Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Everytime I come across that MAS ad, that one with tonnes of people walking around with luggage, I'm always reminded of baggage, the metaphorical one, eventhough I'm certain that's not exactly what MAS wanted the viewers to be reminded of whenever they see that ad (which probably costs over a million bucks, took tonnes of brainstorming sessions,  endless market surveys and went through thousands of revisions to capture that one singular all encompassing message that mas had always wanted to convey -  get a better luggage bag.....  Er no? Hehe).

Big small leather canvas pvc oyster case knapsack with wheels carry ons brown black white blue red green zips buckles straps.

Macam macam pun ada.

Our baggage is like that isn't it? All different.

Sometimes it's easy to forget that everyone else is human too, like me. We all have some sort of baggage, whether we like it or not. It makes us different,  and shapes most of us to what we are today.

I need to remember this. And respect our differences.

If i can't help a fellow human to lighten his/her load, the least I could I could do is not to unload mine on him/her... (Unless otherwise welcomed to. Even then, don't la take advantage of other people's kindness right?) I will strive to make a conscious effort to put this into practice.

But until I have mastered the art of not flinging my baggage about, sorry if I ter-forget and slip. Feel free to knock me on my head (softly please) and hand me back my baggage.

(Afterall, one should never accept other people baggage when travelling -  at least that's what airport security always say right? Hehe what nonsense la me.)


  1. just don't ask your partner to pay ur excess luggage fee :D

  2. Everyone has some baggage. No one seems to be travelling light nowadays. Lol

    My BIL shot that ad btw =)


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