Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 in review

For my own reference. 

January 2013
Left previous job and a start to my 2.5 months of sabbatical.  Spent a lot of time spending it with family and friends. It was NICE. :)
Got my first PAID  bartending gig by fluke, through a very good friend who was ADAMANT I should give it a go lol. It was one helluva awesome experience. The prep was no joke, and the actual bartending session was insane. If only I could do this once a month - my side income issue is SORTED. haha.
Made a trip to Penang - eat sleep drink repeat. I don't recall if I was sober much lol.

February 2013
Part time gig as bartending in WIP - so much physical hard work but so much FUN. Shit money though. :(
Made a trip to Danang just before AirAsia cancelled the flight. A lot of walking and sightseeing. I learnt that the vietnamese horn to INFORM other motorists of their presence on the road, ALL THE TIME.

March 2013
Experienced working  at a rave for shit money of course but the experience cannot buy one mah. This one was at the  FMFA. I quit after a day because of the horrible management - no electricity at our tent, and food wasnt even prepared for us. Nor water. Even the so-called "supervisor" was never around. But given another better opportunity, would do it again for the fuck of it.
Got that job as brand manager at the liquour company - thus begins my consistent FREE drinking for nearly the rest of the year, hehe.

April 2013

May 2013
Dyed finger blue - voted. Glad that made a difference. :x

June 2013
KidSis all grown up and went to Scotland. Sniff.
First time at Cafe Cafe for dinner to celebrate a birthday - oh the ambience was just so dreamy.
Went KK for the FIRST TIME - for work,though. But at least I can now say I've been to EM. :)

July 2013
Observed a triathlon in PD - those guys are dedicated and fit I can tell you tat. And I decided I wouldnt ever partícipate in one. haha

August 2013
Turned 33 years young - awesome surprise kilkenny party and birthday dinner at cilantros - great times with loved ones!
Babysitted twins for 3 days - OMG now I know how it feels like to be a parent of a pair of hyperactive twins URGH PULLS HAIR. This is when I actually questioned whether I was ready or even wanted to have children.

September 2013
Hiked Perling falls - nice nice NICE. The track was quite challenging and the waterfall was lovely. Of course it was all made better with friends. Mum did so well, even better than some of us, haha. We should do this more often.
Mooncake gathering with the gang at my house - always good to have friends over to eat and drink.

October 2013
Bangkok trip - I daresay I've never walked as as much I have walked in this trip. Super gruelling trip, not quite the relaxing chilling trip I had in mind, haha. 
Yachting - Tried my hand at being part of the crew and got so brown and ached for a week. It was one of the best first time experience ever!
Caught a whodunnit play! Mouse trap.

November 2013
Went for white water rafting! Finally got over my phobia of drowning and water. We stayed in a jungle sort of retreat place and it was lovely. The white water rafting was AWESOME. Our guide was a cheeky one and capsized out boat several times during the ride. Aweseome awesome awesome!
Watched Mezzoforte @ Philharmonic - have not watched many live concerts in my lifetime. This is probably the second time in my LIFE I've been to Philharmonic. Yes, there is a whole lot of different watching a concert live vs listening to a CD. Sigh.

December 2013
Back to a REAL job. :) This would officially be my first job in the heart of KL. Let's hope it works out!
Finally made a trip to Singapore after 2 years!... and took a picture with the infamous half naked male model at A&F!! Tee hee.
Received a most surprising and memorable - Asus Transformer. How is the giver ever going to top that I don't know, haha. BUT Christmas is about spending time with loved ones ya - anything more than that is an added bonus. :)

Many firsts in 2013. All in all a great year and looking forward to 2014 with family, friends and loads of love.

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