANDY LAU! And have I mentioned, TAKESHI? TAKESHI! _drool_

OMG THE DARK KNIGHT! Actually the Joker is getting so much attention now it's more like THE JOKER. Poor Batman playing bridesmaid in his own movie. But that's only because Christian Bale has nothing to prove - except maybe how he'll manage to look as tall as, or taller than Heath Ledger, kekeke.


  1. The Dark Knight Trailer is more worth watching that I Am Legend and Golden Compass combined... hehehe

    Warlords is good. Enchanted also good. National Treasure is fun, but not so good.

  2. i am legend is a story by richard matheson. it's about vampires. you are hereby warned.

  3. i refer to the other "hit" vamp movie for 2008: 30 Days of Night. you are still hereby warned.

  4. hi just dropped by and thought you should check out this fan made batman movie called dead end. Even with the retro outfit this is the most badass movie or tv batman ever!

    Posted it on my blog http://chindianatrails.blogspot.com/2007/12/batman-dead-end.html or just scroll down the list of postings till Batman Dead End.

    It runs for about 8 minutes and cost USD30K to make. Really awesome!

  5. glad u post this, just saved me RM10 to watch it @ cinema. RM10 i can buy a lot of things.


  6. About time they named a movie after me! :-)

    Actually, I saw the short for I am Legend and immediately thought of The Omega Man [Charlton Heston is last man on Earth, save for some Vampire types - was an early 70's movie I think].

  7. Dabido, Omega Man was based on the same novel, so says TIME magazine. It was shown on Malaysian TV years ago, and I saw it when it aired.. ermm, I suspect F.A. might be a bit too young to have caught it then..

    FA: Yup! Definitely too young.

  8. come, let's go for Enchanted. See u @ the cinema.

  9. Warlords is a much better movie than this one. I just caught this movie last night and though Smith was pretty good, the story was just quite bad. And don't get me started on the GOD bit.

    FA: LOL yeah the god bit was another WTF moment for me.

  10. But but... FA maybe not able to understand mandarin and resort to subtitle ?

  11. mows mowmow momommw owmowmowm..MOW!

    "Warlords was good...the twist at the end was..er..GOOD."

  12. Suertes - Oh kewl! It wasn't just me then. It's very much similar. lol

  13. This movie seemed to be a hybrid of Resident Evil and War Of The World acted by an oscar nominee whom i thought would never put himself in a role like this

    Odd times....

  14. watched it free at preview.. but didn't like it (good thing it was free!). never read the book. found it trying to be too many things (can't figure what genre is supposed to be but that's not the main problem) in one movie. also painfully slow esp the 1st half but 2nd half is another story altogether!


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